Two holiday scenic more cultural flavor

This year, the province introduced a number of opinions on promoting the integration of culture and tourism development, the intangible cultural heritage is integrated into the scenic area, has become one of the important criteria for evaluation, review 3A scenic. Therefore, the integration of the major scenic spots in Qinghai tourism has been rapidly carried out, and two holidays concentrated show.

at present, the province’s trump scenic Qinghai Lake, non heritage project has entered the scenic area, Tibetan costumes and other intangible cultural heritage projects and Thangka, Tibetan embroidery and other tourist goods sales area has been open to tourists.

in the Kumbum Monastery scenic area, there are more domestic only a cultural connotation of Kumbum Monastery to show visitors outside the province of national intangible cultural heritage project suyouhua museum. The new museum is also under construction. After the completion of the new museum will provide high quality facilities protection suyouhua display, the display content is more rich, more advanced display methods. In the Kumbum Monastery scenic area around the production and sales of "Huangzhong silver and bronze" "Huangzhong" tooth carpet Duitou "" Tangka "national intangible cultural heritage project product shops, the formation of the national arts and crafts sales street, provides a centralized place to appreciate and buy Qinghai tourism souvenirs for tourists at home and abroad.

Dan Huangyuan County in ancient city tourism, visitors will be pleasantly surprised to see that the ancient city of the two provincial intangible cultural heritage project in Huangyuan have opened shop selling vinegar. In the vicinity of the ancient city of Confucious’temple, the construction of the Qinghai Ping string, Qinghai, such as the string of more than 5 kinds of folk class national intangible cultural heritage project stage, in two holidays, every day to organize a small show of 4 to.


Xining plant four kinds of purple vegetables

September 24th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, combined with the regional climate characteristics of Xining, the Xining Municipal Science and Technology Bureau from Beijing, Shandong, Gansu, with the introduction of early maturing, bolting resistance purple vegetable varieties 16, by comparative test, Xining city will be planting purple purple broccoli, lettuce, purple cabbage purple, lettuce and other four kinds of purple vegetables.

according to the Xining Municipal Science and Technology Bureau relevant staff, with the progress of science and technology and people’s pursuit of a healthy diet, in recent years, new varieties of vegetables and has the characteristics of novel high anthocyanin content of vegetables which emerge in an endless stream, the purple vegetable has gradually become a hot spot of consumption. Purple vegetables have become the characteristics of vegetable consumption in the future, more and more new varieties of purple vegetables have been developed. In order to increase the Xining purple vegetable varieties, to meet consumer demand for tourism and agriculture in 2012, a variety of purple vegetables, Qinghai gold Xiangfeng agricultural products development Co. Ltd and Xining City vegetables carried out research on the purple vegetable new variety introduction and demonstration of technology development projects. The day before, the project has passed the acceptance and evaluation of the level to reach the domestic advanced.

at present, Xining has planted a total area of 267.2 acres of purple vegetable demonstration area, can provide purple vegetables of 1 million 242 thousand kg, the new output value of 558 thousand and 600 yuan, the new net income of $351 thousand and 900. (author: Wu Yachun)

Wang Jianjun in the province to strengthen the base construction to observe stressed confidence goin

in May 18th, 21, the province’s strengthening the base construction to observe the comments (Xining, Haidong (Group), Hainan, Haixi and Haibei group) were held in Xining City, West town. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, the provincial Party committee to strengthen the "deputy head of base construction leading group Wang Jianjun attended the meeting and made a speech. He stressed that, through cross examination and field observation, to find out the achievements, experience, and drying out out problems, strengthen confidence, go all out, more and better promote the "three basic" construction work.

Wang Jianjun fully affirmed the two cities and three states in recent years to strengthen the base construction made significant achievements, pointed out that this year is the implementation of the "Three Basics" acceptance of two years to build the "off" goal of the year. In such an important node, a comprehensive cross examination of various departments across the province "construction, and choose some form of field observation, is an important measure to promote the construction of the party". Overall, through the joint efforts of the whole province, "the smooth progress of base construction, the completion of key tasks better, cohesion and combat effectiveness of grassroots organizations most improved, many global pipe, long-term benefit of the foundation work has been strengthened, the basic ability of cadres at all levels to get exercise, the overall showed a good momentum of development, for the cause of the province’s development play an important role in supporting and promoting.

