The customer said that have not listened to your home brand how should you deal with

if you recommend a product to the customer, but the customer’s response is: "your product is not very famous, I have never heard of." What do you do at this time? Admit that the goods are not famous, or laugh at the customer’s ignorance? Or design a different kind of rhetoric?

error response

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What are the names of the breakfast shop

look at the face of this era, for the major stores, can cause the attention of consumers is the name of the shop up. So, if you want to successfully open a breakfast shop, nature also need to have a correct but also aroused public concern of the name, which naturally involves the method of shop name. So, what are the names of the breakfast shop?

breakfast from the name of the shop is also a certain principle, not blindly to get, the name of a breakfast shop is a good relationship between the breakfast shop business. If you get the name of the breakfast from the other people feel that you do not eat breakfast in the store is certainly not good, then the name of the name of the breakfast shop? read more

How to carry out the replenishment

shop to do business, there is a need to fill the sale, which involves a store replenishment problem. However, for the current number of shopkeepers, replenishment is also faced with many difficulties. So, how to open a shoe store replenishment? And let Xiaobian to explain in detail for you.

how to order and how to replenish, become a shoe store operators to fully grasp an important ability.

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Starting next year, the city of Kunming will create the Kunming entrepreneurial support funds

government has always attached importance to the development of small and micro enterprises. Small and micro businesses are weak, lack of capital against market wave background. In order to solve this problem, Kunming next year set up entrepreneurial support funds to support the development of small and micro enterprises to foster the development of a full range of incubation services.

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Jingdong shop process does not look at regret

Jingdong mall is a very well-known integrated online shopping malls, widely recognized by consumers. Many of my friends want to shop in the mall Jingdong, Jingdong shop for the process is also very concerned about. The following small series to introduce Jingdong shop process.

Jingdong into the Jingdong shop process: Mall page, put the mouse to the bottom, click on the "merchants settled". Click in, and then click "I want to settle down". If you do not log in Jingdong account, the system will require you to log on to the account, no account of a friend to register an account. Take a closer look at the agreement, no problem, then click to agree to the next step. Fill in the information of your company (including the materials of your business license), the certification materials, etc.. Step by step according to tips. Finally, the system for you to review, there should be a manager to call you, or the manager to find you. As long as there is no problem, you can successfully settled. read more

Sichuan new building materials to join the entrepreneurial boom

With the continuous expansion of the domestic market demand for

, in recent years, the new building materials has also been the general concern and favor of the masses of consumers, has become the building materials industry to join the hot business projects. With the building materials industry continues to grow, Sichuan new building materials to join the emergence of a new business model, but also set off a business boom.

Sichuan new building materials need to be more attractive, more competitive, new building materials to join the standardization, standardization, unified business philosophy. New building materials to join the transparency of the operation, so that the operation of building materials, in terms of variety, quality, quantity, price, can be at a glance. read more

What are the most profitable venture horse project

business is good, but there are still a lot of people stop ", they are not without money, they lack the motivation, confidence, courage. As everyone knows, want to make money you have to face the risk, but the risk is uncertain, we can try our best to prevent, but can not stop, so I want to make money the best idea is to face everything so calm, entrepreneurial encounter.

of course or project priority among priorities, otherwise everything is empty. The following small series to provide 6 of the most profitable projects, start with a single step, where the money, earn money to see you! read more

What are the requirements for joining Yang Guofu

in the Mala Mala snack brand Yang Guofu is joining the brand long an era, and is a development project relatively large, so choose to join the brand, can add a helping hand for your future business. So what about Yang Guofu?

look at the following xiaobian.

Yang Guofu spicy food Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, is a professional engaged in spicy snacks and franchising large chain enterprises. Companies adhere to the "hunger breeds discontentment, to food security for the road of development", adhering to the "green health, delicacy nutrition, quality and integrity, business philosophy and constant innovation and win-win development", the spirit of hard work and occupation. read more

The people of Nanjing network encounter beauty recommended division stocks lose millions of dollars

the advent of the Internet to make our lives more convenient, but the Internet in the financial convenience for everyone, there is a certain risk. QQ beauty suddenly approached the initiative, a group of people in Nanjing thought the affair, did not think the other is a recommended division". On the other side of the conversation, the people believe in each other, and come up with the money to pay for other stocks, resulting in the loss of millions of dollars. Police remind the general public, entrusted with the huge risk of financial management, the general public must be cautious. read more

Success rate of more than eighty percent of entrepreneurial projects

education is the top priority of the country, in the face of the vigorous development of various industries, the education industry is also hidden business opportunities have not been excavated? The answer is yes. Investment in the education industry to start a training institution will bring unexpected gains for investors!

for the education and training industry, the financial crisis actually played a role in the run-up. In order to enhance the competitiveness of employment, to find a good job, more and more people choose to education and training institutions to study. From the capital market, 2008 is a good year for the education and training industry. Relevant survey data show that in 2006 Chinese only accounted for the entire education online education and training market in 5% to 2008, its share has risen to 10%, experts predict that the trend of distance education market will continue to rise in the future, the average annual growth rate even reached 40%. read more

How to choose a micro shop

micro shop has been opened up, but still do not know what kind of products can be sold in the end, and the customer came in after the store was found empty, I am afraid it is difficult to enter the late. So, after the selection of micro shop APP, do not worry about registration. After registration, the shop opened, the total can not let the shop empty, right? Therefore, before registration (opening), it is best to prepare for the sale of goods.

selection of goods for sale, the survival and development of the micro store is essential. Here, we talk about the six principles of choice of goods. You are eager to prospective shopkeepers who first up posture to talk about making money. read more

College students are most likely to succeed in several major projects inventory

for some college students entrepreneurs who, when entrepreneurs choose a suitable entrepreneurial project is a very important thing now, entrepreneurship has become very common, there are college students venture what good can choose?

game room

table football popular in Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia has 20 years. Table football game room show there is a table tennis table only half the size of a football field, the player can be divided into 2 or 4 people playing at several pieces of iron through both sides of the joystick to control the venue of the striker, defender and goalkeeper, or pull, or rotation, or stopping the ball, dribbling, or or shot to complete the game. Rent 20 square meters of housing for the store, the monthly rent of about 600 yuan, the purchase of soccer table 5, 1600 yuan each, apply for business license and business license of 1000 yuan to buy a set of tables and chairs for 500 yuan, 1 to keep the station hired laborer, the monthly salary of 400 yuan, total investment in 10 thousand yuan. read more