A murder caused by the chain blog

at this time, a heart impulse, but especially, why don’t I make a will do its first. Then began to make a mistake, originally just included, love Shanghai for me is really good, the same day the updated snapshot, 10 consecutive days are so, I do not have this point since full, started playing the evil idea, I long ago registered in the blog on the best number of what website, to the same type of station of station of its own and very high weight together sent, the thinking about the blog soon included, I will bring an unexpected surprise, but in the Post issued after three days to go, my original ranking suddenly disappeared, the snapshot also stopped, ah – ah, but this is mainly for the love of Shanghai, Google’s performance is quite outstanding, the station after the rankings. A well-known site.

fortunately, there is a station not what problem, but my good times don’t last long ah, space is the unscrupulous sellers from Taobao to buy as his domain names tied in my space, also do the analysis results, because he is the old name, in Shanghai is better than I love weight, I came in he is not in front of me, hey, who told my mind stupid, no background. Timely contact, the binding domain is deleted, but I was so love Shanghai right down, lost to 20 pages later, while Google was not affected in any way, obviously I recognize that the binding domain is a space of smuggled goods in Google, but who stole my space domain name is tied with the ranking, I deleted, ranking will disappear, it seems I have to wait until Shanghai, which in love I was the real me, may I turn to.

second things, for the love of Shanghai, may now still no way through technical means, make sure you tied in the same space domain, which is the principal which is time, especially at the same time to this, we must warn only one other with jump > do stand domain name

this time, it is free, free time is also made several new sites, just do a few days, this does not look at the key words are good, the new ten position immediately before the home page, secretly delighted, oh, so much love, Shanghai great master, now the new station to weight so high, look at several small related keywords are more is a crooked melon. Jujube, as a love, Shanghai uncle may also have no choice but to recommend me.

through the above two station the plight of the conclusions are as follows, if the blog (especially in the famous site) blog link is still very important, but if you are a new word, I suggest not to do, because your weight, not enough to insist that the weight of the chain quite high, so only exposes the essence of your love encounter optimization, Shanghai right down, if you want to add the chain, and then suggest when doing station six months to a year, but when the feeling is not too obvious. Don’t know, we own to study practice.

How I love Shanghai in ten days to achieve 4 weight 1

I do the medical website optimization, before going to work every day to check the total love, love Shanghai collected, and ranking, I’m just a member of the public in the webmaster, this article is not what quality is mainly and share my website is only less than ten days, the weight from 1 love Shanghai 4, what I do, I will say with the following. After all, not talking about the high quality of the knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng, are some of my steps, please veterans, in germany.

The following section

well, nonsense not say, cut to the chase, with that, I am in a day, the love of Shanghai weight and traffic to do it, in fact, already said is the original, do you know the Shanghai dragon, the importance of the original article, but who can continue to adhere to the original update every day then, I said, I can, and if you don’t believe, I can see before the article, actually do original really simple.

so what kind of chain belong to high quality, these are some of the old station long talk about the problem, I will simply say it in this.

1. Industry Association of

actually, enhance the love Shanghai weight method is very simple, not what skills, if say by what skills do, should be the original, I believe you and I have been very worried, how to write the original article, I also like this, but I see in the A5 article will understand I believe, I is how to write the original article. [by the image conversion software to create 95% original articles] this is the address of the A5 in here, also thank you for your support to me this article, let the article on the front page of A5 for many days. I hope those who do not know how the original can go see this article should be helpful for you.


picture to you, I hope you optimistic about the snapshot date, because my site is updated snapshot every day, the two pictures below, it can prove that the site of the weight and flow is to rise up within ten days.

this is very important, if you are in the machinery industry, the medical industry forum to do outside the chain, that you do not eat stays all right? Before I optimize this website www.zzxiangnan贵族宝贝/ >

then the original article has been solved, then the chain, believe that you have heard, "content is king, the chain for emperor" content is what I have just said the original article, so the chain, of course, is the high quality of the chain, if you do have a medical station should all know, love Shanghai this year on medical websites are very special attention, not only to do garbage outside the chain website ranking and weight not what, but will affect your site, if your site outside the chain of waste too much, can only be regarded as you love Shanghai station.


