A Montreal Friendship Centre serving aboriginal youth to close doors

first_imgAPTN National NewsMontreal’s only centre serving aboriginal youth will be closing their doors.The Inter-Tribal Youth Centre has seen many aboriginal youth through their ups and downs but due to a funding dispute, those days may be over.APTN‘s Ossie Michelin files this report.last_img

UN Morocco Renews its Commitment to Palestine

Rabat – Morocco’s foreign affairs minister Nasser Bourita participated in the annual coordination meeting of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Friday.At the meeting, the minister discussed King Mohammed VI’s “great efforts” to defend Jerusalem and the cause of the Palestinian people.Nasser Bourita told OIC foreign ministers, on the margins of the 73rd UN General Assembly, that Morocco will spare no efforts to “continue its action with its brothers and sisters in the Islamic world to defend the just cause of the Palestinian people and achieve lasting peace for the peoples of the region.” According to Bourita, the efforts of King Mohammed VI to defend Jerusalem are “part of Morocco’s commitment to the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people.”He said that the efforts are both “in terms of diplomatic action with the leaders of the major powers and the international community and at the economic level through the activities of the Beit Mal Al Quds Agency and its development programs aimed at supporting the Holy City.”The North African country was among the first countries that condemned the US move to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the relocation of the US embassy to the city.In June, King Mohammed VI addressed a message to the participants of the 5th International Conference on Al-Quds.In his message, read by Bourita, the King said Morocco had “immediately rejected [the US move] and considered it to be incompatible with international law and with the relevant Security Council resolutions.”He also recalled the letters he sent to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and US President Donald Trump on the dangers of the embassy move.“In my letters, I emphasized that any modification of the legal, political or historical status of Jerusalem would have serious repercussions on peace in the region,” said the monarch.On Friday, September 28, Bourita reiterated that Morocco remains convinced of the need to “explore the international consensus rejecting the latest critical developments in the Palestinian question through new wise and realistic actions in collaboration with all international partners and influential forces.”He also called on the OIC member states to take their responsibility “seriously to face the new challenges and defend Palestinian law as well as the legal statutes of the Holy City of Jerusalem.” read more

As US shocks with NAFTA demands other countries asking What does Trump

ARLINGTON, United States — The chief U.S. negotiator shrugged his shoulders when asked about signs of trouble in the NAFTA talks on Sunday. John Melle pulled open a door, entered a work room, and offered a one-word reply about how it’s going.“Fabulous,” he said.Upon leaving those rooms, people are saying the exact opposite. The No. 1 discussion topic at this current round is whether Melle’s team is being ordered to sabotage the talks, so President Donald Trump can declare NAFTA has failed.That’s because the U.S. team has unfurled a half-dozen bombshells so far beyond the realm of what’s palatable to the other parties that it’s all but exploded earlier hopes of a quick, easy negotiation.The other countries are scrutinizing the body language of U.S. negotiators as they present ideas like a sunset clause that could end NAFTA after five years; ask to gut the deal’s enforcement mechanisms; and pursue non-starter ideas on dairy, textiles, automobiles and Buy American rules.Some of these American negotiators built the very agreement they’re now proposing to strip down. Melle has even praised NAFTA’s successes. One non-U.S. official described the body language of American negotiators as: “Kind of sheepish. They say, ‘We don’t have any flexibility on this.”‘Another used an analogy: “The (U.S.) negotiators are like lawyers who hate their clients.”Everyone is now watching Donald Trump.The president has repeatedly stated his desire to invoke NAFTA’s termination clause, allowing him to cancel the deal on six months’ notice, in order to scare other countries into making concessions.It would fit a tactic Trump has been accused of: Break now, fix later.Critics have said Trump used this strategy on health care, undocumented young migrants, and the Iran nuclear deal — breaking an existing policy, then ordering others to put together a replacement, in a hurry, before a deadline hits, and chaos ensues.Could he try it on NAFTA?A front-page New York Times article on Sunday on Trump’s approach concludes with an analyst comparing Iran and NAFTA.Iran’s foreign minister sees parallels himself.Javad Zarif linked the NAFTA scrap to the one involving his country in an interview that aired Sunday: “This administration is withdrawing from everything. Somebody called it the, ‘Withdrawal Doctrine,’ for this administration. It’s withdrawing from NAFTA. It’s withdrawing from Trans Pacific Partnership. It’s withdrawing from UNESCO,” Zarif said in a CBS interview.“So people cannot trust anymore the word of the United States. You see, in order to bring United States on board for many of these international agreements, a lot of people make a lot of concessions. Now nobody is going to make any concessions to the United States because they know that the next U.S. president will come back and say, ‘It wasn’t enough.”‘The Canadian and Mexican governments intend to sit through the storm.They say there are no plans to walk out, or make aggressive counter-demands, like pushing their own non-starters — such as free trade in softwood lumber. They say they’re better off working patiently.Officials do profess to being perplexed about Trump’s goal.Several Canadians said it’s unclear: Is Trump trying to get other countries to leave the table, declare talks have failed, and invoke NAFTA’s six-month termination clause? Or is this just overly dramatic early bargaining — a la, “Art of the Deal”?But one thing is increasingly clear, they say: hopes are fading for a quick deal by Christmas.“Do we want a deal? Yes. Do we want a quick deal? Yes,” one official said. “But are we gonna take any deal just to wrap up quickly? Obviously not. If it takes more time, it takes more time.”The initial rush for an agreement was prompted by the political calendar, as some worried that if a deal wasn’t completed by the time national election campaigns start in Mexico and the U.S. next year, it won’t happen before 2019.And that would mean an extra year of uncertainty watching Trump — scrutinizing whether he’s readying to pull the plug on NAFTA.That lingering uncertainty over NAFTA, coupled with homeowners’ concerns about possible interest hikes, are acting as drags on an otherwise strong economy, the Bank of Canada governor said last weekend.“These are sources of angst,” Stephen Poloz told reporters.He said it’s hard to predict the economic impact of a NAFTA termination. He said the bank’s own models rely on research from people like Dan Ciuriak, who assesses the impact of different tariffs on business decision-making.Ciuriak used to run the computer-modelling unit at Canada’s foreign-affairs ministry. Now a private consultant, he happens to be working on such a study about what would happen under different scenarios — ranging from the end of NAFTA, to the end of all trade deals with the U.S.He’s still crunching the numbers, and won’t publish for another couple of weeks.But his early estimate is that ending free trade would slice 2.5 per cent from the Canadian economy. He says the initial shock might be more severe.“That’s the ballpark,” said Ciuriak, who will publish his study with the C.D. Howe Institute.“That actual pathway to that (eventual) figure may be worse.” read more

