Building materials store how to open a new market

bought a house is certainly in need of renovation, decoration is cannot do without the use of building materials, building materials market is developing rapidly in recent years, the building materials store owner, submitted the new district are the meat and potatoes, because of the decoration demand, if done properly, not to attract a household decoration so two simple, able to attract a large number of orders for a time. Because of the strong demand for new residential market, but also to a lot of building materials shop". In this competitive environment, how to operate in order to quickly open a breakthrough? Brief introduction to the introduction of the experience.

a, property breakthrough.

property management company is a small area, but also an important source of building materials manufacturers access to information sources, if we can cooperate well with the property then we will save a lot of energy development district. First of all, through the relationship between the visit means find the main person in charge of the property, to understand the actual sales situation, the purchase of the crowd from the community, the best is to obtain the contact through other means, and then through SMS, telephone and other means to convey the brand and product promotions. This kind of propaganda way has the pertinence, the audience area and so on the characteristic, the effect is the general propaganda technique cannot achieve.

how to open the building materials store? How to attract customers? In addition, the owner of the property with the decoration of the knowledge seminars and other public welfare activities is also a way to promote their products, brands, so that in a very short period of time to achieve their goals.

two, decoration company breakthrough.

how to open the building materials store? A team is a decoration company in the area, especially in some high-end decoration company in the public relations ability is very strong, building materials sales through them quickly to open a breakthrough is also an important way. The author found that the district submitted after the strength of the match and the decoration company will set the basic model of the housing inside and a temporary office, is to promote and attract business, two is to show their classic case, many owners will visit the scene to understand the various issues and discuss matters of decoration decoration.

so the salesman must be in the weekdays more contact with the decoration companies and designers, if a brand can reach the top ten local companies to reach a cooperation with 6-8 to achieve the basic performance of the ideal.

is currently building materials and decoration companies are mainly for materials and designers to bring their own single in two ways, the two methods are complementary, of course there will be some conflicts but must be rational to solve.

three, model room breakthrough.

how to open the building materials store? In front of the point is to establish a model of the housing and decoration companies, in fact, in the actual situation of building materials brands own rent a house to establish a model and recommend

Entrepreneurship in the industry in which there are rich small series to analyze

people say, the 360 line, the line out of the champion, but if it is a business, then this sentence also need to consider carefully, we must combine the development trend of the industry. In which industry entrepreneurship money? This is what every entrepreneur wants to know, today we come together to analyze.

in 2003 to 2005 years, I have experienced two industries from prosperity to decline or even disappear, a film is a video film. I was working in a Fuji color chain store, the peak passenger flow such as weaving, printing as the printing press photo. However, after 2005, with the popularity of digital equipment, photographs is no longer just, people can drive the long-term preservation of photos and keep reading, in an instant the whole industry decline, Kodak, Fuji two giants a bankruptcy of a transformation.

has been left behind in the industry, there is no money, in this kind of industry is not "champion". Entrepreneurship is not easy, we can not take a joke to start a business, choose a good industry, in order to make their own way of entrepreneurship more smoothly. Aimed at the new industry, seize new opportunities, will have a better development.


A small online recommendation

is a network of gold, as long as you are willing to dig, as long as you work hard, it is bound to their career achievements, it is bound to find their wealth in a day! What a small online project? Xiao Bian recommended for you!

A small project:

cosmetics online

A small

A small

often staring at a computer screen, you not feel dry eyes, buy health care eye drops; sitting in the computer desk, don’t you feel backache, nutrition and health care products to buy nutritious; QQ to the middle of the night, you are not feel particularly dry skin, health care products to buy beauty……

A small


To earn money – the whole of maternal and child supplies

2017 years, to start with the strength of the entry of the project? I’m choice for business with a small capital entrepreneur, undoubtedly, is very has the advantage of choice. Quality projects, worry free business, worry free business, you are still hesitant what?

parents are hoping to be the best, so many maternal and child care stores focus on maternal and child industry for many years, is committed to helping every child who wants to open a mother and baby shop advice. In addition, according to different regions, different consumer groups tailored shop plan. First of all to help customers accurate location, according to the results of market research and customer budget analysis, planning renovation program and distribution proportion, all products are in accordance with the formal channels of purchase, the lowest discount price to the customer to the store, to ensure the opening day activities carried out smoothly. Open maternal and child supplies store to make money? Good projects do not worry!

you may have no confidence in your ability to operate, afraid of their own success. Your concern for many years of big brands is not a problem. Under the careful support of the headquarters, brand maternal and child supplies store has been more and more local consumers recognized. Maternal stores need long-term to provide customers with good service and quality guarantee, the long, each opening of the maternal and child supplies stores are well done long-term services for consumers. Quality from the heart, from the sincere service, with many years of experience to help customers step by step to carry out the store, assist the post operation and marketing planning, to provide specialized guidance for every customer, is the industry’s excellent brand strength. Do you say to open a maternal and child supplies store to earn money as long as you choose the right brand must be the most profitable projects.

since the choice of entrepreneurship, it is necessary to start a successful business. To join the maternal and child supplies projects, open their own maternal and child supplies stores, no doubt, is also a very choice of business opportunities! So, what are you hesitating about?

Double education new concept of comprehensive reform in 2016

in the "double since the policy implementation, management education in Universities in the continuous reform and innovation, to cultivate innovative people. In 2016, the major universities and comprehensive reform of the new proposition.

2015 is known as the first year of China’s creative education. Premier Li Keqiang wrote in a letter to the Tsinghua University, said: "the public entrepreneurship, innovation, the core is to stimulate people’s creativity, especially to stimulate the creativity of young people." How to cultivate more innovators and entrepreneurs, is the core proposition of management education. In 2015, the core proposition, from the top-level design has begun the essay.

2015 in May, the general office of the State Council promulgated the "opinions" on deepening the reform of higher education, clearly from 2015 onwards, will deepen the university innovation and entrepreneurship education reform, aiming at the 9 reform tasks, launched more than 30 specific initiatives.

the reform roadmap, colleges and universities around the precise force, comprehensive measures. According to statistics, 82% of the country’s colleges and universities to open an innovative entrepreneurship education courses, the establishment of the University of innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of 68%, the number of people to participate in various types of innovation and entrepreneurship practice activities of 6 million 130 thousand. The Ministry of Education held the first "Chinese Internet plus" College Students’ innovative entrepreneurship competition, more than 1800 colleges and universities nationwide 200 thousand students participating.

2015 college graduates employment quality report

?Jing Degang, deputy director of the Ministry of education of College Students’


in Tsinghua University President Qiu Yong seems to support innovation and entrepreneurship education, to include 4 points: one is the entrepreneurial talent need long-term training, university education should focus on guiding students to strengthen the sense of innovation, fostering entrepreneurship, training creative ability, promote the formation of a good atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Female college students to carry out the amazing effect of paper art

derivative paper art this term is not necessarily how many people know, but there is such a college student, with a paper knife, cut out their wealth of life. Today, together with Xiao Bian into such a story, let us look at her entrepreneurial process.

send graduation ceremony and Yan paper met

"because it is the first time, so spent a whole day to make, at that time did not know what to do when the glue, also don’t know how to make paper stand up." He Wenyuan told reporters in Nandu.

because the meeting this time with Yan paper, let He Wenyuan go.

"Yan paper bother, need to be patient when there are classmates in Nong (Yan paper), but some did not stick to it." He Wenyuan said, derivative paper technology is simple, the operation is cumbersome and complex. The time to complete a work usually depends on the complexity of the work, a few hours short, a few days long, requires great patience and concentration.

"I love Yan paper, but did not reach the degree of madness." He Wenyuan said with a smile, she did not spend too much time on it, but when there is time to make.

what Wenyuan received in July to work in the library of Xiaolan classmates call, learned that the library has a "love" in August 24th, in addition to rubber stamp, she also want to share love Yan paper art school children.

"I sometimes send some pictures with Yan paper crafts in the circle of friends, friends help in publicity, will also have a part to buy." He Wenyuan in Nandu

What are the business skills to open a shop Hot pot

we all know, such as hot pot of food, always attract our attention all the time. So, for an investor, venture capital investment in the selection of such high-quality projects, is the choice of the development of space. So, open their own brand of hot pot franchise business what skills do you need?

hot pot restaurant business skills what?

as a hot pot restaurant, its basic characteristics and other food and beverage companies have in common, that is, production, sales, service, consumption as a whole. Hot pot shop operators want to engage in Hot pot industry, must seriously do market research, so you can understand what types of people need to grasp the information, Hot pot, Hot pot flavor characteristics, style, location, population, in specific market areas, start with the characteristics of the Hot pot shop, in order to obtain chaos and reliable market share. So, do a good job in the early market research, is to open a hot pot shop resolutions or investment conditions.

open pot shop to do market research

Effect of

1 on the surrounding environment, Hot pot, including the policy environment, such as the establishment of a portion of the security situation, the function of efficiency; infrastructure, such as road traffic, parking location, water and electricity supply, communication , procurement channels, consumer groups, financial, health, labor and other supporting facilities and management are closely related the preferential measures, such as tax; and various fees, rent and other aspects of the introduction of talent have preferential policies.

Effect of

2 on economic development, including the Hot pot, increased consumer demand for Hot pot, the existence of each grade of existing Hot pot shop Hot pot structural contradictions, social development and national policies and measures for the development of the catering industry plays a few aspects of instability factors such as a huge role in promoting, environment change and consumption.

3, the impact of traditional factors on hot pot, which includes the history of the hot pot, universality, culture, uniqueness, etc..

as long as the master of the points above, for our business with a small capital entrepreneur, is a very wise choice. So, the choice of hot pot to join the project, are you ready?

Entrepreneurs how to go on the road to go on longer

every walk on the road of entrepreneurship people want their career can go longer, so that they can have the possibility of growing and development, but it is not an easy thing, let’s see, how to make the road of entrepreneurship for a long time.

The Living Company in common: their success is never based on individual, but by a mysterious factors, can let the organization through time and space, life and individual ability breakthrough the limitations of the wisdom of the organization. Organizational wisdom opened the mystery of the longevity of the enterprise, providing the Lost Hero era of domestic enterprises to pursue the secret of evergreen.

if asked, Nestle company has what products? Most people will blurt out: Nestle coffee, Nestle chocolate, Nestle milk powder, Nestle cereal…… In fact, a cup of Nestle coffee has also become the most business people in a day of work in the habit of action.

genius would work wonders for the enterprise, but also capable, will bring many uncertainties to the development of enterprises. Because a good character will certainly promote the business operation thus flourished, but also because of the development of enterprise talents loss caused by stagnation and decline, even if some buildings collapsed overnight.

, Polaroid Enron, Kemat, global telecom, Hongta group…… Once these super giant all-powerful became "Domino to fall.

Curtain fabric agents how to improve store sales

curtain fabric is everyone’s attention, pay attention to the quality of life of the people are very much, the investment in the home industry needs to find the right time, curtain fabric industry has great potential for development. Now, choose to join the curtain cloth industry entrepreneurs a lot of people, how to improve store sales, so as to obtain huge profits? Get to know it!

to successful entrepreneurs need to pay attention to many aspects, store image design, certainly not mechanically previously formulated standards to set, according to the on-the-spot investigation shop itself and the surrounding situation, look at the flow direction, sunshine, obstacles, shop around color, style, and then according to the specific elements, according to the standard design.

the curtain cloth agent product display is a very deep knowledge, the quality of the sales, display is an important factor. The advantages of good display can perfect display of products, so that consumers have the impulse to buy. Display is divided into theme display, promotional display, new display, according to the different timing of different display, in order to attract consumers, produce good sales.

the curtain cloth store should give the casual, relaxed feeling, can put a strong sense of rhythm music, with strong color contrast and gorgeous lighting, folded, positive display, side show to be interspersed with each other, the shelves put and the overall feeling in at random. Curtain fabric image and style positioning from the store’s customer base classification, the distinction between different styles of different promotional methods.

owner should arrange inventory management in the shop, the owner needs to understand the market, if want to profit, should also be appropriate to do some promotional activities. The need to find an accurate way to increase sales, which is not unreasonable, the above describes the need to open the curtain cloth shop, you should know more about.


Business can not lose integrity

for the current businesses a variety of promotions, many customers have a feel alarmed feeling, fear that a careless may have cheated. Now, in order to attract the attention of customers, all businesses have resorted to all the skills, the purpose is to attract the attention of customers. They seem to be able to attract customers, even if they win. But in the actual retail process, even to attract the customer, the customer does not necessarily buy it, because of the advertising business in attracting customers, is suspected of exaggeration, this result is very disappointed customer.

once, I went to a shop to buy something, the store posted at the door of a big banners, top write "audience commodity twenty percent off" several characters very tempting, let my footsteps imperceptibly walked in. That there is indeed found a lot of love a commodity, think the price is much cheaper than usual, so I was delighted to buy a few pieces, but after buying, at the time of payment, the waiter told me that a few goods is not twenty percent off, I feel rather baffling, Ming Ming banners twenty percent off ah, why don’t you give a discount?

the owner explained: "you only see a few characters, there is a small word, meaning ‘from’ is not just hit twenty percent off, eight fold." He explained very clearly, but I was very unhappy. I think there is a feeling of being cheated, he clearly is to deceive the customer’s behavior, his advertising is flashy, deliberately playing word games. After I went back to my friends and family said this thing, we all feel that this is a loophole, is not a good faith performance, have said that he will not go to the store to buy things.

coincidentally, once, I was stimulated again. I went to a shop to buy a belt. One by one, I look a little confused. All of a sudden, I was attracted by an advertisement from the merchant!" I immediately heart joy, the same price, I can buy two, it is too cost-effective.

when I went in, the boss gave me a warm welcome. I picked one and was about to pay. The boss handed me a pair of socks. But the boss said: "we buy a send a refers to send a pair of socks." I immediately angry, this is not deceptive? I and his theory, and finally I have a stomach gas left there, the belt did not buy.

another time, I went to the provincial capital to work, in the provincial capital to the railway station on the road, I found a man selling areca side, I asked how much money a pound, he said vaguely: five yuan!" I am not expensive, so happy to squat down to buy. I picked three pounds, after the scales, I will pay. However, the other side is not enough, I gave twenty yuan is not enough? At this time, he said: five yuan one or two!" I was very annoyed