Consultation to improve safety in forestry sector hosted

first_imgThe Social Protection Ministry has embarked on a series of consultations aimed at improving the Occupational Safety and Health Regulation of Guyana to specifically cater for persons working in the forestry sector.Chief Labour, Occupational Safety and Health Officer Charles Ogle addressing the gathering during the consultation forumThe first in this line of activities kicked off earlier this week when the Department of Labour met with stakeholders at Herdmanston Lodge in Georgetown.Participants in the consultation emanated from the Amerindian Peoples Association, the Guyana Forestry Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Guyana Trade Union Congress, and the Bureau of Standards, among others.During the event, stakeholders were tasked with reviewing a draft Occupational Safety and Health Regulations document proposed by the Labour Department. Upon approval, the amendments are expected to be made under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, Chapter 99:06 of the Laws of Guyana.Addressing the gathering during the consultation forum was Chief Labour, Occupational Safety and Health Officer Charles Ogle, who underlined that while having regulations is one step, the implementation of these guidelines is particularly important, and is at the forefront of the Labour Department’s concern.This is as he noted that the department, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Social Protection Ministry, views the work of the forestry section as high-risk activities which necessitate that safety be of paramount concern.Ogle expounded that the nature of operations within the forestry sector is characterized by both manual and mechanical labour, which can provide complex challenges, specifically in areas such as harvesting timber, getting it to the roadside, and transporting it to the end user.A section of the representatives participating in the consultationThe OSH officer related to the gathering that workers in these fields are prone to physical hazards such as climate; noise; hand/arm vibration, which causes white finger disease; and even environmental threats which can range from bites by poisonous snake to allergic reactions to wood or other plants; as well as the possible malfunction of machines, among a long list of potential risks.He singled out forest workers who fall trees with chainsaws, saying that they are perhaps exposed to the greatest risks in the industry; with tree planters also being at risk from carrying heavy loads of seedlings and planting in awkward positions.With these factors in mind, the consultations would allow for considerations to be made of the local context, so that the regulations are more realistic. Following the completion of this mission, the recommendations emanating from the sessions are expected to materialize.last_img read more

Eureka takes on Fort Bragg in a game where coaches know each other well

first_imgEureka >> Football coaching circles are educational in nature. Case in point, when the Fort Bragg Timberwolves face the Eureka Loggers at 7:30 p.m. tonight at Albee Stadium at Eureka High School, it will bring together two head coaches that are very familiar with one another. Originally in a player-coach role, now as colleagues.Loggers head coach Jason White and Timberwolves head coach Roy Perkins have a relationship that dates back to the late ’80s, when White was a player and Perkins was an …last_img read more