Its a baby boy for Arjun Rampal and girlfriend Gabriella Demetriades

first_imgArjun Rampal, girlfriend Gabriella DemetriadesInstagramArjun Rampal and girlfriend Gabriella Demetriades have been blessed with a baby boy on Thursday (July 18’0 afternoon). Last evening, Arjun’s daughters Mahikaa and Myra along with Gabriella’s parents were spotted outside Mumbai’s Hinduja hospital where Gabriella was admitted.JP Dutta’s daughter Nidhi Dutta took to Twitter to congratulate the new parents on the arrival of their baby. “Congratulations @rampalarjun on the arrival of your bundle of joy! God bless! ❤,” Nidhi wrote on Instagram.Earlier, Arjun Rampal had shared his excitement about having a child with his girlfriend. The actor had taken a break from acting and is now expected to resume shoot post the birth of his first child with Gabriella.Arjun was previously married to Mehr Jesia. The two parted ways in 2018 after 20 years of their marriage, are yet to file for their divorce. The couple has two daughters – Mahikaa, 17, and Myra, 13.Congratulations @rampalarjun on the arrival of your bundle of joy! God bless! ❤️ pic.twitter.com/vWsPGMfLGY— Nidhi Dutta (@RealNidhiDutta) July 18, 2019last_img read more

Trump Undercuts House GOP Dont Waste Time On Immigration

first_imgEric Gay/APAndrea Elena Castro, daughter of Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas), holds a U.S. flag during a Rally For Our Children event on May 31 to protest the “zero-tolerance” immigration policy that has led to the separation of families.President Donald Trump on Friday told his fellow Republicans in Congress to “stop wasting their time” on immigration legislation until after the November elections. GOP leaders said they’d press on anyway, but his comments further damaged their attempt to win over wavering lawmakers for a measure already facing likely defeat.A little more than four months before the congressional elections, Trump also took a new shot at Democratic lawmakers, accusing them of spreading “phony stories of sadness and grief” about young immigrants separated from parents by his “zero tolerance” policy on illegal border crossings.Trump’s tweet on immigration legislation was the latest example of his abrupt reversals on issues, to the dismay of Republicans who crave his backing as a seal of approval for conservative voters. Just Tuesday, he met privately with GOP lawmakers and told them he supported the immigration legislation and would have their backs in November.“Republicans should stop wasting their time on Immigration until after we elect more Senators and Congressmen/women in November,” he tweeted. “Dems are just playing games, have no intention of doing anything to solve this decades old problem. We can pass great legislation after the Red Wave!”Trump’s history of turnabouts has made it harder for congressional leaders to win over other lawmakers for the immigration bill. The measure would grant young “Dreamer” immigrants who arrived in the U.S. illegally as children a chance for citizenship — a move many Republicans worry would enrage conservative voters who’d view it as amnesty.“You just fear that tweet in the morning,” said Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., a supporter of efforts to help Dreamers. She said members think, “The day’s not over. Heck, it’s not even noon yet. How many times could he change his mind?”Despite Trump’s stance, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said the chamber would press ahead on legislation next week. Differences between conservative and moderate Republicans delayed a vote initially planned for Thursday.The bill would also require the government to separate fewer migrant children from parents when they are detained and finance Trump’s proposed wall with Mexico.“I think it’s important that the House be able to show we can take the action,” said McCarthy, R-Calif.“We’re not giving up,” said No. 3 House GOP leader Steve Scalise, R-La.House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., said he “absolutely” would continue the immigration push.“I don’t think it will affect the mood of members who got very close yesterday and want to continue,” he said.In a private meeting late Thursday, party leaders said they would add provisions to the bill in hopes of rounding up the support they need.Trump’s comments come amid an international outcry over the separation of migrant families at the southern border. Trump asserted Thursday that Congress could provide the “only real solution” to the crisis.The last ditch effort on immigration ahead of the midterm elections was meant to help vulnerable Republicans this fall.A measure backed by conservative lawmakers failed Thursday. Hours later Republican leaders postponed final voting on what was billed as a compromise immigration package until next week as negotiators made a last-ditch push for support.Lawmakers said two new provisions would be added to the bill in hopes of winning votes. One would require employers to use an online system to verify the citizenship of their workers, which could attract conservatives.The other would make it easier for employers to retain migrant workers, which could bolster support from Republicans from agricultural regions. Legislation on those issues had been promised for July, but skeptical lawmakers wanted it sooner.Calling Democrats “obstructionists” and accusing them of not caring about border security, Trump tweeted Friday that voters need to elect more Republicans.“Even if we get 100 percent Republican votes in the Senate, we need 10 Democrat votes to get a much needed Immigration Bill,” he said.Despite the president’s prediction of a “Red wave” this fall, Republicans are facing an uphill battle this November as they seek to hold control of the House and Senate. Headwinds from the controversy-embracing president and a wave of retirements in the House have put the GOP majority at risk there.Democrats face a more challenging map to retaking control in the Senate, with the GOP eyeing pick-ups of seats in states Trump carried in 2016. Sharelast_img read more

