first_imgPortuguese soccer is also stopped. The Portuguese authorities are awaiting decisions based on the extent of the coronavirus epidemic in the neighboring country. Soccer is not less. The Portuguese government foresees the peak of contagions in his country at the end of May and in the league they already do their own accounts. UEFA’s provisions leave room to end until August. However, today something has been revealed in Portugal that does worry. The television operators that have the rights intend not to pay until there are more parties. This is how the Record newspaper explains it today. The clubs are in a state of alarm for the operators’ intention not to go ahead with payments, explains the Portuguese newspaper. In this sense, Altice, they say, has already begun to retain funds. That is one of the operators, the other is US. In Portugal there is no joint sale of rights and each club does its business. However, television rights are the main source of ordinary income for Portuguese clubs. Both Altice and NOS, according to Record, want to freeze the payment for April, while the clubs do not accept a unilateral breach of contract. and they have called Fernando Gomes, president of the federation, to mediate with Pedro Proença, his counterpart in the league.The clubs consider that neither Altice nor NOS, the two operators, suffer in their meat the consequences of the coronavirus, while the clubs have financial commitments that they cannot postpone at this time. Record notes that club sources insist that “the surprising lack of solidarity of the televisions leads to the risk of bankruptcy for the clubs”, after they have been addressed directly to the operators to insist that the invoices have been returned without being satisfied.last_img

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