JCA election! – Incumbent Heaven, Harris bowl off for cricket’s top job

first_img VICE-PRESIDENTS Harris, a business executive and educator, has former West Indies player Nehemiah Perry as his first vice-president nominee and Dr Joyce Graham-Royal, principal of G.C. Foster College, as second vice-president. The other executive committee nominees are: Team Heaven – Diahann Campbell, honorary secretary; Clinton Clarke, assistant secretary; Hopeton Morrison, treasurer and Kerry Scott, assistant treasurer. Team Harris – Randy Nelson, honorary secretary; Dennis Gordon, assistant secretary; Loren Edwards, treasurer; Errol Moodie, assistant treasurer. “We came into office with the promise that we would work to improve the quality of life for all our stakeholders in the Jamaican cricket family. We have kept our promise,” Heaven said. “There is still, however, much to be done to widen and deepen the scope of that improvement.” Harris, in the meanwhile, in his pre-election document, which was titled “Team Cricket”, said his mission was to rebuild the sport. “I am challenging because there is a cry for help,” he told The Gleaner. “Cricket is really struggling and the kind of will that is required was not shown by the president over the past two years.” Incumbent president Wilford “Billy” Heaven will be challenged by incumbent secretary Fritz Harris at the annual general meeting of the Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) at the Jamaica Conference Centre. The contenders, who will enter the elections with a slate of six other executive committee nominees, will be vying for votes from a delegate list of 101 members. Topping the list other executive committee nominees are by Dr Donovan Bennett and former West Indies ‘A’ representative, Mark Neita, running as first and second vice-president, respectively, along with Heaven, the chief executive officer of the state-run Culture, Health, Arts, Sports and Education (CHASE) Fund.last_img read more

‘The People, Not Gov’t, Will Move Liberia Forward’

first_imgDuring the visit of African pop/hip-hop icon, Alianue Damala Badara Thiam (alias Akon) and his partners TO (Tikkun Olam), Nachson Mimran and younger brother Arieh Mimran, for the launching of Light to Learn in partnership with Bridge Partnership Schools for Liberia, Akon made it clear to Liberians that it is the people that move a country forward, not the government.“The government is only there to regulate and there to help manage the people to get what they need and what they want. Communication between people and government is important,” Akon stated during his visit to Ganta, Nimba County.Akon, the co-founder of Solektra International, who partnered with entrepreneur Samba Bathily and youth leader Thione Niang in an investment to drive growth and employment throughout Africa through public-private partnerships, said the perception that people have of the government is the cause for the lack of growth in society.“You have to be able to send a message over to government in order for them to know what you need here. Clearly, government doesn’t have time to come in places like this to understand your needs. If you don’t get involved, it makes it hard for them to get you a job, and it makes it very easy for us to blame government for what’s not happening because we are not communicating properly,” he stated. Many Liberians have over the years stressed their level of disappointment in conditions such as poor road infrastructure, lack of jobs, housing and the lack of a strong interactive relationship between government and the people. With Akon coming out to encourage Liberians to recognize what it takes to move a country forward, his message was received by hundreds who stood by to listen to him speak over the weekend.“Liberia is probably one of the strongest countries I ever visited. You survived war, Ebola, hunger and suffering. No one can tell me that the strongest people in Africa are not based right here in Liberia. I know that with this strength, the people have the power to build Liberia to where it needs to be,” he said.As hundreds screamed to concur with his views, Akon made it very clear that he has a high level of respect and admiration for President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf because of her boldness in requesting for help when her country needed it.“I like the Liberian President because she said ‘listen I need help, we don’t have the resources.’ If most people put their egos aside and think of the people first, things can happen every day, because you’ll be surprised how many millions of diaspora [people] out there that want to do things with Africa, that want to be able to invest in Africa, that want to create an empire right in Africa, but half of the time they don’t know how or where to begin, mainly because the infrastructure is not fully stable and mature enough for people to want to take a chance. They just need more information and they will come,” he added.In saying so, Akon in relation to his bringing light to Liberia, realized that development starts with the youth and with education.“It takes time for it to happen; nothing happens overnight, it can’t happen right away. But if you’re constantly developing, when that one thing starts to happen, everything follows through, and things will continue to keep happening. The people are the ones that have to keep making it happen,” he said.Meanwhile, Akon has asked that everyone, media outlets and people alike, use communication to relate to the Liberian government what they really need.“You have to communicate with them because they are the ones with the tools to give you to build your own country. There are only 100 people in office; you expect them to build a whole country with 4 million people? No! The 4 million people have to support them to give you what you need. So the people have to be the ones to build. Africa has to be built by Africans. It’s that simple,” he added.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