Wang Jianjun stressed that "construction is more extensive length, problems is normal, but we should face the problems, and effectively solve the problem. To pay close attention to the completion of the short board, to see whether the grassroots organizations have been strengthened, whether the basic work has been changed, the basic ability to really get promoted. To focus on the provincial Party committee, "opinions" and "division of labor", focusing on "fine", "quasi", "real", "effect" four words, plan the next step. To strengthen the base construction and is currently doing the key work organically, into, advancing with the times to carry out the central and provincial Party committee of the new requirements, inject new vigor and vitality to the construction of the "three basics".

before the meeting, delegates group to observe the two city, three, strengthening the base construction of the typical practices and successful experiences, we agreed that, through the exchange of visits, strengthen confidence in the longitudinal ratio, found in the transverse gap than in. We have said, according to the requirements of the provincial Party committee continue to grasp it, will be able to create a new situation in the province.


Xining industrial growth of the provincial capital city second

The first half of this year, Xining (National) economic and Technological Development Zone to help focus on the industrial enterprises above the scale of the park to implement, coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems in the production and operation of the enterprise, help the enterprise direct financing or financing guarantee, to achieve steady growth of major economic indicators, including enterprises above scale industrial added value of 14 billion 40 million yuan, an increase of 18.63%, strong drive steady growth in Xining above scale industrial economy, compared with the same period last year growth of 12.8%, the growth rate ranked second in the national capital city.

in best supporting Park, Lu Fengxin identity 42 enterprises focus on Yield and output value over the same period last year increased to varying degrees, part of the stock of enterprises gradually reach production standards. The Asia silicon industry three, west mine 100 thousand tons of zinc smelting, zinc industry in Qinghai and the optical fiber preform, sun power photovoltaic inverter 35 projects completed trial production and production, has become the main driving force of economic growth of industry. Among them, the deep processing of aluminum products increased by 106.9% over the same period last year; polycrystalline silicon and monocrystalline silicon and other new energy products increased by 28.6% and 64.2% respectively; foil, copper and other electronic products and new materials increased by 99.8% and 17.8% respectively; biomedical output growth of 20%.

Steering group to four in place to carry out the work

since the second batch of the party’s mass line educational practice activities, the city sent 10 steering group led by the Deputy departmental level cadres, the "four place" supervision and strict checks to promote activities in depth.

strong foundation, the performance of their duties in place. Adhere to the "people first, and first superintendent of self-study Du", focus on learning and self-study combined, the steering group in learning and learning combination, supervision unit and supervision work practice, clear supervision direction. The development of the "supervision work plan", refine the work process, refine the focus of supervision and pre research may arise in a variety of situations, and effectively enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of supervision.

depth grassroots, strict checks in place. In order to carry out supervision and adhere to strict standards and strict discipline and strict measures, the implementation of the program, the supervision unit of educational practice mobilization meeting leadership speech are strictly checked, and was the main active site leadership supervision unit cohesion, according to the unified deployment, stubble, in order to promote "requirements, development activities time schedule, and participated in the whole supervision unit mobilization work plan will be carried out throughout the guide and put forward opinions.

innovative methods, supervision and inspection in place. Adhere to focus on finding and solving problems, the object will be extended to the general Party members and cadres, service objects. According to the needs, randomly selected talk interviews, to ensure the real objective. Part of the conversation can not mention the object, not to mention the phenomenon of the steering group on the spot that the guidance of the responsible situation to reflect the situation. Pay attention to letters and visits have delivered advice and discipline inspection, the Organization Department of the situation, focus on to find and solve the four winds issue, to ensure that the "track", "no astigmatism".

strict requirements, discipline in place. Adhere to high standards and strict requirements, the implementation of strict discipline, in a pragmatic style grasping supervision, in-depth practical, grassroots people, touch the truth, the truth, down to earth, through action, not to participate in the supervision units do not accept banquets, gifts and souvenirs, not to trouble the steering unit. The steering group leader set an example, to overcome the difficulties of supervision units scattered, many times to the steering unit to carry out the work, often looking back on the work, timely detection of problems, to do the right medicine.


Xining to implement the 279 million yuan subsidy for poor students to benefit the students of 360 th

last year, the implementation of various types of needy students in Xining, 279 million yuan to benefit the students of 360 thousand. Reporters from the Xining Municipal Bureau of Education held in February 25th of the spring meeting was informed that last year completed investment in fixed assets, 960 million yuan to promote the Xining city 6 categories and 142 educational projects, making Xining city between urban and rural areas, between schools in the aspect of software and hardware, more and more small gap.

last year, Xining city to implement the fund insurance of compulsory education, rural compulsory education nutrition improvement program, high school poor students, vocational students grants and other funding policy, implement a total of 279 million yuan of funds, the number of beneficiaries reached 360 thousand passengers.

in addition, the city of Xining last year, has invested 960 million yuan in fixed assets, for 750 million yuan of special funds, focusing on the implementation of the layout adjustment, school safety engineering, school construction standards of 6 categories and 142 educational projects, renovation and new building construction area of 248 thousand and 200 square meters. (author: Chen Jun)

Shantytowns benefit more than 15 thousand people in Central

lush green belt, smooth on the sewer, bright energy-saving windows, thick insulation layer…… In order to allow more people to live comfortably, starting this year, the city plans in 3 years in the area of the old courtyard of the 126 homes for the renovation of shanty towns of 16470 households. When the old buildings of the city area will have to face, "Lu Ping, the target of the reform, the bright water free, green, standard". Renovation of old buildings in the city shanty town renovation is one of the key livelihood projects implemented in the city this year. In 2013 a total construction funds invested 88 million 320 thousand yuan, launched the 13 comprehensive renovation of old buildings of shantytowns project, a comprehensive renovation of the 3810 area of 270 thousand square meters of 67 residential buildings, benefit of more than 15 thousand people.

Huimin project a grasp in the end to catch the results of

to the house to do heat preservation, energy saving window, the surrounding environment remediation, we are particularly pleased." Pang Honglian lived in the macro Park District to carry out a comprehensive renovation of shanty towns this year, she happily told reporters that the house "wearing" on "insulation clothing", this year the house temperature increased by at least 4 DEG -5 DEG, especially after the renovation, the residential environment is beautiful, living here in the mood good.

The old city of

district hospital building shantytowns as good works and warm engineering, give the power to firmly grasp, a catch, catch effect. It is understood that the city zone as the core of the old city of Xining City, provincial and municipal bankruptcy of enterprises is relatively concentrated residential area, mostly built in the last century, in 70s and 80s, the old buildings of the planning and design of facilities backward, worn, wall off, crack, roof water seepage, building roads, hydropower, hospital network line, aging serious, living environment dirty and messy residents masses.

3 years old renovated hospital building shantytowns commitment weightier than Mount Tai. Urban areas with practical action on the answer to this question. The district government to continue the work of innovative ideas, old building renovation work of comprehensive renovation of shanty towns as the starting point, in order to improve the effective management method and service for the purpose of the implementation of fine management, and actively explore the transformation of the old buildings and management mode.

demolition and repair add light to improve the living environment of the masses

Urban Construction Bureau in accordance with the "one district and one king", "one street and one scene" ideas, on the size of the community, fully integrated with the surrounding environment, the overall unity of integration, enhance the overall transformation effect. The establishment of a "do a", "a hospital", "building a" database, from the beginning to the status of pre diagnostic clear, clear base "; let the community residents to participate in the construction of the transformation, published telephone complaints and site contact person in charge, the first time to reflect on the construction process of the problems and channels; the implementation of district residents printed issued twenty thousand copies of" comprehensive renovation of shanty towns area the majority of households "a letter to the general consent in the project at the same time;

West Industrial and commercial bureau received a report from the masses MLM dens were off

May 24th, West Industrial and Commercial Bureau received a report from the masses, the 54 Street Building 2 room 21104 unit Richpower people suspected of illegal pyramid schemes, and is organizing the teaching staff. The Bureau immediately according to the checked and found that it has more than 30 people are attending, in coordination with the public security officers 110, will be on-site instruction of Zhang Yu, Jiang Zhiying and the other main staff Wang, Zhang, Su, such as a safe zone to the West Industrial and Commercial Bureau investigation.

according to the parties to explain, they were in October 2008 to April 2009 to buy a certain number of products after the accession to the named MDG international technology group co.. The illegal pyramid organization by 1 line staff of 2 line staff required by the development mode, joined the staff must buy 330 yuan to 6600 yuan (divided into five grades, 330 yuan to buy called A packages, 990 yuan to buy the package called B, said the purchase of 1650 yuan to buy 3300 yuan package, called C for the D package, the purchase of 6600 yuan package called E) "mycool" series of mobile phone software to get membership. Apply to join in by its on-line application to join the staff through the company account made in the MLM organization website, will remit money off the assembly line, assembly line workers to join can achieve the marketing organization website ID, a level two level password, a password to enter the website to view their own performance, payment of wages the offline network data. The illegal pyramid scheme organization bonus distribution system to implement the day (month) salary cap system, the more people buy MLM products, the more the development of offline personnel, the higher the illegal gains. In this case, the industrial and commercial law enforcement officers to break the unknown to the brainwashing of the audience, the main backbone of the investigation and evidence collection.

currently, the case is under further investigation.


