On the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing and selling

Several C2C

website at taobao.com led by a large number of so-called "consignment" stores, because many sites under the eye of passion and also a wholesale banner to attract a large number of entrepreneurs, will get free registration packet, do not spend a penny to open the era of e-commerce itself, become the "one network"; but they did not know these consignment business is really put these entrepreneurs harm, why would I say so?

from the first big situation, the pattern of domestic e-commerce is B2C and C2C two blocks, and C2C accounted for a considerable share of the market, the first shop taobao.com lemon Green Tea number of praise has reached 168 million, the number of employees nearly 300 stores, cosmetics, Home Furnishing category relates to women’s clothing, bags, jewelry, and other infant nearly 8000 categories of products, and the newly opened shop must be with these big sellers to grab customers in a market, this is not alarmist, since the shop can not say: "what I will", "I can’t do, open" excuse, since do to professional. The direction to do. read more

Tmall eleven red envelopes officially opened grab up to $1111

October 24th 0 points, the official opening of Tmall double red envelopes, time for from 00:00:00 to in October 24, 2015 to 23:59:59.

double 11 red envelopes for the amount of $1, $2, $5, $10, 20 yuan, $1111, double the value of $11 coupons for $10; if there are more than 11 pairs of red envelopes, you can overlay, the upper limit of superposition.

2015 Tmall double grab red address: PC user clicks, mobile phone users click (can be linked to a friend to share)

use time:

November 11, 2015 00:00:00 to 23:59:59 on November 11, 2015, expired. read more

Before the three quarter Chinese e-commerce market transactions amounted to 5 trillion and 600 billi

Deputy director of the rain

Chinese State Administration for Industry and Commerce in 27 days here said that at present, the network Chinese market continued to show a trend of rapid development, the first three quarters of this year, China e-commerce market transactions amounted to 5 trillion and 600 billion yuan, an increase of 25% over last year.

rain held on the same day, the national network of industrial and commercial system of market supervision work experience exchange spot ", commodity trading network has already penetrated into Chinese economic and social aspects of life. But because the network virtual trade, openness, cross regional characteristics, the network market has some problems that can not be ignored in the process of development, such as online sales of counterfeit goods and other illegal acts, the network transaction disputes difficult, credit system network market is not perfect, the evaluation information statistics and monitoring should be strengthened, has become a bottleneck restricting the healthy development of the network market. read more

Suppliers to see price war electricity supplier is still non mainstream channels without price press

electricity supplier Wars (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent technology fan Rong reported on August 22nd

has lasted nearly a week of home appliance price war with Liu Qiangdong (micro-blog) died down and come to an end. But Gome Suning Jingdong (micro-blog) shelling price information is purely speculation continues to issue intensified.

no longer hold the chairman of Suning Appliance Zhang Jindong yesterday said publicly: "those who rely on the price speculation, capital transfusion of enterprises, but by eating stimulants for short-term expansion." The United States and the United States will be integrated online and offline gross margin, operating costs and net profit rate comparison, to refute the cost of the front of the Jingdong is lower than the cost of the United States, Suning and other lines of argument. In this price fight, between Jingdong, Suning and Gome battle and uncharacteristically, be in full swing, home appliance supplier performance out of the "calm" fantastic for the industry. read more

4200 digital 4 in ebay.com streaming

4200 LLLL domains 4 domains all.Com    US $62300.00

; letterThe domain name auction price RMB 400 thousand

400 4 letter pure letters, each price in 1000, No one shows any interest in.

in the domestic price of more than 500 in all.   the market is rational. This because of a large number of rice farmers hoarding 4 words from the international domain name hoarding Liupai can be seen in some crisis.
read more

Dialogue hall, fun electricity supplier stood up to make money on the way

said "spring uncle Lin Degang is a busy man. After 2015, he operated Adult supplies electricity supplier brand hall "obviously entered the expansion trend of wildly beating gongs and drums.

March, chunshuitang completed 80 million B round of financing, in June 9th, in the "transformation sale; Adult supplies shopping festival and intelligent hardware Strategy Conference, released 10 new taste of intelligent planning, including virtual reality VR aircraft cup, VR vibration rod, intelligent aircraft cup, intelligent vibration rod, intelligent vibration ring, intelligent men exercise ihole knead milk, intelligent division Ibra, intelligent mini, iball and iball, and plus etc.. Not only that, Lin Degang shows also entered the "Fun Hotel" and "the ambition of ordinary people in the field of bedroom.". In August, Lin Degang suddenly changed in 2017 in the domestic gem listing plan, announced chunshuitang will enter the new board, and try the O2O business, work together and drops a taxi, Jingdong and other companies, pushing fun supplies home service. read more

Another social networking site encounters domain portal event


technology news October 21st news, social networking sites Chinese adds new army, a Shanghai company called honey show announced a strategic cooperation with Japan in the social networking site MIXI, and today officially launched the "Honey show" in social networking sites. The site in April of this year to prepare for the preliminary test in August. MIXI is Japan’s largest social networking site, mainly to provide logs, groups, albums and other network functions, listed in Japan in September 2006. Currently, MIXI is second only to Japan’s YAHOO, the monthly page visits reached 11 billion 800 million times, with more than 15 million registered users. read more

1 billion electronic books on 50 million There have been a number of Tmall stores

news October 13th, the day before, billion state power network received informants broke the news, has claimed 3 years to complete the transaction amount of 1 billion yuan, has a number of Jingdong, Tmall store book electricity company "Intel China group was found to have more than 500 employees owed wages (another argument for more than 300 people, involving an amount of 4000~5000 million yuan). The line said that the longest arrears of up to 10 months, there are nearly 200 people apply for labor arbitration or litigation to the court. read more