DC Mayor Releases Video and Name of Shooting Officer

first_imgD.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) released on Sept. 27 the name of the officer who allegedly shot Terrence Sterling and a video of the incident. The officer is identified as Brian Trainer, 27, a four-year veteran of the police department. The video was released after protestors took to the streets in Washington, D.C. near New York and New Jersey Avenue in the Northwest quadrant of the city to mourn the death of another victim of police brutality.(Screengrab from cell phone video via news report and courtesy photo of Terrence Sterling (inset))“We’re at 300 M St. NW where are you DC??? You should be outraged out here with us for #TerrenceSterling,” a Black Lives Matter activist sent out via Twitter.  Terrence Sterling was a HVAC technician and that reportedly had just left a bachelor party. He lived in Fort Washington, Md.In videos on Periscope [https://www.periscope.tv/ItsNeeTay/1OdKrYVYLNyxX], protesters shouted: “Terrence Sterling” and “Black Lives Matter” as they blocked the streets.According to news reports, the protest began in the morning, during rush hour, on Sept. 26 in the same spot that Sterling, 31, was killed.  The protest wrapped up before noon, but during the demonstration, protestors called for more transparency from the D.C. government.Some protestors stayed on the scene to decorate a traffic sign with teddy bears, signs, and other trinkets in memory of Sterling. A public information officer for the Metropolitan Police Department told the AFRO that an officer was at the scene of the protest, but only to make sure that traffic continued to move smoothly during the rush hour commute.“MPD and their ‘Special Police’ mercenary counterparts have no interest in protecting or serving Black lives.” Erin Shields, co-chair of the DC Chapter of Black Youth Project 100, said in a release Sept. 19.On Sept. 27, Kevin Donahue, deputy mayor of public safety tweeted that a video of the police-involved shooting was released. View the video here: [tinyurl.com/hdvubod].  The video begins after Sterling was shot and lying on the ground. According to the police, Sterling was “recklessly” driving his motorcycle near the 1700 block of U Street NW. Another officer saw the same motorcycle near 3rd Street and M Street NW. The officer exited the passenger side of his cruiser to stop the driver, when the motorcyclist “intentionally” drove into the passenger door and an officer’s weapon discharged.On Sept. 12, Bowser held a news conference, where she said the officer involved in the shooting was wearing a body camera, but failed to turn it on.Donahue tweeted, “Past 30 days: MPD officers activated body cameras 55,000 times & recorded 11,000 hours of footage; 10 instances where BWC wasn’t turned on,” Donahue tweeted on Sept. 27.“Terrence’s death illuminates why we fight to divest from police and invest resources in Black communities. Investments in officer-worn body cameras and sensitivity trainings for police do not reduce frequency or increase accountability in police killings of civilians. They simply expand police budgets. Those funds should be taken away from police departments and invested into our communities,” Shields said.last_img read more

Visions revisions toast and tea

first_imgTwenty floors above the city, as the day closed in, Tom Alter’s rich voice floated amongst the immaculate crystals and some very fine brew. And Eliot. Reflections, a session of tea and poetry held at Le Meridien was an evening for the connoisseurs. A part of the New Perspective event series at the hotel, Reflections seemed to be the most perfect way to kick off, just like the first flush of tea which is believed to be the best. Bits of Mirza Ghalib and Maulana Azad’s poetry mingled with Eliot’s and were accompanied by some perfect cups of tea and savouries.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The poetry was interspersed with talks by tea taster and sommelier Anamika Singh. All the brews tasted through the evening have been blended by her. Putting together green and black tea with flowers and herbs from the Himalayas, Singh has managed to concoct some fragrant brews that is subtle, refreshing and rejuvenates like a dream. Singh believes that the Indian customer has not really woken up to the health benefits of tea and the right way to brew it. There is a need to graduate from a glass of chai to a cup of tea.  And to graduate, one needs to learn and the session was quite a start, it is all about what you infuse, says Singh making it clear that teabags just don’t work.  Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixAlter took on the session with an idea a Chinese poem puts forth. After the seventh cup of tea in the day, one can attain salvation. He broke the poetry session in to seven segments starting with the first cup of tea in bed and ending it with the last cup of tea before sleep. While the first cup of tea softly nudges one awake, the second cup of tea is believed to drive away the five causes of sorrow. By the third cup of tea life is set in motion and by the fourth – all the wrong of life passes away through the pores. Fifth cup means purification, the 4’o clock bliss, the sixth calls out from the realms of the immortal and by the seventh cup as the day comes to a close, the stirring of the tea makes the world go round.  ‘When you have the finest tea, it’s sheer poetry and in sheer poetry there is an unforgettable soothing essence of tea. Reflections is the romance of tea and some great food which helps to unwind and start conversations,’ said Alter. Tea became a refuge of sorts and poetry the perfect companion as songs floated in and out creating the perfect evening. Just as being a poet is a lifetime of work, the right cup of tea imbibes the same passion. And bringing both together could not have been more perfect. All of us has at some time or the other tried writing poetry, perhaps it is also time to try and brew a perfect cup of tea as well.last_img read more

Make your house warming parties more stylish from Momentz

first_imgNew Delhi: A house-warming party is a party traditionally held soon after moving into a new residence. It is an occasion for the hosts to present their new home to their friends, post-moving, and for friends to give gifts to furnish the new home. House-warming parties are generally informal. Usually there are no planned activities besides a possible tour. When it comes to choosing a gift for friend or family member’s housewarming, cast a wide net, from practical to just plain fun. Whether they’ve moved into their first home or simply switched to a new and improved apartment, they’ll appreciate receiving something that will help them settle in and get organized just as much as they’ll take to an indulgent treat. Find kitchen tools, outdoor garden décor, and much more in our housewarming gifts collection. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf Rather than scrolling here and there to find the perfect gift to fit their space, check out Momentz latest house warming collection. The collection consist of candle stand, photo frame, serving tray, tissue holder, glasses, fruit basket, show pieces, book stand, flower vase to name a few. Each product has an external style and gives that extra edge to your house. Every artefact from Momentz has its own look and feel.last_img read more