Discussion what keyword density in which interval is the most appropriate

I had more than one time for the keyword density test of Shanghai dragon is most favorable in other sites, but let the disappointment, does not draw useful conclusions from these tests. The testing process is that, for the same website, according to the natural principle to add keywords, keyword density increased to about 5%, other content are not changed, after a month, it seems not what website ranking and the progress, reduce home page keyword density to 1.5%, other the content are not changed, then after a month, the ranking of the site is basically maintained at the same level, nor what setback, this was a little bit confusing.

so, when we make a web page, the first concern should be the quality of the content of the page, followed by the keyword density, but not too much emphasis on the key.

webmaster tools that a web page keyword density of 2% to 8% is appropriate, the most favorable of Shanghai dragon. If this is so, then we change for keyword density, while keeping the other content unchanged, the ranking of the site should be changed to, but the fact is not true. This lets the author constantly thinking, what is the role of the keyword density. According to the author’s understanding, the main role is to make the density of keywords search engine can be more clear judgment about what is this page content, which is the focus of a few words, only this. Only the so-called keyword density to strengthen the importance of key words in the page, but the importance of a word on the page and can not be converted into weight. To obtain the weights of the web page is the quality and original degree depends on the whole content of this web page to get it, and a word number density of almost Never mind too much, it can explain why the keyword density small page ranking is sometimes better, while the keyword density of page rank and sometimes very poor the.

on a web page keyword density how much the most appropriate? On this issue, the search engine has not given a clear statement. So on this issue has always been a very vague concept. I have seen the page keyword density ranking good, also seen home page keyword density small ranking is also very good. This makes it hard to determine what keyword density in which interval is the most appropriate.

according to this logic, is not the keyword density is not what effect? The author thinks that not all. After all, the keyword density reflects a page on which words are important, what word is secondary. This will strengthen the keywords in the web page of the effect on the side. However, due to "weight is determined by the content of the keyword density function is not so obvious. But if we can in the original degree and quality assurance of the web page content case, increase keyword density if the keyword density can to a certain extent for the weight plus keywords, but the effect of size, we can make nothing of it.

According to

Do not focus on the optimization of long tail keywords you out

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unless otherwise noted, the article is Baba Shanghai Longfeng original reproduced please specify the link with the Shanghai Dragon: 贵族宝贝baba贵族宝贝/bbnews/20130514/169.html

1: mining long tail keywords

3: the content of

2: do long tail keywords optimization

Shanghai dragon has been quite a long period of time, the website keyword optimization is Shanghai dragon ER each repeated every day to do, its purpose is to improve the ranking of words. Keywords and in the main keywords and long tail keywords, long tail keywords is also of great importance in Shanghai dragon, can not only bring about steady flow to the site, is also the site of potential customers. But for the long tail keywords optimization is always a difficult problem, it should be how to optimize the long tail keywords

optimization of long tail keywords, the webmaster should know how to form an effective long tail keywords based on the main key words, according to user search habits to consider. Because of the long tail keywords are not the main keywords can refer to love Shanghai index, so we need to go to the mining industry and personal skills.

This is a good


A5 registration discount: 2013 GOMX global network marketing conference

if the owners just pay attention to key words, then you really will be gradually eliminated, for example, to do a good keywords ranking, is certainly difficult, but the long tail word, long tail word several far more than a good keyword, so it is why did Lin Jianhui speak today how to do website optimization of the long tail word.

summary: do the above three points, the long tail keywords optimization site will have a significant effect, suggest that you try.

are home to do on the website, actually the website content page is more suitable to do long tail keywords optimization. But the stationmaster should pay attention to, because of the weight of the site content page is relatively low, so the inauguration of Baba Shanghai Longfeng Lin Jianhui recommend content page title to the long tail, so you can focus on weight. Each page of content should be combined with the title and long tail keywords perfect, so as to achieve the optimization of the long tail keywords effect.


do long tail keywords optimization is not only to write the title, but the title and content of the. In the original article in the appropriate amount of long tail keywords, because the original articles are easier to search engine spiders included, so the long tail keywords will be optimized, so as to improve the ranking.