4 Amazing Products From CES I Cant Wait to Use

first_img Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. 4 min read January 6, 2017 Entrepreneur is on the ground at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Check back for highlights from the event as well as insights from thought leaders and innovators. My first day at CES was insane. I saw so much technology at CES, it was mind-numbing. This show is an overload — in the very best way. It’s a mob! I don’t know what took me so long. If you’re not at CES, you’re out of it.The booths that were packed and loud were very interactive. They had to be to stand out in this tech-obsessed crowd. The products upstairs — like 3D printers and smart watches — weren’t exactly revolutionary. These were more or less proven moneymakers. It was corporate.But the atmosphere downstairs was different. It was intense. The startups there are battling it out to eventually make it big and move upstairs, which I can’t help but love. They’re out there in the aisles, hustling. Fighting tool and nail to get noticed. These are my people. When something was hot, it was obvious, because the cameras were out. Some booths were three or four persons deep the entire day.Related: 9 Must-See Products at CESThese were the products that caught my eye the most:1. Holographic technology from Kino-mo Image Credit: Stephen KeyHolograms are here! And they are amazingly cool, especially Kino-mo. The company creates holographic technology to be used in advertising. This London-based company’s one-sentence benefit statement: Take your logo to the moon. And they definitely did that at CES.The booth I checked was for Hypervision, Kino-mo’s “holo-displays.” You can think of them like holograms, because that’s what they look like but less costly. That said, so far the holo-displays have been used by brands like Aston Martin, Intel, and Samsung for advertising.Someone on the team had been smart enough to mount the holograms high enough, so that they could easily be seen from a distance, which meant their booth was packed all day long. I must have walked by six times.The visuals themselves were vividly bright and looked as if they were floating. You had to pull your phone out.2. Sam’s Curious Cars from SAM Labs Image Credit: Stephen KeyI really dug SAM, an innovative new toy from UK-based startup SAM Labs that “allows kids to start building and creating in a really fun and intuitive way,” Morten B. Hagen, head of sales and marketing, told me. Using SAM’s small wireless building blocks and app, children can build and program their own inventions.When Hagen said, “You can think of it like Lego from the future,” within less than 15 seconds, I was sold. That’s a great benefit statement!Related: Artificial Intelligence Now Has a Voice, But Security Challenges Loom3. Magic Instruments high-tech guitarImage Credit: Stephen KeyDeveloped by a Julliard-trained musician, I was told anyone can play it. Officially, on their marketing materials, it’s “quick to play and fun to learn.” Interesting! The company graduated from Y Combinator in winter 2016 and raised $415,000 in pre-orders on Indiegogo.4. 3Dvarius high-end electric violinImage Credit: 3D VariusThis product was wild. Taking several hundred hours to hand-make in France, it marketed itself as a “combination of the latest technologies with ancient violin-making skills.” Customized and adopted to the user’s body, it was eye-catching and even more fun to watch the gentleman doing the demo wail on it. Related: No More Bad Hair Days With This Smart HairbrushI’ve been to a lot of trade shows but none that have been so interactive. Much of what I saw downstairs was pre-production and had gone or planned on going the crowdfunding route with Indiegogo and Amazon Launchpad’s presence felt.     Register Now » Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goalslast_img read more