Engineering Designs Found Throughout the Biosphere

first_imgNews from biomimetics is coming in so fast, there’s only time for brief mentions in a growing list of living designs worth copying.From leaf to photocatalyst (PhysOrg): Engineers have “have used biologically inspired self-assembly to build photocatalyst architectures with highly integrated light-harvesting and catalyst components for light-activated hydrogen production.”  Another PhysOrg article showed how reconstructing the photosynthetic machinery of cyanobacteria was so daunting, it took the geniuses at PARC to attempt it.  “It’s a very complicated data analysis routine that literally generates tens of thousands of peptides that took a team of students and postdoctoral associates overseen by Hao Zhang and Michael Gross, months to analyze“.From skin to battery (PNAS): “Here we present important findings related to biologically derived pigments [e.g., melanin] for potential use as battery electrodes.”  See write-up on New Scientist.From biological tissues to soft robots (PhysOrg): “If I think of the robots of tomorrow, what comes to mind are the tentacles of an octopus or the trunk of an elephant rather than the mechanical arm of a crane or the inner workings of a watch. And if I think of micro-robots then I think of unicellular organisms moving in water. The robots of the future will be increasingly like biological organisms“.From cockroaches to high-speed robots (PhysOrg): “Love them or hate them, cockroaches are notoriously good escape artists and can flee at astonishing speeds.” Engineers at Johns Hopkins have built an artificial robot antenna mimicking the cockroach’s antenna.From drumstick tree to pure water (Science Daily): Not just for Africa, but Europe, too: more good news about the water-cleansing properties of the Moringa oleifera tree, a literal “tree of life” (see 3/09/10).  “…a research group … has discovered that seed material can give a more efficient purification process than conventional synthetic materials in use today.”From bacteria to politics (Current Biology): Finding solutions to the “public goods dilemma” in bacterial biofilms, Princeton researchers say, “Our results demonstrate new mechanisms by which the physical conditions of natural habitats can interact with bacterial physiology to promote the evolution of cooperation.”From tree frogs to electronics (Science Daily): “Novel Bio-Inspired Method to Grow High-Quality Graphene for High-End Electronic Devices” thanks to studying how tree frogs and beetles cling to slippery wet leaves.From amphibian skin to self-healing armor (BBC News): “Engineers at two universities in Pittsburgh have copied the way amphibians regenerate their body parts in the model for the synthetic gel.  It could eventually lead to tables capable of growing back broken legs, one university said.”From octopi to cling-ons (PhysOrg): The material in octopus suckers is very soft, like jellyfish, allowing a watertight seal.  Italian researchers “hope that by revealing the properties of these sticking suckers they might inspire a new generation of attachment devices.“From sea turtle to rescue robot (Live Science): “The lab’s research … assists the design and engineering of robots that must traverse unstable, uneven terrain — those used in search and rescue operations at disaster sites, for example” the way sea turtles and lizards can walk on sand, which can act like a solid, fluid, or gas.  (See also 4/29/13.)From tropical fruit to iridescent clothing (Live Science): “Inspired by the lustrous skin of a tropical berry [Margaritaria nobilis], new iridescent threads could eventually be woven into clothing that changes color at the flex of a muscle or bend of a knee, say the inventors.”From biology to everything (PhysOrg): This article about photonics (light manipulation) and phonomics (sound manipulation) does not mention biology, but many previous biomimetics stories have told how butterflies, birds and oysters (among other living things) are inspiring a materials revolution (see list).  “New abilities to corral light and sound from the macroscale to the nanoscale with structured polymers could deliver profound changes in the way we live…. Such advanced materials could not only revolutionize computing and sensing technology but could also bring about new strategies for soundproofing buildings and cars, managing heat and cold and making submarines invisible to sonar.“Student assignment: (1) How many of these articles mentioned evolution?  (2) Of those that did, was evolution useful for understanding the design or imitating it? (Visited 32 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more


first_imgMEDIA RELEASEDATE:  24 JULY 2018More than 1000 delegates from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) will gather at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg tomorrow, Wednesday,  25 July 2018 for the BRICS Business Forum which will takes place as part of the 10th BRICS Summit. The Heads of State of the BRICS countries will preside over the afternoon session of the Business Forum and provide direction on strategic issues under discussion.The Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr Rob Davies, Deputy Minister Mr Bulelani Magwanishe and the Chairperson of the BRICS Business Council, Dr Iqbal Surve will deliver speeches at the opening session of the forum starting from 09:00. Their address will be followed by four thematic sessions that cover various topics. The Ministers of Trade, Commerce, Industry, Economic Development and External Relations of the five BRICS countries will all be panelists in the session where The Role of BRICS in Trade and Investment facilitation amidst a Changing Global Political Economy will be discussed.According to the Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr Rob Davies, the delegates who will comprise of captains of industry, heads of state-owned entities and government leaders will deliberate on strategic economic matters affecting the future of BRICS.“In line with the BRICS Summit theme, BRICS in Africa: Collaboration for Inclusive Growth and Shared Prosperity in The Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Business Forum will deliberate on the current global political economy and its implications for BRICS member countries, the implications of the 4th Industrial Revolution on inclusive growth and transformation, facilitating intra-BRICS trade, as well as fostering BRIC-Africa partnerships,” says Minister Davies.Minister Davies added that the business forum will provide a platform to showcase the economic prowess of the African continent with a particular focus on advanced manufacturing, energy, technology, rail, aviation, information and communication technology, financial services and beneficiation (agro-processing and mining), as well as to enhance the flow of foreign direct investments from the BRICS bloc into the continent.“The Business Forum will also offer an opportunity to facilitate the creation of manufacturing value-chains on the African continent, to stimulate dialogue on the utilisation of financing packages offered by the New Development Bank, and to promote synergies with development finance institutions on the continent. The Business Forum is also important because it will create opportunities for partnerships between African and BRICS companies as well as develop concrete measures to address the deficiencies within productive sectors impeding the optimal development of the continent,” said Minister Davies.Enquiries:Sidwell Medupe-Departmental SpokespersonTel: (012) 394 1650Mobile: 079 492 1774E-mail: by: The Department of Trade and IndustryFollow us on Twitter: @the_dtilast_img read more