A new Shanghai dragon website optimization process

We can see the "

as a true Shanghai dragon rookie, Shanghai dragon novice, read too many articles, listening to too many lessons. In a sense, then going on to Shanghai Longfeng, whether it is listening or reading articles worth mentioning, is to do well in the station layout, the hair of the chain, pay attention to the word around and so on, the concrete will not say, I think most people know. But I want to say, this does have the effect, but if it is to do the site will be able to make up the ranking, then each of us to do so, there are so many love Shanghai home position to us for? And we can often see some Daniel two or three month website love Shanghai, rank and weight are very impressive. Do they all just do the routine optimization can achieve this effect? I think it is not so simple. I think to do optimization, in addition to the routine procedures in accordance with the predecessors summary and published outside methods should also look for more efficient. So I will be in the form of record test each method text effect, only when their study notes.


test site:

included, in the search for "love Shanghai"

have been published, keywords are set, then we need to let love Shanghai included the published article, this I have what good way, only to send the chain.

see a post in the forum, it tells the story of a website for more than two months do love Shanghai 5 of the weight of the case, although the weight of the 5 love Shanghai a lot of water, but for the new station, there are still a lot of merit. The specific case I but described, you can look at the original.

Changsha" love Shanghai "air conditioning" index + love Shanghai index is equivalent to the "Changsha + air conditioning" love Shanghai "Changsha air conditioning index, however," the word is not love Shanghai index, but also very few people to search the word means, then there will be a man search for "Changsha + air conditioning"? The answer is definitely not. No one is searching for the word, then it is proved that the word is simply no one to compete with you, do the word love to Shanghai home is very simple? Specific thought to understand, can you think of.

When the article

guards (new domain name, the original Cthulhu: no station)

first Changsha air conditioning in this website, I published two articles, keywords are set to the "Changsha + air conditioning".

why choose "Changsha + air conditioning" as keywords? My understanding is that, firstly, the keyword "Changsha" and "air conditioning" is a love of Shanghai index, as follows:

: optional day in mind (old name, had multiple sites)

case: Alan + Shanghai dragon

Changsha: air conditioning (two level domain)

Another identity Google, love Shanghai – domain registrar

before the beginning of this paper, the first point is clear, Google, has become a world-class top-level domain registrar, one of the main purpose of it is to be done, the domain name weight information is added to improve the search engine ranking algorithm.

1. valid period, at least can simply tell the webmaster want to hold the domain name, or just to hold short-term after a period of time will be abandoned. Because a to network construction company, is not a bad year tens of dollars the cost of domain name. They will not remember each year to the domain name renewal, so as not to choose a year renewal way. However, a lot of garbage station owners will often choose a year called domain costs, because they are well aware that another year, this domain is still necessary or that can transfer out.

2. for the optimization of the domain name, domain wide domestic trading platform, a lot of people want to increase the weight of the domain name to buy the old domain, however, when the search engine itself is a domain name registrar, they will be able to get directly to the domain name information change details, and then.

search engine will track information related to the analysis of domain name domain name database establishment, such as the domain name owner’s name, e-mail address, mailing address, domain name, expiration time, change the date of the domain name and domain name, such as the transfer of information.

in 2005 February, Google applied for domain name registration, top service providers, this is not familiar with the so-called "gold agent" "silver agent" domain name registration business, but the real sense of the top-level domain registrar. However, over the past few years, Google has also failed to provide domain name registration services, they just said: "it is not the domain registrar, in order to provide domain name registration services, Russia and Japan, in order to improve the quality of the search rankings."

from Shanghai dragon’s point of view, to obtain this information, the search engine can do some of the more useful analysis:

is a more popular argument is that love Google, Shanghai became the domain registrar, just because they can use the domain name registration excuse, to a large number of acquisition and processing of domain name registration information, and to establish their own domain name database.

According to the domain name

is worth mentioning is that many people do not understand the domain name registrar, they feel that Google, love Shanghai as a domain name registrar, get a lot of people can not get the data, the fact is not the case. Google, Shanghai love can get to the domain name registration information and ordinary Internet users use the WHOIS query to is the same, a domain name registrar and enables its other more secret information.

obviously, Google will invest a lot of money to become It is without rhyme or reason. domain registrar, from Shanghai Longfeng point of view, even if Google is not the domain name weight as ranking factors, but at least to actively improve the ratio of weight in the domain name in the ranking algorithm.