Xining Seismological Bureau to carry out the investigation report of earthquake emergency work

In order to prevent

after a devastating earthquake, earthquake emergency work fast, efficient and orderly manner, to minimize the loss of earthquake disaster, according to the "Xining earthquake emergency" spirit, combined with the "Xining Municipal Seismological Bureau earthquake emergency plan". In accordance with the China Earthquake Administration on the basic level of earthquake emergency investigation and statistics of the notice (in the case of earthquake rescue Letter No. [2010]33) documents, the Seismological Bureau to carry out the investigation and statistics work.

first, the Seismological Bureau of emergency response agencies and responsibilities

Seismological Bureau of Xining earthquake disaster emergency work led by the leadership of the Bureau, the office, integrated business division and other components, organization and implementation of earthquake emergency management. To ensure the implementation of earthquake emergency work in an orderly and efficient, the global staff is divided into five groups, one is the leading group for earthquake emergency work: responsible for global earthquake emergency work and reporting work, responsible for the overall work situation, responsible for foreign liaison and press release. The two earthquake is on duty monitoring group: do earthquake emergency work during seismic shift work, and make continuous observation work, ensure that the data are reliable, timely information submitted according to the requirements. Three is the office group: feeling after the earthquake, promptly notify the members of other groups in place quickly, quickly reported to the earthquake. At the same time for seismic interpretation work. The four is the earthquake tracking group: 1, in the short term, do the daily data collection and analysis work, organize and participate in various chambers of Commerce will be possible to make the earthquake prediction fast capture impending information. 2, there is a sense of 30 minutes after the earthquake, information will be transmitted to the office Laoqin group, at the same time after the earthquake trend and decision. Five is the scene after the earthquake investigation working group: responsible for the preparation of the earthquake emergency supplies and vehicles. According to the situation, the field investigation and disaster assessment.

two, to strengthen the construction of earthquake emergency response team

is 2008 years in February established the first community emergency rescue volunteer team for earthquake prevention and disaster reduction in our city, and conducted training and emergency rescue and emergency drills in the scene to observe the Xining Secret Service detachment; this training is not only a knowledge and skills training, but also is an important measure of emergency rescue team base pilot construction in our city. Through training and emergency drills, so that the city’s first pilot construction of community emergency rescue volunteer team to be able to recruit that come, to the war, the war can win, the rescue team. It will play a positive role in promoting the comprehensive construction of emergency rescue teams in our city.

two is the November 2009 Earthquake Bureau as the first batch of "students of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction volunteers" flag presentation ceremony was held at the Qinghai Normal University. College students volunteer team of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction is a new field of young volunteers in our city to respond positively to the call center and the development of services, to mobilize the majority of the city’s youth volunteer service by the way to participate in the work of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction to gradually enhance the campus awareness of earthquake disaster reduction, disaster prevention and emergency treatment to popularize self-help skills, improve the ability of campus disaster reduction, maximum to reduce the losses caused by disasters. Earthquake disaster reduction;

Xining industrial and commercial system brand awareness month activities colorful

recently, the Xining Municipal Industrial and commercial system organization to carry out the trademark leading industry, brand driven development as the theme of the brand awareness month activities.

April 18th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce into the West Branch of Qinghai Normal University, carried out to send trademark knowledge into school activities. This activity, the Bureau of the area more than 30 enterprises into the campus, through the panels, banners, trademarks and other forms of advocacy manuals, the use of consumer complaints, legal knowledge center, showcase of fake and shoddy goods, all the teachers and students accept consumer disputes, hire experts in the use of trademark open classes the opportunity to teach students basic knowledge to students knowledge of trademark. Explain the geographic marks and agricultural products. In the activity, issued a total of more than 300 copies of the trademark propaganda manual, to resolve consumer disputes 1, training staff of more than 230 people.

April 20th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry to carry out the Trademark Office to send knowledge into the mall. In the gold Baichuan shoe stores, through on-site legal consultation to answer and distributed leaflets and other ways about promotion of intellectual property protection to the public. In the activity, leaflets were distributed more than 500 copies, panels 4, a banner. At the same time, the Bureau of law enforcement officers to large supermarkets, cafes, bookstores and other units of the joint law enforcement inspection.

April 20th, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County, the trade and Industry Bureau in the town of Datong County, organized by the organization to send the People’s Republic of China trademark law into the rural propaganda activities. In the meantime, organized the "Qinghai famous trademark", "Xining famous trademark", "Datong good trademark" and registered trademarks owned enterprises, industry associations, professional cooperatives in rural areas, a total of 37 individual industrial and commercial business entities to participate in promotional activities, exhibition brand development and the production of panels 50, banners 10. Accept the masses consulting 2300 people, with more than 7800 copies of promotional materials. Agricultural machinery 15 (sets), green source brand series of cattle and sheep meat packaging food varieties, pollution-free vegetables, 18 varieties of 15. In the event site, onlookers, counseling atmosphere, the masses to participate actively, especially farmers in Datong County, the independent design and use of agricultural plough, the scene has been favored by many farmers brothers. The campaign effectively promoted the brand trademark, trademark protection awareness and further enhance the awareness of independent innovation.