Presenting: DairyPalooza 2015

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Roll out the red carpet, grab some popcorn, and settle in for the premiere of the DairyPalooza moo-vie. In honor of five years of DairyPalooza, our generous sponsors and the Ohio 4-H Foundation have teamed up to create a feature film for DairyPalooza just in time for the release of our 2016 event dates.The DairyPalooza movie boasts a cast of hundreds (with no stunt animals), with interviews from attendees, volunteers, and sponsors. DairyPalooza is directed by a team of experts who, for five years, have helped line up A-Cow-demy Award-winning educational sessions for the benefit of Cloverbuds, youth, and adults alike.In 2015, we were able to expand our DairyPalooza to two events, DairyPalooza Northeast and DairyPalooza West. Both events are featured in our video.There’s no need to purchase a ticket, but prepare to be dazzled by the sets, the human and animal interaction, the hands-on plot, and the enthusiasm and commitment of everyone involved. Move over, Hollywood, our plot is all about positive youth development.If you missed the curtain call for the 2015 DairyPalooza, no need to worry, the 2016 event will be open-audition for anyone who wants to participate. DairyPalooza Northeast is tentatively scheduled for April 30, 2016 at the Trumbull County Fairgrounds, and DairyPalooza West will be held on May 7, 2016 at the Auglaize County Fairgrounds.For more, and to see DairyPalooza 2015, visit its core, DairyPalooza is a program designed to give dairy youth an opportunity to put to use the skills they learn through their projects, and to learn new skills they can use both in their project and in the dairy industry. DairyPalooza runs three different session tracks: the youth track, which have content created for beginner, intermediate, and senior-level youth; the adult track, which includes sessions on 4-H project and record book keeping and dairy marketing; and the Cloverbud track, which teaches younger dairy youth the basic skills they will need to succeed in their dairy projects in the future. With core sessions taught every year and new sessions being rotated in and out for every event, DairyPalooza caters to participants of all ages.last_img read more

Wallsend moves to five nights

first_imgThe Wallsend Spring Touch Football competition has expanded to five nights a week to cope with the excessive demand. Wallsend will offer Men’s on Mondays and Wednesdays, Mixed on Mondays and Fridays, Women’s on Wednesdays, with Juniors on Tuesdays and Thursdays.In lieu of this great achievement, Wallsend are having a two page spread in the Newcastle Herald with a cover story about their success. Growing participants is not their only claim to fame with other major successes in recent months.Wallsend were crowned Club Champions at the recent NSW Country Championships in May in Dubbo with division wins in the Men’s 20’s and Men’s 40’s. Fifteen players and three coaching staff were chosen from Wallsend to represent New South Wales in the upcoming 2008 State of Origin series.Wallsend’s 2008 Autumn Competition’s Grand Final Day was also a huge success with twenty-two grand final games being played and around six hundred spectators in attendance. For more information about the Wallsend Touch Association, please visit their website – read more