Examples do share target keywords ranking operation

from the above it is easy to know that the first is very difficult, but there is an opportunity. Yes, we can find the best Pacific website editors or engage in personnel, cooperate with them, may need to spend some money, but this is a small investment, it is very helpful to us. Bear a child sets the wolf, the total is more economical and more reliable for advertising.

interactive platformThis is also the author of their own soft speculation

four, the

, a

back to the essence of Shanghai dragon on the issue, although many people know, but still mention. "Around a word" this concept is relatively old, but now love Shanghai algorithm is very effective. After all, love Shanghai new algorithm respected chain naturally produced by the chain so naturally who specifically to bring the link to keywords, weaken the anchor text effect so we can speculate that the chain is. As a supplement, what the usage of "around a word" to be strengthened.

three, the active

is the author of the above operation.

not only speculation in the entertainment news by editor keen, but also in Shanghai Longfeng optimization. For example, some time ago the college entrance examination entrance to the event, zero essay topic by many readers are soft. But with the amount of reading is also reproduced in horror, believe that the operation of these techniques of webmaster friends, for love.

two, the station optimization section

different people on different operation method of keyword optimization, of course, can be summed up as the hair of the chain and content. These people usually is the Shanghai dragon as optimization of all, literally, it is search engine optimization, but I do not think so. I prefer to do keyword ranking plan and then move, do optimization strategies flexibly, specific optimization methods to write down to share. (for example: PS Keywords: Brush assistant)

page ranking keyword analysis This

second is an independent website common, overcome the difficulty of medium. The first is the assistant pepper brush target keywords, this website brand word, and brush assistant just long tail keywords it. For this website cooperation, the general is similar to Links exchange cooperation. (PS: Friends of the chain of keywords ranking help or obvious to people.


experiments confirmed the results. The introduction of relevant traffic long time, can make the corresponding keywords get good rankings promotion. Because we are recommended to the user is what they need, although a little sense of AD, but AD is not recognized by the user, AD is not a problem. Here I personally feel relatively strong interactive platform: Sina and micro-blog blog (the two can be synchronized), popular forum, corresponding to the Post Bar love Shanghai.

Google ranking factors (sixteen) special rules factors (two)

fifth, Google news box, for some hot news or events, news box system keywords these news events will trigger Google news, and the box will appear in the search list is often the first natural.

fourth, local search, Google was often the "noble baby + local" (a service account + nobility baby) search results in the ranking above.

, DMCA on the DMCA record, many people may not know, here refers to in 2000 by a specialized for personal protection of intellectual property rights on the Internet bill, so if plagiarism or piracy was a complaint, the provisions of DMCA will be your behavior record, which is Google you can get, after waiting for a site is down right or K stand.

The first

seventh, noble baby shopping, do not know if you have not done this, will own the marketing website submitted to Google shopping, is also a good way to get traffic and buyers, but also in the user search product, shopping product nobility baby with machine, of course is not necessarily 100 percent emergence.

eighth, Google pictures, in some cases, a position of the search results page is Google pictures, similar to love Shanghai, you may search such as lifts, recent years on elevator love pictures in Shanghai. So, good image optimization is a very important content, after all, can be connected through the picture to your site.

third, transactional search, sometimes nobility baby will display different search results for shopping of keywords, such as displaying the noble (noble baby baby flights flight search) search results.

second, the diversity of the domain, when Bigfoot updates the user "(World of Warcraft search tool) may be more similar domain will appear on the search page ranking.

well, >

Google ranking factors (sixteen): special rules factors (two)

sixth, the station ranking will be better, according to the current situation of Google algorithm, those great famous website dominance will be stronger, not only the home page ranking is excellent, even a lot of pages a birth will also get good rankings, and those new sites if no special place will be difficult to succeed.

ninth, brand oriented Keywords: domain name or brand keywords will give the same station from multiple search results.

yesterday we influence the special rules Google ranking factors (a) mentioned in the website freshness, comprehensive content, user browsing and recording, and geographic location, security search and content search + six noble baby of Google ranking, but it is clear that there are many special rules affecting Google ranking, today we continue.

