How to do a new search source creation

what is a search source?

if I write an article, I mentioned in the article, I said the famous teacher XXX, this is my first teacher, see this article friends, will take the initiative to search engine to search, this article is to create the name XXX search source.

to create a search source, usually with soft Wen to use, the purpose is to flow through the soft text to lure you to search these keywords, so as to achieve our advertising effect.

1, Baidu, GOOGLE, YAHOO,… Etc.

we are in search of some key words, found inside the Baidu know keywords can always row in the search engine’s top keyword search volume high, for example we want to search Li Yuchun like this, found that the top there is a relationship with Li Yuchun Baidu inside for, when we use search some drugs or some drug name, found that Baidu know or top. read more

How WeChat was born an email from Zhang Xiaolong to Ma Huateng

text / Wang Guanxiong

this is the Tencent’s internal review, the real super dry cargo. The author goes deep into the WeChat team, focusing on the birth and improvement of WeChat products, from the aspects of product development, team work, brand promotion, process and so on. Take you to understand the real WeChat.

"the world is new." – Zhang Xiaolong Allen Zhang, vice president of Tencent, general manager of Guangzhou R & D department

March 29, 2012, WeChat’s number of users exceeded one hundred million. Let the number of users grew from zero to one hundred million, micro credit for 433 days. At the same time, in the 10 floor of the Guangzhou Southern communications building, WeChat team members are working to celebrate the number of millions of millions of special events and work. read more

n 2015 Chinese nternet Conference the next 5 to 10 years of mobile nternet will lead nternet plu

A5 ( station network July 22nd news, 2015 China Internet Conference has been held in the International Conference Center in Beijing yesterday, the fourteen session of the conference of the Internet is the theme of "industrial integration, Internet sharing – new technologies, new opportunities and new ecological safety, build a network of new space", the general assembly to open 6 plate 30 the forum, covering cloud computing, networking, online education, Internet, Internet financial health, the cloud computing forum by the A5 station network contractors, in order to optimize the cloud computing market, providing cloud communication into the Internet gene Taiwan, for the enterprise for like-minded. read more

Nora, thunder or PPTV Who did PPS sell next

April 22, 2010, Qiyi (later renamed Iqiyi) to meet with users;

June 1, 2010, cool 6 network backdoor listing;

August 12, 2010, LETV A shares listed;

December 8, 2010, Youku listed on the New York stock exchange;

July 20, 2011, originally scheduled for the NASDAQ IPO thunder suddenly decided to suspend the listing;

August 17, 2011, Nasdaq appeared potato figure;

September 27, 2011, everyone announced the acquisition of 56 nets;

March 12, 2012, Youku potatoes merger;

The acquisition of read more

WeChat circle of friends is a closeout Tencent server upgrade unstable


technology news July 22nd morning news today morning, many netizens said WeChat pictures friends pictures he had been forced to replace "please closeout". In this regard, Tencent responded that it was due to a small number of servers in the morning upgrade caused transient instability.  


users publish pictures content shows that not only all the problems with WeChat, even friends short video thumbnails are forced to replace.

Tencent relevant responsible person said, just because of the small number of servers in the morning to upgrade the WeChat circle of friends caused a short period of instability, duration of about 5 minutes. Has now been restored, mainly affected by the Guangdong Unicom users." read more

The Trojan virus gang behind the interests of the chain selling sales network

core tip

involves 16 provinces, involving up to about 30000000 yuan, recently in Jiangsu Xuzhou was the country’s largest selling "Trojan horse virus case has aroused widespread concern in society.

Trojan horse virus how to produce? And how to use the "Gang Trojan horse virus profit? Reporter survey found that behind the" Trojan horse virus gangs have a chain of hidden interests of the chain and the underground black market information.

producer, distributor, agent, selling "Trojan horse" to form a sales network of read more

Ma Xia Hui officially joined as editor in chief whip Niu Shi

            October 31st Internet media veteran Mr. Ma Xia Hui has officially joined the whip Niu Shi community network editor, as editor, responsible for the content and operation of products.

before joining the horse whip Niu Shi, Xia Hui in TOM, 265 NetEase, and other famous sites in the media and the market, the value of net news has a wealth of practical experience and moral judgment. He also had a long time personal experience, has a wide range of resources in the IT industry and the webmaster circle, well versed in site operation and development of the road. read more

Foreign best host TOP5iPage prices rose to $2.25 is still the highest cost

IDC network ( 02 month review 28 reports: according to the WebHostingtop data to the host statistics agency showed that as of February 26th, the best price of foreign virtual host ranking followed by iPage, Fatcow, InMotion, JustHost and WebHostinghub service providers. Compared to the recent, only iPage preferential prices change from $1.89 to $2.25, however, its price is still the lowest. Below, please see the best foreign virtual hosting provider Top5 information in February.

1, ipage read more

nner Mongolia’s first SNS platform opened

Inner Mongolia IT laboratory SNS platform opened in February 15th (, the site’s main communication, growth, business philosophy.

has long been the lack of communication channels in Inner Mongolia’s IT circle, the owners closed the net. Most of the owners are not willing to accept the advice of others, the exclusion of competitors and avoid the shortcomings, the IT laboratory in Inner Mongolia that any webmaster has a modest, cautious, low-key attitude, good at learning, thinking and study, there will be more new discoveries and progress. Pragmatic, scientific and rational to do a website to find competitive advantage is a priority. The IT laboratory in Inner Mongolia through the efforts of all parties, brewing for a period of Inner Mongolia station SNS finally launched, broke through the concept of fuzzy cognition of SNS, positioning, promotion and other issues, the 09 year Inner Mongolia IT laboratory dress more strong, from the information content to interactive communication, the establishment of the operating system is more mature, the combination of CMS system and SNS station, news, function, data, interactive learning, several modules as the main body, the grasping force of refinement, truth-seeking, stability, strong demand, the industry resources to sort out, to promote the development of the industry. I hope the Inner Mongolia IT today with a little effort, the accumulation of years to get rich fruit All sufferings have their reward.. read more

Zhongguancun online sale! PC what is the next stop on the T vertical website

IT website has experienced IT vertical age, the age of the Internet, the mobile Internet era, several reincarnation transformation difficult to always make it dead or alive, the next stop will be road where


recently, following the online Zhongguancun CBSi China stripped out of the system, with no more than 500 million valuation was sold after the news yesterday, the former president of CBSi China Wang Lufa internal mail, officially announced his resignation. As a Zhongguancun online, love card network, online auto market, the top network and a series of interactive media, media brand matrix, the change of CBSi also confirms a recurring fact: PC is dead, IT vertical sites in the mobile and the impact of technology, is in transition into trouble. read more