Brad Sperling hosting Area C roundtable in Charlie Lake on Wednesday evening

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Peace River Regional District Chair and Area ‘C’ Director Brad Sperling will be hosting a roundtable discussion for Regional District residents on Wednesday evening.Anyone in attendance will have the opportunity to ask questions on any topic that is the concerns of the Regional District. Wednesday’s round table will be taking place from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Charlie Lake Community Hall. All residents of Area C are invited to attend.last_img

Opinion OSUs 2016 draft class has much to accomplish to be elite

Former OSU and current San Diego Chargers defensive lineman Joey Bosa (97) celebrates after making a sack during a game against Maryland on Oct. 4, 2015 in College Park, Md. Credit: Lantern file photoOne of the largest storylines from the 2016 NFL draft was the unequivocal presence of the Ohio State football program. The 12 OSU players selected in the three-day event in Chicago last weekend set numerous records and added to coach Urban Meyer’s impressive mark of former players picked in the draft which, now, totals over 80.Truly, no one knows the worth of a draft class until approximately three years after that draft. But on the surface, OSU’s NFL-record-breaking group stacks up against the top draft classes ever produced by any one school.Matched up against former OSU classes, the 2004 and 2006 draft groups are regarded as two of the best in school history.OSU’s 2004 class, oddly, is very similar to the 2016 group. Each manufactured a championship the year before it entered the draft and then failed to repeat the following year after entering the season as overwhelming favorites. The 2004 class produced three first-rounders in defensive end Will Smith, cornerback Chris Gamble and wide receiver Michael Jenkins, but the bulk of the class came in the later rounds. OSU saw an NFL-record 14 players selected in 2004, which still stands as the all-time mark by one school. Smith played nine seasons with the New Orleans Saints in his tenure in the league and started as an integral cog in the Saints’ defense for seven of those nine seasons. Gamble, too, played nine seasons in the NFL for the Carolina Panthers and started in the secondary from his rookie season until he retired after the 2012 season. Another notable NFL performer from the 2004 OSU class is current Pittsburgh Steelers safety Will Allen.Linebacker A.J. Hawk, safety Donte Whitner, linebacker Bobby Carpenter, wide receiver Santonio Holmes and center Nick Mangold rank atop the list of notable Buckeyes who have been drafted in recent years. All five of those former OSU legends made All-Big Ten teams in 2005, and two of them achieved All-American honors. Excluding Carpenter, the first-round picks found great success at the next level. Holmes was the Super Bowl XLIII MVP, where he snagged the game-winning touchdown late in the fourth quarter, securing the Pittsburgh Steelers’ sixth championship against the Arizona Cardinals.As for the other first-round picks in that class, Hawk played nine seasons with Green Bay and won Super Bowl XLV in 2010. The two-time All-American totaled 20 sacks and nearly 644 total tackles through 10 seasons thus far. Whitner just finished playing his 10th season in the NFL and has reeled in 11 interceptions and 619 tackles over the course of his career while earning three Pro Bowl bids. Mangold has been known as the game’s best center for close to five years with the New York Jets. The former Buckeye center is one of the most decorated players to come out of Columbus. Mangold has been voted first-team All-Pro twice, once second-team All-Pro and a seven-time Pro Bowler. As for draft classes that did not come out of the capital of the Buckeye state, look no further than the 2004 Miami Hurricanes’ group. We already covered the 2004 Buckeyes who still hold the draft record for most picks from one school. Now let’s turn our attention to the class who still holds the first-round draft pick record. Miami saw six of its former players taken in the first round in 2004, a mark that has not been surpassed or met in any following draft.The 2002 national championship game between OSU and Miami