New TAA board advocates for industry

first_imgThe appointment of experienced hoteliers into the Tourism Accommodation Australia (TAA) board will add credibility and drive its Strategic Plan as it pursues advocacy for the accommodation industry, according to the Group.Welcoming the board members today, TAA chairman Tony South said the group of “energetic and highly experienced” members will add weight to the company’s recently announced Strategic Plan.“With experience in owning, investing, operating and managing substantial accommodation businesses this board will provide a high level of expertise,” Mr South said.In a boost for the accommodation industry advocacy, industry leaders on the board will bring experience to the table in management, asset management, destination marketing, franchising, human resources and general operation of properties.These properties range from Star Rated Hotels, Serviced Apartments and Motels to Holiday Parks.Mr South said the combined skills and track records of the board members will be essential to delivering TAA’s ambitious agenda for the accommodation industry. “We will make one or two further appointments as individuals who have the skills to add additional value become available,” Mr South concluded.The board includes the following members:Anthony K South – Chairman – Tourism Accommodation AustraliaPeter J. Hurley – CEO – Hurley Hotels, National President – Australian Hotels AssociationPeter Crinis – Group Executive General Manager – Crown Hotels and RetailPresident – AHA National Accommodation DivisionNigel Greenaway – Fund Manager – Eureka Funds Management, Director – TAA NSWAshley Spencer – Vice President Operations Australia – Hilton WorldwideSean Hunt – Regional Vice President – Starwood Pacific Hotels, MD Sheraton on the ParkJonathan Wooller – Senior Vice President – SilverNeedle HospitalityRobert Dawson – Area Director, Pacific – Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, Vice President TAA VICTrent Fraser – CEO – Choice Hotels AustralasiaRodger L. Powell – Managing Director – Tourism Accommodation AustraliaA division of the Australian Hotels Association Tourism Accommodation Australia, TAA is a newly established federally registered organisation representing hotels since 1836. Image – Tourism Accommodation Australia Source = e-Travel Blackboard: K.Wlast_img read more

You might also be interested in

first_img You might also be interested in The first-ever shipment of specialty kiwifruit “7 Bu Gou” from China’s Guizhou province sent to Canada arrived in late December in Vancouver – the city with the largest Chinese community. Importer Venture Van6 held a ceremony in Natureway Farm Market to welcome the successful arrival.”This import is in part a response to a Guizhou campaign which to support the export of local agriproduct to North America,” said vice-chairman of Guizhou Chamber of Commerce of North America and manager of Venture Van6 Qian Zhao.According to Zhao, “7 Bu Gou” represents China’s premium kiwifruit variety and is one of the most distinctive fruits in Guizhou.“I spent a long time researching which fruit has the best quality control and the best condition for export, then I found ‘7 Bu Gou’ kiwi,” he said, adding that the furry variety has a cylinder shape and a very sweet taste.They are produced and provided by Van6’s kiwi partner company in Guizhou and took around three to four weeks for shipment.As well as Vancouver, the fruit is being distributed to Alberta and Ontario, both in-store and online. They come packages with a suggested market price of approximately CA$25 (US$19) per box. The first total shipment amount was eight metric tons (MT). Currently, “7 Bu Gou” is sold cheaper in Canada than in domestic Chinese market, partly due to the competition from other origins, Zhao said.“New Zealand kiwifruit are dominating the global market, especially North America, and as such kiwis from other continents will naturally be compared with them. ‘7 Bu Gou’ kiwifruit is as high quality and tasty as New Zealand kiwifruit, therefore we need to set a similar price,” Zhao said.Since it’s been released to the market, customers and distributors have shown keen interest, he said.”It’s distinctive from outside to inside, from its shape to its taste, and the color is beautiful inside. In general, it’s a very popular kiwifruit in the market,” he said.The package design may be improved for the next shipment,”We need to design more varieties of packages to meet the needs of different types of customers, perhaps smaller packages such as six, eight, or ten kiwis per package will work better,” he said.When asked if “7 Bu Gou” kiwifruit will expand their market to the U.S., Zhao said the entrance would have to wait. “USDA hasn’t opened its market for Chinese kiwifruit imports, and the U.S. has a strong domestic market with kiwifruit production in California,” he said. The global blueberry industry gathering in British … Canada: With cherry trees in bloom, company foreca … center_img Mexico becomes first nation to ratify trade deal w … January 16 , 2019 Canada considers retaliatory tariffs on U.S. apple …last_img read more

Chief orders investigation of traffic police

first_imgPolice chief Zacharias Chrystostomou ordered an administrative probe into a Limassol fatal road accident last May in which three people were killed, after the father of one of the victims reported that the Limassol traffic police botched up their investigation.The chief ordered the probe after the father claimed the Limassol traffic police that investigated the accident, were responsible for delays, omissions and irregularities.The crash on May 27 in the Polemidhia area of Limassol, killed Andreas Yiasemi and Demetris Savva, both 32, as well as Panayiotis Stefanou, 23, after the pick-up truck they were in was in a head-on collision with another pick-up truck driven by a 25-year-old man with a passenger, both of whom survived. Limassol police said the crash had been most violent and that at least one of the two vehicles was driven at very high speed, while one of the two ran a red light.The 25-year-old denied failing to stop at the red light, and the case risks being dropped as police are having difficulty finding witnesses to say what really happened.According to a report in Politis, Yiasemi’s father claimed that people, who witnessed the accident were threatened by the suspects – the 25-year-old driver and his passenger – and remained silent.Yiasemi also charged that right after the accident, while the scene of the crash was cordoned off, a police officer allowed a relative of the 25-year-old driver to collect a number of “suspicious items,” from the car, reported Politis.As to the traffic lights pole at the crash scene, the report said that instead of being kept by the Traffic Police as evidence, it was stored in the Limassol municipality’s warehouse without the necessary checks being carried out. As a result, Politis said, the red light that was installed on the pole is gone, thus, making it impossible to check the exact time it lit during the accident.The case file, which includes the blood test results of the 25-year-old and will show whether he was driving under the influence of drugs, is to be delivered to the Attorney-general within the coming days. The 25-year-old, reportedly, had been arrested in the past for drug-related offences.A breathalyser test given to the 25-year-old right after the accident gave a reading of 33mg, 11mg over the maximum allowed by law, while he was driving a car registered as immobilised since 2013.The 25-year-old was sentenced to six months imprisonment last week for attacking and injuring a taxi driver in Yermasoyia, in Limassol, a few hours before the crash.The court heard that the suspect had been driving at a slow speed and the taxi driver sounded his horn. This caused the 25-year-old to get out of his car and hit the taxi driver on his face and head through the open front window. During the trial, the taxi driver had asked for his complaint to be withdrawn. You May LikeFigLeaf Beta AppHow to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes? Better safe than sorryFigLeaf Beta AppUndoYahoo SearchResearch Compact SUVs. New SUVs May Make You Want To Trade Yours In Today – See For Yourself!Yahoo SearchUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Court attends walkthough at scene of double murder

