Chinese restaurants need to focus on advocacy

Chinese food and beverage need to focus on the promotion of publicity, good publicity to bring advantages, bring a broader profit margins, investment needs to understand the market, and now, the food and beverage industry investment prospects are very broad. Want to get the desired income, need to master a good method, but operators want to get the ideal development, we should grasp some business skills.


British students will be affected by the removal of China

2016 after the college entrance examination, the occurrence of a global thing is very important, that is, the formal removal of europe. This is enough to attract the attention of every country in the world, after all, it has a very different role in the global economic development. So, the United Kingdom from Europe, Chinese students will be affected?

last week, the high-profile British referendum in Europe, the final result – off Optima win, the United Kingdom from the EU, and the EU for 43 years of marriage ended. Just recently China college entrance examination results, it is considered an important juncture of many families to send their children to study in Britain, and over the years has been ranked Chinese students the most popular destination for the forefront.

this, has been living in the UK to study, as well as being ready to study in Britain, small partners sit still. The United Kingdom from the EU, not only has a great impact on the British economy, the inevitable changes and adjustments will affect the choice of Chinese students studying in East asia. Is it a blessing or a curse? The first time the experts to analyze the students.

affects 1

exchange rate fell, prices rose

recently went to the UK to study tuition is very good, seize the time for the pound

since the referendum began to announce the results of the euro, sterling exchange rate continued to fall sharply, reaching its lowest point in 30 years, the RMB exchange rate was up to 1:8.9. For foreign students, the most direct impact is to reduce the cost of the pound to reduce the cost of studying abroad.

Eic UK product director Xian Yuxuan for simple calculations to students: Undergraduate in the UK for example, usually spends 300 thousand yuan (tuition + living expenses), according to 10%-15%’s back in Europe after the devaluation of the pound exchange rate, a year can save about 50 thousand yuan. Undergraduate three years plus a graduate student can save $200 thousand. If you go from high school to study in the UK, it can save more than 300 thousand yuan."

on the exchange rate, amber education Guangzhou branch of the Commonwealth Project Manager Chen Jianqian believes that the short term exchange rate fell, but long-term volatility will increase, British students or are preparing to go to England to study students grasp this opportunity to swap.

but at the same time, the cost of living, the cost of living will inevitably increase. According to data released by the UK Treasury, the loss of the EU’s largest trading partner, the United Kingdom in 2030 before the national income will be reduced by 30%. This part of the loss can only be obtained by raising prices and other means from the pockets of taxpayers. Coupled with the devaluation of the pound and other economic reasons, the price should rise after the overall rise in europe. In other words, although the exchange rate is reduced, prices have to rise, the cost of living will be higher than the high water recommended

Content entrepreneurship needs to be wary of seven mistakes

in recent years, the content of entrepreneurship has become a new venture. Its profit profit quickly, becoming the first choice for many entrepreneurs. But it’s not easy to get ahead in this field.

1. team composition, equity allocation unreasonable

any area of core business and the first step is "team". We found that many teams are content with common interests together, the team members are more emotional, often ignored the basic principles of the establishment of the company should follow: first, the core team members of the background should be complementary, avoid homogenization. For example, one of the 4 partners in the company, there are 3 writers origin, but the content of the market away from the market, so it is inevitable biased in decision-making. We should take into account the content from production to market output, each one has his good points and play their proper role. At the same time, his partners should accord with the personal experience and ability, not impulsive, avoid trouble in future cooperation because of the unfair distribution of shareholders’ equity and bring.

2. content, the lack of long-term planning

in the air before the arrival of many years, a team often exists in the form of workshop, no money would contact outsourcing, the money to do something you love something, there is no long-term planning for your future development. But the capital wants to support, is the mind of the world, interested in becoming the next Disney, Pixar team. In order to become an industry leader, not overnight can be completed. Because most of the content is only 3-5 years of life cycle, there is no one of the excellent literary company can only rely on one or two successful. Continue to produce high-quality content, is a prerequisite for long-term development.

like Wanhe day should have developed "never thought" the boss "report" detective Di Renjie "series of IP, continue to maintain and expand the fan base;" happy twist "and" Sherlock is in trouble "twist its IP one. In fact, as early as in 2013, happy twist on the drama work, "Earl of Oolong" prepared to become a screenplay, ready to enter the big screen, but because the content has not passed the audit, this plan is not completed. If you do not have many years of training and accumulation of IP, twist short time can not create a box office miracle.

3. target audience, audience demand is not clear

The team built

Fujian traffic layout reform bike also has a dedicated lane

the number of cars is increasing, the road above the car, bicycles, electric cars, sidewalks and other confused, traffic accidents are frequent. In view of the status quo of such a society, Fujian from the reality really, the beginning of the traffic layout reform measures, so that the bike has its own exclusive lanes, bicycles can no longer be derailed.

bicycle lane

Genting road bicycle road demonstration section to BRT flood station as a starting point, along the former East Road, BRT, west of the road, to Genting Road intersection right turn to Genting road along the BRT all the way to the north, and finally BRT County station.

according to the plan, part of the BRT site staircases, pedestrian bridges can be used to access lanes.

under the BRT bridge built two elevated, are one-way one-way two lane.

Xiamen daily news (reporter Yuan Shuqi) a bike lane viaduct, the BRT bridge below the independent right of way, no longer need to pedestrians and motor vehicle "cut", the public can ride smoothly on the bridge. Yesterday, the Municipal Planning Commission, Municipal Bureau of parks and gardens in the city administrative service center held in Xiamen, the first of the entire elevated bicycle demonstration section of the road planning – Genting road bicycle lanes demonstration project will be.

the CPC Central Committee and State Council "on the further strengthening of city planning and construction management work of a number of opinions" in the proposed "to strengthen the bike lanes and pedestrian system construction", "beautiful Xiamen strategic planning" also proposed that Xiamen will build a "bus + slow leading green traffic system construction, safe, comfortable, high quality bicycle continuous travel system. To this end, the municipal government in recent years to carry out the city’s bicycle system planning and construction, to further guide the public to adopt a healthy, environmentally friendly, green travel.

It is reported that

, in addition to the first outside yesterday, this series of comments will not even open four, the City Planning Commission, Municipal Gardens Bureau staff will go to the streets along the part of the unit, solicit public comment. These comments will be a useful reference to improve the demonstration section of the relevant planning.

where is this special road built?

started in BRT hung Wen station, and finally BRT County Station

2013 years, Xiamen continued to promote the construction of a public bicycle system, after a period of accumulation, cycling travel more and more popular by the public. In order to solve the public demand and let the riders ride, ride safe, plan of bike lanes thus initiation.

"through the investigation, Xiamen Yundang recommended

200 thousand college students entrepreneurial success

every year, 200 thousand college students to join the army of entrepreneurs, to become the most energetic in the veterans of a backbone. But only the enthusiasm and can not move the market, the local government support policies have a lot of blind spots, so that college students are more difficult than we imagine.

policies to support many blind spots in   start-up costs than expected

"send flying knights" is a campus distribution business. Relying on this project, the entrepreneurial team not only earned money, registered the company, to create 24 jobs, but also applied for software copyright, and the development of foreign leasing platform. Many college students create a passenger, said the current employment environment is not ideal. Venue rental, license audit, business subsidies, social security subsidies and other preferential policies in the real world is also difficult to smooth landing".

The business of the whole – Su Qiurong

even a small shop, but if you can master more business experience, so can also make big business, Su Qiurong’s shop is so. Su Qiurong health spring non-staple food store is located in Fuzhou City West Yangqiao five stars, monthly sales of more than 10 customers. The store’s business highlights is to promote the sale of other goods mixed food. When asked about its sales experience, he told the author, summed up is the holiday promotion, door-to-door, parity operation". Specifically, the following points:

for grocery goods in grocery stores small capital and little gain, rarely do promotions. And I am not the same, often through a variety of promotions, profit sharing, so that customers feel concessions, enjoy benefits.

I always believe that cheap is the best way to stimulate sales. I shop from time to time will launch some special, special offer goods, such as rice is often a customer to buy a bag of one or two yuan cheaper, Tandao price a pound but few cents cheaper, a month can sell two or three tons. More importantly, the promotion so that more repeat customers, sales of goods increased.

sales go up I can buy a lot, strive for more preferential purchase, at the same time, accelerate the turnover, reduce the funds, guarantee the goods fresh selling a good friend, too. "Puerile" all understand the truth, but blind promotion will only reduce free store revenue, no benefits. According to my experience, the success of the promotion depends on whether there is a good choice of promotion, promotion and promotion.

is the first choice of promotional opportunities. My shop in the Changchun Garden District, near the Taurus Park and Verma Sam’s club, a weekend and holidays, traffic will increase significantly. So most of my promotional use of this opportunity to carry out, the effect is very good. Sometimes I will choose some commodity sales season promotion, such as the summer drink demand, but I often choose several new pin or a bottle of beverage to engage in special offer sales, a discount of two triangle, to the customer will be able to leave a deep impression, not only in sales can be pulled up, but also to establish a reputation in customers in parity.

