A5 webmaster network twenty-fifth phase SEO combat training to accept registration

webmaster webmaster friends in the industry training and support, has been successfully held 24, stationmaster net twenty-fifth SEO training content compared to the previous contents of more detailed content through the web site optimization techniques from the shallower to the deeper, with case analysis, suitable for all kinds of web learning. A5 training is the training channel stationmaster net’s, mainly for the majority of owners to provide SEO training and other network marketing training and website operation training, training a total of more than 400 SEO students, by students from the 25 SEO training class enrollment is hot. read more

Music to play social Listen beta and enable Shuangpin domain name

domain name news: Recently, Larry domain niting.com enabled website, named "listen", the website is currently in beta stage, and the slogan "good music and good friends" slogan. Love can be found online normal access to the input of the domain name, from the front page of the site layout, social networking platform for the future flagship music field.

According to the

Whois inquiry found that niting.com was registered in 2009, the domain name information had a change in August last year, but the name is only paid to October 26, 2012, expiration time seem suspended. Because the index information that the domain name has been deleted in a few times, 2009 when niting.com was removed again because of expired domain name investors registered. read more

Daily topic the annual growth rate of over 30% cross-border electricity supplier cross-border electr

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) November 21st news, in the first World Internet Conference, cross-border e-commerce and global economic integration has become a hot topic of discussion. How do we have to think about the development of cross-border electricity supplier


excessive competition in the domestic market situation, the electricity supplier industry to cross the door, affecting the world’s first year of globalization. 2014 is the first year of Chinese and foreign companies have to develop cross-border e-commerce business cohesion, competition from the industry point of view, there has not been a single large occupation of overseas market monopoly pattern, cross-border electricity supplier in the field is still in the initial period of integration. read more

Daily topic Wanda wants to enter online travel 3 billion 580 million yuan strategic investment in th

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network July 3rd news, the same way today announced the acquisition of more than 6 billion yuan of investment, including Wanda invested 3 billion 580 million yuan investment led, Tencent win fund industry, CITIC Capital and many other institutions for the senate.

with the journey was founded in 2004, in 2014 about 30 million passengers, an increase of 100%. Wanda cultural group after the investment will be the same as the way to carry out a comprehensive strategic cooperation in tourism, Wanda tourism industry will be the same way to travel, get through online channels to obtain customers. With the way tourism will be the destination resources, expanding the volume of trade. read more

Baidu union suspended business owners can choose to push the theme of three modes

February 8th news, Baidu today officially opened web promotion theme suspended business. It is reported that the theme of the suspension of the form of advertising, with its increased website revenue, concerned about the site experience, showing the form of flexible and other features, will open a revenue channel for the majority of webmasters.

it is understood that the network alliance to promote cooperation theme suspension has a sidebar, windows and buttons three forms, providing a variety of custom page on functional position setting and position setting about, so that owners can choose according to their demand to the theme on the page to show the location of the suspension, to show the effect of the best. read more

Hungry VS. weight beauty group puzzle takeaway rush 2015



Lanna evening

when Wang Xing founded the campus network in Colleges and universities of the territory Shirupozhu, Chen Yizhou and his 5Q network launched "a registered account can receive a free on campus cafeteria chicken" activities, a total of 250 thousand chicken drumstick sent over, the situation has reversed, 5Q network under 1000 rubber company acquired Xiaonei to reserve price of $2 million reverse, Wang Xing out.

, however, the time to give enough competition to Chen Yizhou in high and vigorous spirits of variables, the NYSE bell, but let the renren.com valuation quickly become junk stocks, the market value has shrunk to only $1 billion 400 million, while Wang was removed at the end of the business for many years, the United States mission was a great success, at the beginning of the new round financing reached $7 billion valuation. read more

2015 users in the eyes of micro business, how much do you know

micro business to fire in 2015, the major sites are talking about micro business, many people also expect the micro business will be even more than Taobao fire, and this year is also the real beginning of micro business. Micro business to the fire, many people have joined the ranks of the micro business, but the micro providers who only know the sun pictures, drying transfer, you know the user’s eyes of the micro business is what it looks like?

micro business survey is mainly aimed at our local users in Pizhou, but only to investigate the user does not dislike micro providers. I believe a lot of people are allergic to micro business, in order to summarize the investigation is also convenient enough, but also in order to listen to some of the micro business to help the voice, to do such a survey. read more

Hebei’s first domain name auction abortion yesterday

newspaper news (reporter Li Chunwei, Liu Lipu, Zhang Yan trainee reporter Yuchi Guoli) yesterday, Japan should be in Hebei for the first time domain name auction Juchui auction date, but has no chance to lift: because no one signed up for auction, the auction will eventually announced liupai.

– the domain name auction crisis

domain name auction for the first time in Hebei province by the early a lot of attention, but yesterday, the reporters came to the auction auction site domain name head office, but found it desolate, because there is no registration according to the provisions of the auction, only announced liupai. read more

Help others to achieve their own success into the package network documentary

in the packet network (www.jinbaowang.cn) was founded in May 2009, started in the packet network have only one purpose, because the body is in China bags Baigou, foreign businessmen to help the little mouse on the network can purchase, bid farewell to the tired of suffering; into the bag net work is very simple, is to put the camera bag bags factory to the site, customers around the orders after the delivery. One is such a simple operation and service by customers of an unprecedented welcome, in the packet network was only 20 thousand yuan investment began operation, the year sales reached 500 thousand yuan, in 2010 sales of more than 200 yuan, 2011 sales exceeded ten million yuan, and now into the bag net monthly sales amount in four million yuan, so. Packet network is how to achieve such a rapid growth of read more

1 medicine nets and spring rain doctor together this pair of CP you stand

news August 15th, the domestic pharmaceutical business platform 1 days ago announced the official drug network and mobile medical platform spring doctor cooperation. The two sides said they will focus on the health management of chronic disease users, the initial cooperation is expected in August 15th or so on-line.

1 drug network responsible person, the 1 drugs network will rain doctors "air hospital" section to provide fast drug service (as of press time, billion state power network noted that the purchase entrance has been on the line); and the rain doctor will also join the 1 medicine network connection medical section, providing professional medical professionals inquiry purchase guide service. read more

Dialogue hall, fun electricity supplier stood up to make money on the way

said "spring uncle Lin Degang is a busy man. After 2015, he operated Adult supplies electricity supplier brand hall "obviously entered the expansion trend of wildly beating gongs and drums.

March, chunshuitang completed 80 million B round of financing, in June 9th, in the "transformation sale; Adult supplies shopping festival and intelligent hardware Strategy Conference, released 10 new taste of intelligent planning, including virtual reality VR aircraft cup, VR vibration rod, intelligent aircraft cup, intelligent vibration rod, intelligent vibration ring, intelligent men exercise ihole knead milk, intelligent division Ibra, intelligent mini, iball and iball, and plus etc.. Not only that, Lin Degang shows also entered the "Fun Hotel" and "the ambition of ordinary people in the field of bedroom.". In August, Lin Degang suddenly changed in 2017 in the domestic gem listing plan, announced chunshuitang will enter the new board, and try the O2O business, work together and drops a taxi, Jingdong and other companies, pushing fun supplies home service. read more