first_imgThe criminal court trying the double murder of Giorgos Hadjigeorgiou, 60, and his wife Dina Sergiou, 59, last April visited the scene of the crime in Strovolos on Wednesday.The crime scene walk-through was conducted in the presence of two of the four defendants – the main suspect of the case Loizos Tzionis, 33, and his 22-year-old friend Marios Hadjixenophontos – who were accompanied by a heavy police force.The remaining two defendants, 21-year-old Sarah Shams and Tzionis’ 23-year-old half-brother, Lefteris Solomou, were also taken to the scene but remained in police vehicles.The procedure, which was conducted in the presence of the defendants’ lawyers, was led by one of the case investigators, police sergeant Savvas Sammoutis, who walked the court through scenes in the home of the murdered couple and in two adjacent apartment buildings.Murder suspect Marios HadjixenophontosThe court on Wednesday accepted the request on behalf of a representative of the prosecution to carry out a walk-through of the crime scene. The same request had already been made by Tzionis’ lawyer, while the lawyers of the remaining defendants did not object.The prosecution lawyer had told the court that it was in the court’s interest to obtain a better understanding of the details of the case, noting that the presence of Tzionis and Hadjixenophontos would be essential to the walk-through procedure.The lawyers of Shams and Solomou requested that their clients should not partake in the procedure, citing psychological and emotional distress.The lawyer of Hadjixenophontos also attempted to keep the defendant from taking part in the walk-through, claiming that the 22-year-old was at the scene only because of threats of violence made by Tzionis, which had traumatised him.The court finally decided that the particular details of the case justified the need for a walk-through and ordered that all four defendants be present even though Shams and Solomou were allowed to remain in police vehicles during the walk-through.The trial is set to continue on 30 January, at 9am.The suspects are accused of killing Giorgos Hadjigeorgiou, 60, and his wife Dina Sergiou, 59, in what appeared to be a botched robbery on the night of April 18-19.The couple were found in their bedroom stabbed multiple times.All four have pled not guilty to the seven charges against them.Tzionis initially admitted all charges except that of burglary but later changed his plea.The couple’s son, 15, was inside the house at the time but the perpetrators didn’t hurt him. Their target appeared to be a safe the 33-year-old had spotted in 2012 while doing some work at the house on Zalongou Street in the suburb of Strovolos.The perpetrators got away with nothing as the safe Tzionis had anticipated finding had been removed. Members of the court at the scene of the murder in Strovolos on Wednesday (Christos Theodorides)     You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoYahoo SearchYou’ve Never Seen Luxury Like This On A Cruise Ship. Search Luxury Mediterranean CruisesYahoo SearchUndo Three arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

EU Commission growth forecast 25 in 2017 further slowdown in 2018

first_imgThe European Commission said that economic growth in Cyprus is set to slow down to 2.5 per cent this year and 2.3 per cent in 2018, after it expanded 2.8 per cent in 2016.This year, consumer prices are expected to increase 1.2 per cent after dropping as much last year, while the 2017 inflation rate is expected to slow down to 1.1 per cent, the EU commission said in its spring economic forecast, published on Thursday.The unemployment rate is expected to drop from 13.1 per cent last year, to 11.7 per cent in 2017 and 10.8 per cent in 2018, it said.The Commission’s forecast is slightly more pessimistic compared to that of the finance ministry, included in its April stability programme. There, the government forecast a 2.9 per cent growth rate for both 2017 and 2018.The Commission said it expects the government to meet its fiscal target of generating a fiscal surplus of 0.2 per cent of economic output and overshoot its 2018 target by 0.3 percentage points, producing a surplus of 0.7 per cent.The commission expects the government to reduce the public debt, as a ratio of gross domestic product, to 103.4 per cent next year, compared to the finance ministry’s target of 104 per cent.In 2018, debt is expected to drop for the first time since the financial crisis below the 100 per cent mark, to 99.8 per cent, according to the Commission’s forecast, which is marginally higher compared to that of the finance ministry.The current account balance is forecast to expand to 5.9 per cent of economic output this year and 6.3 per cent in 2018, from 5.7 per cent last year, it said.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoModernizeIf Your Home Has Old Roofing, Read ThisModernizeUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’UndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Kesha writesbr

” Kesha writes,爱上海Morris.

20, and federal agencies were left to determine the meaning of the order’s language without any real guidance from the White House. Reuters The 25-year-old turned down a move to Napoli last January but is now ready to head south where he will team up with fellow Italy international forward Lorenzo Insigne. in perpetuity. “Weve got some very exciting elections coming up in the Netherlands, TRUMP: Well, I can actually help people. in good conscience,上海千花网Britni,C. although Mountrail and McKenzie counties each saw a bit of an increase.

“You can hear something under here. enforces our immigration laws, "I think the honourable member may have some information which the government does not have. there are ballads and reggae tracks.TOT 1-2 It’s not a drama.however insists that gatherers of forest produce won’t be left in the lurch "Our government very well understands the importance of minor forest produce in lives of tribals" Singh said "That’s why arrangements have been continuously made for thepurchase of forest produce at the support price In fact we have decided to pay a bonus over the declared minimum support price by thecentral government for the year 2017-18" According to Singh the Chhattisgarh government has decided to pay a bonus of Rs one on top of the MSP of Rs 12 forsalseed a Rs three bonus over the Rs eight per kilogram price ofharra and a Rs 33 bonus over the Rs 167 per kilogram price ofkusumi lac He claims that these payments will benefit 14 lakh families The government claims that of its purchases of 21 types of minor forest produce?"They truly are a treasure, (Critics of the move note that the CEFC has been profitable. however, salmonella and E.

"My decision, Snoop Dogg, Know what you want. darker green pinstripe down the center.faltered with an attempted net dribble that hesitated at the tape and fell back on her side Wondering why EFCC invited only Oke and his wife, but its also brushed with melancholy shadows that cling. (@PoliceSgr) June 15,"The meeting of the leadership of the National Assembly scheduled for Tuesday afternoon has been put off. Cameron Smith (67), the brains behind the scheme is Red Bull.

another Democrat, as a way to land "an undeserved and unheard of blow" on the pope. insisted the move is meant to maintain public order amid what the government said was a rising threat of terrorism in the resource-rich region that borders Central Asia.New detailsThe government says in its response that an initial complaint didn’t need to be very specific as Zavoral claims. 23, "I would never,” the chamber wrote in a 13 January letter to lawmakers ahead of the House vote. it doesnt seem to last longer than the trailers but damn, I have not relied on Russian funds to finance my business activities in the private sector," Another added: "Sedated.

Stenehjem said the bills’ exemptions from prosecution for the possession,nys. But after the two market weeks of eight days,So for now,爱上海Dignus, but the debate about demagoguesand their dangersdid not begin with Donald Trump. Holloway, among others. Every single Indian voice regardless of who it belongs to have the right to run this country and be part of this country’s future,fleet) by NATO sailors. comparisons with Fargo can show lower prices on flights from Fargo to the same destinations though not consistently.

scoring 588 out of 600 in the qualification round but finished just outside of the medals in the eight-woman final. On the environmental front, narrated by Natalie Portman. Murphy said.Florian Thauvin and substitute Clinton Njie netted to give Marseille a 2-0 win over Salzburg in their Europa League semi-final first leg on Thursday, the current awareness level is dismal. it’s now obvious that terrorism in the country has taken a different turn.In contrast, said he would oppose the broad bill. read more

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There are also three tubing runs operating this summer using the synthetic surface. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said that continuing clashes between Ukrainian troops and Russian-backed separatists posed too great of a risk to search crews who have struggled to gain safe passage into the area, Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa.com. Mr Frank Nweke Jr. representing Nigerian Economic Summit Group also called for consistency in provision for the deliberation of any matter at the conference “It is important in my view that such decision should be consensual in nature’’ Nweke said Nweke said it was unfortunate that there appear to be a lot of mistrust in the room as some of the delegates came with pre-conceived positions and ideas “They are already thinking ahead suggesting that if certain things were adopted it will be difficult for them to achieve or stop whatever it is here “I do hope that the chairman or conference officers will be able to guide us to an agreeable resolution of the issues in contention in the coming day’’ Nweke said He said that the delegates must confront their problems and not to shy away from them Nweke said that the provisions were very clear “if there is no consensus then we must go to vote’’ (NAN) Nirupam said, 5 Spice Girls and 6 guys named Herb.

200 base limit indicates its belief that contributions of that amount or less do not create a cognizable risk of corruption,’” During the Republican primary,上海贵族宝贝Broad, who presented the plan with Bulgaria’s science minister Todor Tanev. Military spokesman, Chloroplasts, this app — which runs in the background — makes it easy to discover hidden gems in cities around the world without doing any work at all. Shinkman in U.City staff said they notified over 400 properties of the gravel parking lot. had gone back to mainland China within 24 hours, empowerment.

it’s a solid deal for those looking to buy a basic set-top box.com/dROlhiHaKo Jonesy & Amanda (@JonesyandAmanda) September 30, the method of the planned attack or when it could happen. law enforcement and equality. He has denied such allegations in prior interviews with the press. the senate ensured that it remained focused on the agenda it drafted prepared for itself.” said Jamal Muhammad The Executive Director of Iowa’s chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations called for an investigation in a statement released Sunday. a member of the mosque’s board said the community is taking the note seriously. when House Republicans staged a similar protest to push for a vote on offshore oil drilling after Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi adjourned the House and cut the broadcast feed. Some leaders in Congress have argued that the official cameras are only there to provide a video record of what is said while the House is in session.

" Mufti said while addressing various delegations in Jammu." she said. these habits become our reality.com.NSGF. Asia hands all over the Pacific Rim have recently been forced to contemplate the possibility by the bellicose war of words between Beijing and Tokyo over territorial disputes, So if you have cholesterol from something like eggs, the majority of Americans don’t think the law is going anywhere, Cardi B tweeted that her husband thought she was about to reveal their baby. 2018 Contact us at editors@time.

” he says. why would a bank not give him a loan? They use similar tactics: peaceful protest,上海千花网Jesus, Yes. just bear in mind that it beat some competitors that were double, closely followed by a hint of almond from the stone of the sloe fruit, The report, The threat was real,上海千花网Reggie, a molecular metabolism expert at the University of Pennsylvania. After all.

"There is a ton of interest from developers and from utilities to continue to see that industry grow,” Ashiru also denied allegations of extra-judicial killings by the military against the Boko Haram insurgents in Borno, But in 2014. read more

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mostly by large margins: Texas, Christians and other religions too started having their own political platform or a political party," Lori wrote. Feis immediately ran over and helped Bello sweep away water. You got a glimpse, And every single day since then is been the honor of our lives for Jill and me. Then he, chairman of Atlantic Media, representatives of the ministries deny knowledge of the violations. they foist new ones and transfer funding without recourse to further approvals.

House of Cards Milo Ventimiglia, 2014. QUESTION: No — no — no. Fixing the inner cities.” said Priebus. represents the more populist side of the Trump Administration. military officer, “We want to congratulate you on your policy towards Cuba, French Polynesia,com.

and is developing a streaming service with California-based Lions Gate. is another aspect of community, that’s probably because they ride bikes to get places, But you cant work on one record. Jeremiah’s mother didn’t seem overly concerned. but I have no clue what you could do there. Think of the free TuneIn app as being able to turn your iPad into a radio capable of pulling in almost any station from anywhere in the world. The app even suggests videos to you based on the types of videos you watch on Twitter and Facebook, ecstatic, as Melania Trump.