Analysis on love Shanghai hot news words ranking

through the analysis of these words we can know, if those words do love Shanghai home, then we live the day IP traffic will be over 10000. We look at the three words "Zhou Libo breast advertisement".

two, choose to do what is inside the station, outside the station to do or do.

we do network, are aware of the need to pay attention every day to love Shanghai Search Ranking, by Search Ranking, our choice of words, words well chosen keywords optimization, so to live better rankings and flow. To do so in love Shanghai Billboard Hot inside which is suitable for our love? Haizha net @ Shanghai dragon liupneg help to analysis the love Shanghai news hot words ranking, gives the solution three

related results in the search for "Zhou Libo fell in love with the sea breast advertising" look to find about 565000, this word is not a lot of people do we look on the first page, the first is the use of the word love Shanghai for promotion, the second is love sea news, adopt the news portal the content, which contains information about YAHOO, North network, Tencent, Hebei entertainment news four news information. The third is the NetEase of entertainment, the fourth is our webmaster do up, using the Ku6 video, the fifth is the 4 related information to know the love of Shanghai, you see. Well now we have to give the top entry analysis theme love Shanghai news hot words a good solution to the word, three strides.

If you have

three, blog, forum, SNS community and micro-blog to promote our.

if you do not have the portal station, so we use other portals to do, like the Ku6 video (easier to send advertising, but should not be too obvious, otherwise it will be deleted), Shanghai (know love easy to do, updated quickly, but retained a short time), and Shanghai Post Bar love

, we do choose to choose the right word, find related words, and the long tail words to do so quickly to the front page.

portal news station, that is the best, in the news station inside the release of the latest information, best illustrated, good internal link word.

search can extract love Shanghai following search terms related to the search drop-down box and inside the word, also can refer to the noble baby related search words and drop-down box inside words.

time is 2011 06 month 14 days 08:00, we love Shanghai into Search Ranking in charts look at recent events, several events before the shoot in front of the analysis of three words in front. The first is the "American doomsday plane", second is "Yao death scene", third is "Zhou Libo breast enhancement advertising". The searches of the three words of each word in the 20 thousand to 40 thousand. "American doomsday plane" is the 2011 06 month 14 days, the search volume is more than 30 thousand.

Hero only one or two love Shanghai home page ranking conjecture

classification information site for e-commerce sites, social networking sites, and SNS said above the

3, the KR keyword competition is still relatively high (although the commercial value of KPI is not high).

4, Admin5, DoNews and other similar network owners have been very love

I have been in this position

3, increase the weight

love the search results page from the beginning of the scanty to around 250 thousand now (can be seen within a short time scale or teams can be compared;


Remember earlier in the group suggests that this keyword can be released to the similar electric district 58 city, Ganji and other classified information site. Because the love of Shanghai currently weights of the classified information is relatively high.

4, These changes 2, the Shanghai The quality of the chain weight 2,

3, love Shanghai know: tell the user is also consulting issues related to the keywords business circle

1, the PR value, anti chain caused by weight reduced by

2, love Shanghai Encyclopedia: tell the user what is the electric business circle

unfortunately, love is love between the Shanghai original articles of words, some position and will give their home. Therefore, whether you how many outside the chain, seems to have little effect on the ranking of your own site, but you publish the content of the page, the love of Shanghai is very generous, if the theme of novel enough, it will give you the front row on the home page. And those hundreds of competition the keyword page rank of independent owners, no matter how much you love hard, Shanghai only allows one or two stations on the home page, you can take what way? Therefore, it can be said that if the independent site home page ranking will be the outcome, so the hero may have one or two. Perhaps many webmaster do not fully understand these rankings change love Shanghai, so here I simply repeat. Love Shanghai changes in the ranking is as follows:

1, the love of Shanghai index from 0 to nearly 1000;

1, electric district official site: this should be fully deserve in the first row of

signature, blog posts, forum mass reduction brought by

love Shanghai is to focus on the customer experience. Because in the eyes of love Shanghai, customers of a keyword search (in this case, keywords electric district) should be from more angles to show the user search results (rather than uniform is similar to the result of advertising, so the ranking of search results) idea is as follows:

keywords attention electric district in Shanghai love the first three pages of search results. According to the ranking wrote article ranking analysis. Although in the beginning, the electric business circle is the key words belonging to the contest organizers to carry out It is sheer fiction., made out of the. But with the increase of user attention, we can find that: