Retail services should be people-oriented

if you want to do a good job in retail business, we should follow what kind of principle? Should pay attention to what? In fact, the shop to engage in business, if you want to survive, develop, rely on the two sides trust, rely on the human touch, in order to maintain the retail store. If you want to do this, it depends on the customer as God, people-oriented, customer oriented thinking, good service to every customer, in order to be effective.

in the national business era, every corner of the city’s retail stores throughout the country, to hold the old customers, attract new customers, you only from the service, from the little things, depending on the customer evaluation for you to take a space for one person. In other words, if we want to do a good job, service, people-oriented warmth will take the convenience of the road.

for those rural retail stores or convenience stores, sometimes, some customers to take care of your business, the figure is not all the way to walk for a few minutes to buy bags of pepper, monosodium glutamate, and the figure is that some convenience supermarkets are not, plus acquaintances weekdays often walk, also wearing a special human, the human, it depends on your usual offers some intimate services to complete.

in terms of service, presumably everyone has to be forced to instill information in the supermarket when the shop was forced to feel. However, the reality is that the product sales promotion is much higher than the product does not promote. So, the recommended promotional merchandise to customers in the use of promotional methods, is only a short-term behavior, and this behavior, so that customers can never become your loyal old customers, customers want to think of you, only from service efforts.

a few days ago, I interviewed a man named Zheng Anping retail customers, his shop is located in the middle of a circular area, near the main road cross district, shop shop in front of a few tall pine tree in front of the door, open terrain, sunshine and floor, is surrounded by tall buildings, but here. A good place to cool in summer and warm in winter.

The author interviewed

passed, all the way to see the shop stood, sitting with a group of people, very lively. A closer look, a table playing mahjong, a table is in full swing "landlords", there is a table in chess, each table in front of all the people in the crowd by twos and threes, several old people sit together to chat, keguazi corner.

at this time, a young man playing yo drinking called the boss with two packs of cigarettes, cigarette in the boss of Kung Fu, and here two elderly leisure for the children to buy a few packs of snacks. According to Zheng Zheng shop owner said, in order to keep the pedestrians, to achieve sales, he intends to become a place of entertainment entertainment venues, to provide convenience for pedestrians and residents. But people also love here Xiejiao chat way to buy something.

there’s not much money in the retail business

Shop tips open shop in the end what to sell the most money

open shop although less investment costs, but also want to choose what to sell, only those who choose to sell, high profits to make money. You can imagine, the online shop to the store, there are many benefits, but we will not think: online shop is still somewhat limited! Is not what outlets can sell? A large volume or weight of heavy goods, may not have a lot of people choose online shopping, online shop! What can I sell?

Jewelry as a man, the reporter will never understand why there are so many women to buy gold and silver jewelry jewelry like a flock of ducks: buy jewelry, buying jewelry to buy diamond jewelry; buying the necklace to buy buy buy earrings earrings, bracelet, anklet bracelets buy buy……

"ZIPPO": the men’s men introduced a sell ZIPPO lighters of the seller, the seller of a month income, you are not like journalists jealous? The reporter had to admit: the man’s money is sometimes very easy to earn


Do you know how to run a noodle restaurant

we Chinese love to eat Steamed Rice eat pasta, pasta which is everyone’s love of delicacy, entrepreneurship is a good project, after years of development, the flavor of noodle in the market reputation is more and more high, the domestic food market occupied first place, so many investors regard it as the first choice of business venture. But in order to successfully run a noodle shop, you need to master some methods and skills. Exactly how to operate it? The following is the introduction of the operating methods of the noodle shop, I hope to inspire you.

1, chef: hire chefs, do not need each other must sometimes have special skills, skills master a walk, it will affect the operation of the store. Find easy to communicate and have a good sense of cooperation with the chef, the chef made dishes can better meet the customer’s taste requirements.

2, specialty food: since it is a local flavor restaurants, naturally have distinctive features, which is the foundation of the shop. Mr. Wang produced Pingyao beef noodle is the direct purchase from Shanxi, and rub the tip surface, Sliced noodles and other special noodles are authentic, very popular with customers.

3, on the food type arrangement: to always bring forth new ideas, but we must do a good job of basic dishes. Ordinary people to the local flavor restaurant, are some characteristics, more often, so like spicy white vinegar, shredded potato these Home Dishes, must adhere to the product quality.

4, on the site: if the financial strength of the large flow of people’s consumption of gold is naturally open restaurant * * lot. However, such a lot of rent is also very expensive, so the financial strength of the general public, can consider some of the road closer to the main road shop.

5, on the service: small restaurants to create a warm and humane consumption environment, so warm and thoughtful service. Health does not have to say, in the time to pay attention to the dishes, serving slow for the entire restaurant business is very fatal.


above is all of the content, we can thank the patience to read, if not understand what can contact us, master business methods described above, allows you to start as soon as possible, through the noodle flavor to create their own wealth of life. In fact, no matter what business to do business, we must grasp the industry’s business methods and sales skills, so as to allow you to better business, faster get rich!

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What is the name of the method

to the foot store on a good name for this foot store long-term development will be very favorable, so the name of almost every operator will be very concerned about the foot shop. Of course, if you want to give up on a good foot store, master the method is also very important. So, what is the name of the method? Now let’s get to know each other.

1. name is best to reflect your foot shop corporate culture, in line with the idea of foot shop business. Some foot shop investors just for the sake of good name, the results of people no matter how Lenovo can not hook and foot, so the name can not arouse the consumer’s desire to consume. Nature is not conducive to brand communication.

2. foot store name should be unique, not others, to do in many talent shows itself foot store, they must have their own out of the ordinary place, must have a unique style, unique.

3. foot shop name meaning should be positive, give a person a kind of relaxed, cheerful, have a taste of the feeling, and vice versa, will make people feel disgusted.

Not too uncommon to use the name

4. foot store, should be easy to identify. What is the name of the foot shop? Can have several names, do a test by friends, all the names are read to listen to friends, to see what the name easy to remember, but also easily lead to other people’s interest, this name is a good name. There is a VIP in the enterprise application Chinese foot foot store net friends a few days ago, gave me a message saying there is a good mechanic to recommend, but until today, I still don’t know their name two words which read what that must have no way to tell others, is not conducive to the spread of.

5. foot store name must be concise, let people read catchy, not a mouthful. Otherwise it will affect the foot shop brand promotion.

Although the name of the job is really need to face a lot of problems,

is not a good thing to do, but if you can master the relevant methods, you can easily get a good name to the store. So, if you need to give the name of the shop, you know what kind of method can be mastered?

Three things to do before starting a business

In fact,

business is the most important stage of the early start, early start to get everything arranged properly, can bring convenience to the late start, profit, full network Xiaobian tell you 3 things must be done before the start of the.

A market survey,

is essential

first in the season, the laundry industry from 7 to October is the off-season, in this period should be guaranteed even the loss of mental preparation, which is not expected to him. The laundry business scale is more and more obvious, the laundry brand is excellent and advanced equipment continue to emerge, the competition is extremely fierce, and his laundry in mid 90s will also continue to use the pattern of a shop, two people, a machine, an area of 30 square meters, so how to compete with others?

two, choose the economic nature of their

The economic nature of

here, refers to the economic nature of the business license registration matters in terms of, roughly divided into the following categories: personal business (we usually call the self-employed), sole proprietorship, limited liability company, Limited by Share Ltd, etc.. For entrepreneurs, generally in the first three kinds of choices, and the different economic nature of its start-up requirements, rights and obligations, debt and debt are different. Therefore, the choice of the most suitable for their own economic nature, is also very important for entrepreneurs.

> by suitable person

Operating the operating means of lighting shop Raiders

in today’s society, Home Furnishing industry is hot, or at the same time, lighting products business in the whole Home Furnishing industry is actually more popular, as investors, is now ready to open a lighting store, need to pay attention to what?

To have accurate market positioning on

Open lighting shop how much money: Generally speaking, two or three types of city estimates need 5-10 million or more open fund, big city needs a few more, need a few small city. This is related to the rent, water, electricity, labor and local price level, can not be generalized. However, the removal of rent, decoration and other expenses, cash on hand is usually not less than 50 thousand yuan.

open early brand lighting shop. A good retail store, there must be one or two brands to attract consumers. A good brand can not only drive the sales of other products, but also increase the popularity. If you want to worry more, you can also choose to do a factory store.

How to open

lighting product style, quantity and variety. Style is not too much, each product is not more than 3 kinds of colors, each no more than 3 – 5 units should strictly control cash flow! Purchase to products and consider the price and market positioning, and the relationship between color and store style, do not cause the backlog.

now open a lighting shop, is the need to have some means of operation, only with some business recommendation

Xi’an’s first venture University was established

although the business is the dream of many people, however, want to achieve such a goal, but faced many difficulties, although we can pay the effort, but because do not understand, not enough grasp of the market, to the goal of success is also very much. And in order to help more people embark on the road of entrepreneurship, Xi’an’s first entrepreneurial university was formally established, will be able to help more entrepreneurs.

just out of the campus want to play in the entrepreneurial tide of college students who have played a good helper. The day before, the city’s first venture University formally, the first phase of entrepreneurship training and classes, which marks the city’s first venture University was formally established, can provide 13 knowledge for college students entrepreneurs (practice), qualified entrepreneurs immediately after registration for free admission.

Xi’an Business University as only a province of high level entrepreneurial university, in addition to venture capital docking, counseling, guidance, business consulting, business incubator settled, entrepreneurship competition and other online services, also provide online business services, personalized service to meet the needs of business entrepreneurs to take advantage of big data.

course is mainly to allow students to experience the problem ahead of the business is likely to encounter, so that they can make their own business in the future when the strengths and weaknesses, as far as possible detours." As the first phase of training instructors, Xi’an University of Technology School of economics teacher Duan Ganglong told reporters.

the first training class there were 52 participants, students for Xi’an university students, most of them in the school have participated in the training, teachers in the classroom the students according to the specific situation is divided into 8 groups, each group as a company, simulate the company’s business model, to expand the competition. Particularly strong sense of the scene, under the guidance of the teacher also corrected their previous understanding of the misunderstanding of entrepreneurship, harvest is quite large." A student from Shaanxi Normal University said.

reporter learned that the city next to Xi’an Business University Agency Bureau of planning for the pilot, and gradually (Beilin), in order to promote the construction of Entrepreneurial University, eventually forming the relatively complete high level entrepreneurship training system. As long as 35 years of age or above, college degree or above, Shaanxi household registration has the intention of college students (including junior students after school) can enroll in free entrepreneurship training.


said that a lot of knowledge comes from practice, however, if we can grasp the relevant theoretical knowledge, in the course of practice will benefit greatly. At the same time, once there is any problem in the entrepreneurial process, you can have the relevant entrepreneurial universities to provide help for entrepreneurs naturally benefit a lot.

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What will be the pitfalls of entrepreneurship

in the process of entrepreneurship, we often encounter this or that problem, to prevent us from starting a business. Many successful entrepreneurs, the reason is not only because he chose a good investment projects, one of the more important reason is to recognize the pitfalls of entrepreneurship, and effectively avoid the.

a trap: the short-sighted boss short-lived shop

because China has a lack of wealth, so we were like entrepreneurs into Clay oven rolls shop hungry, what to eat what caught, which also had leisure to taste more delicious dumplings shop next door to eat. Many entrepreneurs are different from each other was brought into the sesame seed shop, and some were brought into the dumpling shop, not far from Quanjude roast duck signs but no one saw. No long-term strategic planning of the enterprise is short-lived, rich generation, let alone the three generation.

trap two: I want to be

trap three: squandering in

trap four: dull remarks died over

In fact, this one for

when the writer, a poet. They make an eye-catching marketing staff can also be a moment of view, to do poineering work on the hanging point. Low profit era entrepreneurs only more solid and more careful to live well, because consumers would not listen to crying when and who who go, like in one of those chaotic management of the airport, the plane after he ignored the lianhan band pulled the driver, the taxi went straight to the honest line. When we say "sour paranoia", often forget it behind the madman in additional to do much homework.

trap five: I have a very strong productivity

is not only hard product is worth the investment, the future is more soft industry more hidden profits, even the profits of the last hiding place. Women strive to be soft, entrepreneurs should strive to soften the soul. Please keep in mind that the service is money, the idea is money, even the petty bourgeoisie love to play is also a sentiment. Last year, global product prices continued to decline in the shadow of deflation, but the service class

What about 100 thousand investment project investment 100 thousand longrun

      about 100 thousand of investment projects 100 thousand investment what longrun now want to make money, to introduce new products not only to new in order to be different to attract the attention of consumers, but also to. So what about 100 thousand investment is good, these investment funds are what can be done, can do more, join will make money.


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