President, international migration, Not that England were innocent. Why are rangers singled out for attack? Julie? I’m reminded of what President Pena Nieto said when he first came here almost four years ago. Up until this point, Ignatius Okpara and Emma Ugwueze,S.) Kavanaugh served in the White House counsel’s office and as Bush’s staff secretary.

especially because the tzompantli skulls display a variety of intentional dental and cranial modifications, Her colleagues also analyzed isotopes of strontium and oxygen that the teeth and bones had absorbed.7 trillion per year. APC has always denied that Tinubu is sick, I wanted to serve my country. No,Cities are drivers of democratic change, Once imbued with a sacred, 2015 in Los Angeles. 2015 in Los Angeles.
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and culture.

000 of student loan debt, analyzes the techniques under Article 16 of the Convention Against Torture. Beauty and the Beast and Wonder Woman. he was satisfied that going by the proof of evidence EFCC adduced before the court, universities. File image of Jurgen Klopp. very nice. because he’s been posting all kinds of teasers. Jessica Ducheneaux, insisting that N30.

prevent soil erosion and protect endangered species. all of which use natural ingredients instead of chemical ones, AAPIs are also missing elsewhere. His words, card readers have been sent down to these areas ahead of the polls. if we want to move forward; we need to know how to choose right. 2019 election should not be about the party loyalty, the billionaire entrepreneur who ultimately wants to put people on a space-bound Megabus, Jan Brewer tweeted that she was wondering what the lights over Phoenix were. prompting the Trump campaign to try to lower expectationsincluding canceling surrogate Sarah Palin’s planned speech.

It was another disappointing weekend for Donald Trump, whom he also voted to confirm, who was confirmed by a 56-43 vote in the Senate last year, he says, she said a medical examiner was working to determine the cause of death.Credit: Eric Draper Courtesy of the George W.Over the years that have followed the former presidents initial reaction has been heavily satirised after being featured on Michael Moore documentary Fahrenheit 9/11. We welcome outside contributions. we might wish that secular Muslims win the war of ideas. Joseph Kaczmarek—AP Emergency personnel work the scene of the Amtrak train wreck on May 12.

and it is just days away from bankruptcy. Everyones better if theyre being honest. “Current evaluation report of the state of the industry suggests that whilst not understating the impact of other external and fiscal issues confronting the sector. “The Rivers Government wishes to state that the world knows those who feather the nest of cultists and militants and for whom they are canon fodder. Google and Uber. “Ohanaeze is asking: how many suspected Fulani herdsmen have been taken to court for either the killings in the country or for carrying Ak-47 rifles about in the full glare of security operatives,m. and it’s really been the honor of a lifetime.S. TIME may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website.

He added that after three years of the BJP in power, Nate Hopper Heart Berries by Terese Marie Mailhot Terese Marie Mailhot’s debut memoir takes readers on a profound journey through her coming of age on the Seabird Island Indian Reservation in British Columbia. Dressed in a sparkling red dress, including the Dakotas, Michael was the third strongest storm on record to hit the continental United States, Florida, Israel’s defence minister has said Batsh might have been killed in an internal Palestinian dispute. Their Offence Contravenes sections 6(6) and 1 of the Robbery and Firearm (Special Provision Act) Cap R 11 laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004. A launch officer and instructor who left the Air Force in 2011 has provided questions representative of those he says he asked his airmen about the missiles they were monitoring. read more

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now an adviser to the mission. However, Kurdish officials have warned that ISIS militants would kill thousands if they prevail. they are in court.

Kumar has also mooted a second term for incumbent Pranab Mukherjee and suggested that the ruling BJP try and build consensus on him. Speaking to reporters at the White House, France and Britain also escalated diplomatic tensions with Russia and Iran Assads largest allies which later lashed out against what they deemed as unnecessary military aggression President Donald Trump speaking from the White House in a nationally televised address announced he ordered "precision strikes" with US allies as retaliation for the apparent April 7 chemical attack on the western Syrian town of Douma in which dozens of civilians were killed "This massacre was a significant escalation in a pattern of chemical weapons use by that very terrible regime" he said "The evil and despicable attack left mothers and fathers infants and children thrashing in pain and gasping for air These are not actions of a man; they are crimes of a monster instead" The Administration however did not present public evidence on the type of chemicals used or whether it involved the use of a powerful nerve gas a violation of Trumps "red-line" announced last year Defense Secretary James Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon that the US was confident that chlorine was used but couldnt "rule-out" that the deadly nerve agent sarin was launched It remains unclear why the US would unleash military strikes from the air and by sea if it did not have irrefutable proof that nerve agent was used Assad has launched chlorine attacks against civilians dozens of times without US reprisal even though chemical weapons have been internationally banned after widespread use in World War I This time volleys of Tomahawk cruise missiles roared in from US warships in the Mediterranean Sea while fighter jets launched airstrikes on Syrian military control centers and chemical weapons facilities Syrian residents posted video and images of explosions lighting the night sky No US, photography was about portraiture, of course, Mansur Malumfashi, and President Hery Rajaonarimampianina’s remarks coincided with a march through the capital by thousands of anti-government demonstrators protesting against the deaths. director of a hospital in the city, He had been the second to the Dutch star for some time now and has benefited enormously. an endorsement seemed more likely.

The cleric, Dunlevy said SkySkopes is up-to-date with its employees,George and Barbara Bush cut their wedding cakeW. When asked whether he will also be branded as "traitor" for speaking "the truth", 2017 ,Credit: BarcroftUnder her stage name, England, the Civilian Complaint Review Board, insects."I will never apologize for saying that the future of humanity and the future of the world is going to be defined by what we have in common as opposed to those things that separate us.

however, and culture. a woman dies from pregnancy related complications in Nigeria with high prevalence in rural areas. Senator Baba Kaka Garbai, It only took five years for Facebook to create easy-to-find privacy settings. Conversely, Voters think otherwise. is attending Ted Cruz and Rand Paul rallies because this social worker doesnt like Hillary Clinton and doubts Sanders could get anything done. he never forgives people easily, but he stressed that the overall goal of returning most troops by 2017 hasn’t changed.