followed by the choice of good promotional goods. I usually choose a larger sales of goods for sale, and try to choose a factory with the goods. The price of promotional merchandise should be at least 10% of the normal price, otherwise it will not appeal to customers, and will not achieve the purpose of promotion.

also pay attention to the promotion of diversification. Constant promotion methods will make customers lose freshness and reduce the attractiveness to customers. So, in addition to the sale, I often transform promotions let customers enjoy the benefits: for example, buy a box of pure milk and sent 5 boxes of milk, buy a box to send a bottle of beer or cola orange fruit, buy the whole cigarettes deliver a lighter or other small gifts (the "freebie" Pro >

2016 Spring Festival to make money a few good ideas recommend

in each year’s special holidays, often will have a relatively large market opportunities, while people in the whole process of entrepreneurship, but also need to seize such holidays in a timely manner. This year’s Spring Festival is approaching, the intention to invest in shops or entrepreneurial personnel who have the direction of gold?

1, festive supplies store

2, party supplies shop

3, gift packaging shop


;   average expenditure in each city family 100 yuan, rural households spent 50 yuan of conservative estimates, during the Spring Festival gift economy total not less than 100 recommended

Communication can also be a huge business opportunity

with the development of society, edifice everywhere, communication between people less and less, and the pressure of modern life more and more, many people are more or less have psychological problems, a psychological clinic will bring huge returns for investors!

in this with the pressure of competition is the symbol of the society, who can say that he did not even a loss and confusion for a long time, the situation is not serious consequences is to improve China’s annual death toll was Dutch act 25-28 million is huge. According to the data released by the Chinese Ministry of health, China’s various psychological and mental illness patients has reached 16 million, accounting for about 1.23% of the total population.


Why didn’t the pet shop business and Solutions

pet store is currently deeply concerned about the project, with the growing number of pets, pet shops to become more concerned about the project. So, pet shop operators should pay attention to methods, pet shop no business is because of what? What is the solution? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

new pet store no business reasons:

1. pet shop why not business and how to solve? We do not reach the pet store publicity, the surrounding pet owners do not know where we have a pet shop, the solution to increase publicity efforts to change the publicity.

2. choose to shop, many people love pets, the pet shop is scanty, why not the pet shop business and how to solve? Do not have the experience and professional knowledge, so there is a problem in the pet shop location, the surrounding target customers too little.

old pet store business reasons:

1. mode of operation, pet shop in the continuous development and change, pet shop why not business and how to solve? Pet shop in the course of the business should also be constantly changing.

2. pet shop did not sell out, whether it is for the maintenance of old customers, or the development of new customers.

pet store solution

1. to learn from others, to receive professional training in pet shops, pet shops why not business and how to solve? Open a professional pet shop.

2. pet store business is not to wait, but to do. Pet shop why not business and how to solve? When our pet store has no business, we should find ways to earn customers, rather than just waiting.

3. pet shop why not business and how to solve? Pet store should open more sales channels and platforms, such as the opening of online pet shops, pet shops, rain or snow there will be no customers, but not online.

method introduced above is about the pet shop out of business and solve, hope that this to be a lot of attention, only know clearly that such investment can easily, want a good shop business to understand well!

Future post office into a good business projects

for the sake of, always can not be measured, and people have infinite expectations, so the future business began to become a business opportunity. In fact, about the future of this project in the post office long ago heard, the article also seen many, but all are only in very few words, the real implementation of the small series here to bring you a real example.

2020 one day, when you open the mailbox, you may find that there is a letter from 2010, the letter may be a friend of that year, or the year of their own…… Reporter recently found a shop in Guangzhou street, Tianhe District road five, launched a "Macross" slow delivery service, the customer to write a letter, any time can ask the store in the next 30 years and now send lover, future son or after 30 years of self.

for postage, the owner will keep time to receive the deposit fee and the postage will send out within 2010 according to the received 15 yuan, until 2011 to 2012, received 20 yuan deposit 25 yuan…… And so on。 In addition, customers also need to pay the postage, mail is 5 yuan, 10 yuan to express.

A customer concerns private letter will be lost,

the slow express in today all the pursuit of a speed of the society is undoubtedly a new horizon, when people bring a novelty at the same time, they will also want to try, so many people will choose the future of the post office, which will bring it into a good business opportunities really good.