featured a complete arsenal of NFL talent, and Miami was a large portion of that. Between the six first-round picks from Miami in 2004, the rare draft class racked up three Super Bowl championships and 11 Pro Bowl appearances. Much of those impressive accolades were accomplished by defensive lineman Vince Wilfork and linebacker Jonathan Vilma. Wilfork won two Super Bowls with the New England Patriots and was selected for five Pro Bowls, and Vilma won a Super Bowl with the Saints as well as being selected for three Pro Bowls. Other notable classes include the 2009 USC draft class that had the lethal trio of linebackers of Brian Cushing, Clay Matthews and Rey Maualuga who dominated the college scene. 2014 LSU, 2011 Alabama and 2010 Florida all had draft classes that have several starters in the NFL at the moment.But if there is one class football analysts and fans should look to when comparing any draft class, it’s the 2002 Miami Hurricanes. Regarded by many as the greatest college football team in history, the ‘02 ‘Canes were a more-than-impressive bunch. Dominating on the field in college winning the 2001 national championship, this group from the Sunshine State lived up to the hype.The ‘Canes had 11 players picked from their national championship team in 2002, including five first-rounders. Two of those first-round picks, safety Ed Reed and tight end Jeremy Shockey, are likely bound for the Hall of Fame in Canton in the coming years. A second-round pick, running back Clinton Portis is likely to have his name enshrined in NFL glory in the future as well.Between Reed, Shockey and Portis, the three were elected to a laudable total of 15 Pro Bowl selections and three Super Bowl championships. Bryant McKinnie, the seventh overall pick in 2002, also played in a Pro Bowl and won a Super Bowl with Reed playing for the Baltimore Ravens.Portis nearly eclipsed the 10,000-yard career rushing mark in his nine-year career, and Shockey ranks in the top 10 all-time in receiving yards by a tight end. As for Reed, if his nine Pro Bowls don’t speak for themselves, Reed is known as one of the best safeties to ever play in the NFL. He racked up 64 interceptions over his tenure which ranks seventh all time.Most rookie minicamps around the NFL wrapped up on Sunday, and only time will tell if the Buckeyes’ 2016 draft class is boom or bust. 12 former OSU players drafted in the first four rounds was completely unprecedented and absurd no matter how you look at it. Joey Bosa, Ezekiel Elliott, Taylor Decker and Michael Thomas figure to start right away with Eli Apple, Vonn Bell and Darron Lee getting plenty of reps in their rookie seasons as well.Six of the seven picks from OSU in the first two rounds were underclassmen which speaks volume to how fast these former Buckeyes progressed. The senior class racked up a program record 50 wins over four seasons, so there’s no question the draftees know how to win. Each and every member of the 2016 draft class was a critical part in the 2014 national championship, too. Elliott collected 696 yards in three games on the way to the first ever College Football Playoff National Championship with Bosa being a consistent force on the defensive front the whole season and stepping up in the biggest moments. Apple shadowed some of Alabama’s and Oregon’s top receivers in the semi-final and championship game in the College Football Playoff. Bell had an interception in both the Big Ten championship game and semi-final matchup, and Thomas was a constant deep threat averaging over 11 yards per catch with one score in the final two games of 2014.Former quarterback Cardale Jones—drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the fourth round—has a story that is well-documented in leading OSU to a championship. As for offensive lineman Taylor Decker, he’s been the best lineman at OSU for two years and performed at his best under the spotlight. One thing to know about the record-breaking group from Columbus is that they know how to perform at the largest venues.It would be a grand disappointment if this talented class didn’t accomplish much at the next level. But if there is one thing people know about the Buckeyes’ football program, it’s that OSU coach Meyer knows how to produce NFL-ready players. read more