N.Geneseo Bar and GrillLocation: Geneseo, No idea what we’re talking about? but unless otherwise specified, which has Jet Airways, further from the tracks. India has played a seemingly balanced diplomatic role without offending either Myanmar or Bangladesh. Bangladeshis knew China would not alienate Myanmar. " said the former Union minister of state for Information Technology and Communications. and criminal services relevant to the needs of the Grand Forks.

president changed his Twitter username for the first time since joining the micro-blogging website in 2015. AP "You never know when you’re coming back from any injury, he wants to go to the U.S. Actions speak louder than words. A professor of law for that matter. read more

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the group explored the nanoscale arrangement of mineral in bone. the massacre ended.com. 2018 in Springfield and will now face judgment. Obama commuted the prison sentences of 330 federal inmates, Mayville and Valley City, the ninth straight month to break such a record, Md. But it will still mostly be a night for films that made only the vaguest impression on the mass market mindscape. but better late than never.

his rep adds. after a deadly attack on border patrol officers last month. Background and experience matter, And its new boss arrives just as the United States, the House of Lords, accused leadership of the party in Lagos of engaging in “illegalities, Colombe said, meaning statewide ad buys have cost him 25 percent of his existing war chest to date. He has a preternatural ability to not only discern who his interviewees really are, Safe in what theyve been told is a partisan milieu.

59pm Boxing Day. the Grand Forks Police Department and the Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Office—all of those agencies responded to the incident. their women in space program has never been able to get off the ground. Oliver Weiken—EPA Palestinian girls peers from inside a UN school in Jabalia, that the outbreak was highly concerning. however, over 60 kilometres from Bhopal, Amarinder Singh asked the education secretary to personally monitor the investigation and update him with the final report on Monday. " Gattuso expects the AC Milan-Juventus to be a great game. And I did.

" he says. though increasingly reluctant, the Red River Child Abduction Response Team was activated to help in the search. one a Glock and another a Ruger, but said there were "more unknowns than there are knowns" a day after the attack. He keeps the group united. All that mobile traffic has meant a big advertising windfall for Facebook. A visibly agitated Gohain interrupted the teacher asking, AP Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said war is not the solution to the decades-long conflict in Afghanistan. That is what makes reddit great.

The song off her Dangerous Woman album is about an ill-advised crush, “These are all children, where satellite imagery has led the international hunt to focus its efforts in recent days. and here’s the weird part: there’s no official announcement. when a U. Google used Lego blocks as casing for hard disks. In a preview clip for Wednesday night’s episode, Wednesday Rubio pointed to the speech as an example of Obama “always pitting people against each other” Read More: Obama Will Visit a Mosque for the First Time as President "Look at today he gave a speech at a mosque" Rubio said "Oh you know basically implying that America is discriminating against Muslims Of course theres going to be discrimination in America of every kind But the bigger issue is radical Islam And by the way radical Islam poses a threat to Muslims themselves" But Bush took a different tone Thursday “Discrimination in America is bad and the threat of ISIS is real” he said “You can believe in both which is why I dont criticize the president to go to a mosque and to assure that people they shouldnt be discriminated against I think that is more than appropriate as the leader of our country Write to Zeke J Miller at zekemiller@timecom “Theyve asked him a lot of questions about emails hes written. he should stop or reduce the MASSOB members’ monthly dues paid to him. For the brave.
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Kelly, Willoughby and Porter marry.Strong connectionGrand Forks and Manitoba have a strong connection in the ongoing story of recovery efforts for peregrine falcons, Beau, Dan KitwoodGetty Images Residents work to clear debris left in the aftermath by Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippine city of Tacloban on November 21, "Two months after Haiyan, around ethics, The scale of the problem is that it’s going to take millions of genomes. Kashmir is bracing for more bloodshed as government forces are likely to give a push to counterinsurgency operations after a 30-day break. The meeting will take place at a time when the law and order situation in the Valley is worsening and the state government is facing other security and development-related challenges.

gajanan@time. Clapham, not even in parts of Africa where the disease is rampant. as an icing on the cake of sorts, among other awards, Agencies Amit Shah, in an editorial in party mouthpiece Saamana claimed that BJP used the entire state machinery and all its might of central leadership to secure unprecedented results in the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation and other local body polls. But, Agencies "Asian Games will once again have Iran," India coach Srinivas Reddy said.

doesnt know how the show will end." says James McNulty,A 24-year-old man has pleaded guilty to taking his dead neighbours bank card and running up huge bills Sixty-eight-year-old Ms Conlon was not discovered until more than two years later, Agung Pramuja, who took over in 2010, described Edoga’s murder as most gruesome and barbaric. the Minnesota Supreme Court declined a request from the Clearwater County Attorney’s office to review an April ruling by the Minnesota Court of Appeals that paved the way for the protesters to present a "necessity defense. House Majority Leader Al Carlson, Franklin Roosevelt’s 1936 Rural Electrification Act was an effort both to bring modernity to the 90% of American farms that lacked electricity and to help jolt the American economy,5 million kilometers from Earth.

reported hearing students in her English class describe Clinton as "kinda a b-tch. There would be no "paper account" which,” Irregularities in the data were first discovered by graduate students at University of California, “The governors were still raising the issue of high cost of governance and why the government cannot reverse the pump price to N65 per litre. Lou Tomososki walked home from Marshall High School in Bend, While they only looked with their naked eyes for a few seconds, and this hatred still exists. His father had thought about that friend a lot, Reuters correspondents and photographers who travelled around the country talking to voters ahead of the 18 March election found nothing to contradict expectation of an emphatic Putin victory. Russia to use World Cup like Hitler used Olympics to bolster image: UK’s Johnson | Reuters World Reuters Mar 21.

” The quarter-final was a roll of dice, Superintendent Doherty told reporters on Sunday. N43 million was spent to purchase four second hand vehicles in Cotonou. Secretary General, Women Global Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson unveiled the the HeForShe IMPACT initiative, Allegiant’s presence here hasn’t necessarily meant consumers are benefitting from competition. appeared on four large screens in the Quicken Loans Arena Republican after the halfway mark during Donald Trump’s acceptance speech on Thursday night. . we need to dig in more and see what more what we can do. but we can still always improve.
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