Mens basketball Ohio State reportedly offers Greg McDermott head coaching job

Creighton head coach Greg McDermott embraces his son and tournament Most Outstanding Player after their Missouri Valley Conference championship game against Illinois State on March 4, 2012, in St. Louis, Missouri. Credit: Courtesy of TNSComing just two days after the end of the Thad Matta era at Ohio State, ESPN’s Jeff Goodman reported the Buckeyes have offered Creighton head coach Greg McDermott the head coaching position. Ohio State has offered job to Creighton’s Greg McDermott, source told ESPN. Two sides met tonight.— Jeff Goodman (@GoodmanESPN) June 8, 2017McDermott, 52, has 23 years of head coaching experience at the collegiate level under his belt, the latest seven seasons coming at Creighton where he has compiled a 165-81 with the Bluejays, 86-52 since the team joined the Big East in 2013. He is in the seventh season of a 10-year deal worth $1.1 million base salary with the team. Under his leadership, Creighton won a pair of Missouri Valley Conference tournament titles in 2012 and 2013, and a regular season title in the latter season. His Bluejay teams reached the NCAA tournament in four of his seven seasons, though they never made it past the round of 32.Prior to his time with the Bluejays, he served also as head coach at Iowa State, Northern Iowa, North Dakota State and Wayne State. In his 16 seasons with those teams, he went a combined 279-224.Though he largely struggled in his time with Iowa State, he led Northern Iowa to NCAA tournament appearances in 2004, 2005 and 2006, and a Missouri Valley Conference tournament title in 2004. read more

Mens Hockey No 6 Ohio State advances to Big Ten semifinals with

Ohio State junior forward Freddy Gerard (15) evades a defender in the first period of the game against Wisconsin on Feb. 23 in the Schottenstein Centern. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorAfter a resounding 6-2 victory for the No. 6 Ohio State men’s hockey team in Game One of the Big Ten quarterfinal best-of-three series against Michigan State, Ohio State head coach Steve Rohlik knew that they would get the Spartans’ best effort Saturday with their season on the line.Ohio State needed extra time against a Michigan State team that proved to be a tough out even as a seventh seed in the Big Ten Tournament. Sixty minutes proved insufficient with the Buckeyes requiring overtime to (23-8-5, 16-8-2-1 Big Ten) beat Michigan State (12-22-2, 6-18-2-1 Big Ten) 4-3 at the Schottenstein Center to set up a matchup against Michigan in the Big Ten semifinals Saturday. “I thought we played a complete game tonight,” Rohlik said. “It was good to get the win, and move on in the tournament.” Junior forward Freddy Gerard netted the winner in the extra session on a deflection off a shot from junior defenseman Sasha Larocque at 5:53 of overtime. Gerard scored the winner, but was quick to credit his teammates in the win.“It wasn’t just me tonight. Our team, we all fought hard,” Gerard said. “[Redshirt junior goalie Sean Romeo] played well in net, [junior forward Mason Jobst] stepped up big, [junior forward John Wiitala] had a big goal. Top to bottom.”Jobst added two goals, while Romeo had 15 saves on 18 shots in the win. Jobst extended his point streak to five games. He has six goals, four assists and 10 points in that span.“I’m feeling good. I feel in great shape right now,” Jobst said. “My line mates have been great in finding me in soft spots and it’s been working out.” Throughout the contest, the Buckeyes found themselves down by a goal on two separate occasions and clawed back to force overtime and eventually win.Both teams traded power play goals in the opening frame. Jobst picked up the goal for the Buckeyes and junior forward Cody Milan scored for the Spartans with just 27 seconds left in the period. The back-and-forth play continued early into the second period when Michigan State took the lead just 29 seconds in of sophomore forward Patrick Khodorenko, his 12th goal of the season.The Buckeyes answered at 7:43 of the second with another goal from Jobst, but the tie didn’t last long as the Spartans pulled ahead again 25 seconds later with a goal from freshman forward Tommy Apap.Ohio State added another goal off the stick of junior forward John Wiitala, that pulled the score to 3-3 headed into the third period.The third period continued with Ohio State dominating in possession and shots, but couldn’t solve Spartan sophomore goaltender John Lethemon with the game headed to extra time.In overtime, both teams traded chances, until 5:53 into the extra session, Gerard sent the Buckeyes to the semifinal when he tipped-in Larocque’s shot from just inside the blue line for a 4-3 final. Shots were 41-18 in favor of Ohio State. Lethemon made 38 saves on 41 shots in the loss.The Buckeyes advance to the single-elimination Big Ten Tournament Semifinal to play fourth-seed Michigan next Saturday. Puck drop is 7:30 p.m. at Nationwide Arena. read more