Merck adds colour and sparkle

first_imgGlobal chemicals manufacturer Merck has introduced a new glitter food colourant to its popular pearl effects range.Candurin Red Sparkle is a non-artificial, mineral-based colourant that can transform baked goods, pastries, chocolate and toppings into glamorous treats. Food manufacturers using the burgundy red colourant can safely label their own products as containing ’no artificial colours’.It is produced in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice, according to the company, and benefits from both a light and thermal stability.Candurin Red Sparkle is available in pack sizes of 1kg and 15kg through UK speciality chemicals distributor Azelis.last_img read more

Sklar argues for more gender diversity in the tech industry

first_img Read Full Story Rachel Sklar, founder of Change The Ratio and, spoke to the Shorenstein Center about gender disparity in the tech business, and how the ratio of men to women could be shifted toward more equality. The event was co-sponsored by the Women and Public Policy Program.Sklar, who is a media writer and social media entrepreneur, acknowledged that there is an increasing number of women in leadership positions, and while this is good news, “as soon as the ratio gets a little better,” people tend to think nothing more needs to be done. Sklar argued that while progress is being made, the fight for a balanced ratio is still ongoing.Audiolast_img read more

Twelve-hour vigil to raise awareness for Syria

first_imgStudents will pledge to give up their shut-eye this Friday to learn about the crisis in Syria, to raise money to help Catholic Relief Services (CRS) bring aid to those in and around Syria and to stand in solidarity with those who are suffering, junior Sharia Smith said.Sleepless for Syria, an event organized by the Solidarity with Syria Coalition, will take place from 7 p.m. Friday to 7 a.m. Saturday. The Solidarity with Syria Coalition is a committee comprised of representatives from various student organizations and individual members.“I think what’s so cool about what we’re working on right now is that this was something started by Matt, myself and other students just at the beginning of the year when we really realized that this was an issue that was striking a chord with us and that we were concerned with,” Smith said.Smith said the Solidarity with Syria Coalition provides its members with an opportunity to have conversations about the pressing issues affecting Syria and enables them to act through the planning committee.Junior Matthew Caponigro said since the unrest began in 2011, the Syrian civil war has killed over 140,000 people, stranded over 4.5 million Syrians without homes inside the country and forced over 2.5 million refugees to flee to countries surrounding Syria. Factions from both the government and opposition forces have been accused of war crimes, consequently affecting Syria’s innocent civilians caught in crossfire, he said.An inter-faith prayer will kick off the night, Caponigro said. He said Fr. Daniel Groody, associate professor of theology and director of the Center for Latino Spirituality, and Imam Rashied Omar, research scholar of Islamic studies and peace building at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, will offer prayers to commence the vigil.Caponigro said Groody also will speak about some of his experiences on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops delegation that observed the situation of Syrian refugees in fall 2012.Caponigro said a living rosary will take place at midnight, during which participants will hold candles to represent each bead and place the lit candles on the ground at the front of the group to represent the group’s continued prayers as the participants enter an hour of silence.Throughout the night, hourly reflections will feature guest speakers and their stories, as well as readings from the Bible and the Quran that pertain to traveling populations and displaced citizens, Caponigro said.Manuel Rocha, a senior involved with GlobeMed, will talk about of some of the health issues in refugee camps that plague Syrian refugees in particular, Caponigro said.Caponigro said Jennifer Betz, the Midwest coordinator for CRS, will present on the organization and its work with refugees in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, including the education programs they offer displaced children and the medical services they provide.The event will also feature musical performances from various artists such as Ameer Armaly, a graduate student who will play the traditional Levantine oud, which is a precursor to the guitar, Caponigro said. He said Notre Dame alumnus and local singer-songwriter Peter J. Hochstedler will also be performing during Sleepless for Syria.The Center for Social Concerns, Center for Civil and Human Rights, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, the Helen Kellogg Institute for International Studies, Campus Ministry, World Hunger Coalition, Peace Fellowship ND, Human Rights ND, Red Cross Club of ND, GlobeMed, CRS Student Ambassadors, St. Edward’s Hall, Duncan Hall, Pasquerilla West Hall, Keough Hall and Sorin College are co-sponsoring the event.Elia’s Mediterranean Cuisine will provide food for the benefit dinner, which will include midardara, hummus, falafel and baba ghanoush, Smith said. Studebagels will also provide breakfast the next morning, she added.Smith said Sleepless for Syria not only brings the Notre Dame community together but also Holy Cross College, Saint Mary’s College and the entire South Bend community to stand in solidarity with Syrians.Caponigro said people can donate either at the event or online through Notre Dame’s online student shop. He said the goal of Sleepless for Syria is to raise at least $1,500.The planning committee was able to cover all the operating costs due to the support of the many co-sponsors and local businesses, so every penny earned will go towards the CRS, Caponigro said. Smith said the event had a large potential for fundraising and for drawing attention to the crisis.“Every drop in the bucket counts; when we pool it together it really makes an impact,” Smith said. “It gives me hope that my one little act can join with everyone else’s.”Tags: Center for Social Concerns, GlobeMed, Kellogg Institute, Kroc Institute, Sleepless for Syria, solidarity, Syrialast_img read more

Pride Pool Party! Get Wet and Wild with Six Out Stage Stars

first_imgCHRISTOPHER SIEBERMiss Trunchbull in MatildaWhich three gay icons living or dead would you invite to your fabulous Pride pool party?Harvey Fierstein has to be there because that would be fun, Peter Allen because he could entertain us and Tammy Faye Bakker. Can you imagine?Which Broadway character needs to get over it and come out of the closet already?J. M. Barrie in Finding Neverland. Just come on out. Tell us about the little boys. Come on.Who’s your favorite LGBT Broadway musical character?Albin in La Cage. So deep, so funny. Hands down my favorite.Who was the first musical theater character you found yourself strangely attracted to?Robert Preston in The Music Man movie. He was charismatic and amazing. it wasn’t necessary like a crush but I was like, “I wanna be that guy.”What childhood obsession should have been a clear indicator to your family?I sang along to every Broadway cast recording my parents had and I put on these shows in the living room. My brother Mark was the stage manager. We had floor-to-ceiling curtains in front of a big window that you could open with a drawstring like a theater curtain. The lawn was my audience, the sun was my spotlight, the window frame was my proscenium. My parents would be like, “What are you doing?!” and I’d be like, “I’M DOING A SHOW.”Which LGBT icon needs their own Broadway bio-musical?Liza’s an opera waiting to happen. She’s wonderful but so many epic things have happened in her life including two gay husbands! That’s totally gonna be an opera one day. ROBIN DE JESUSBoq in WickedWho’s your favorite LGBT Broadway musical character?I’m gonna have to say Angel in Rent.Who was the first musical theater character you found yourself strangely attracted to?The Judge in Sweeney Todd? Kidding! I mean, the guys in West Side Story kind of turned me on as a kid going to see the musical. The Sharks and the Jets. I’m like the UN. Equal opportunist.What childhood obsession should have been a clear indicator to your family?Telenovelas. I loved them so. You couldn’t speak during telenovelas in my house! I’d be like, “Shhhhhhhhh!” You were liable to get an ass-whooping just for talking.Which LGBT icon needs their own Broadway bio-musical?There was that Andy Warhol musical happening a while ago. That would be fascinating.Which three gay icons living or dead would you invite to your fabulous Pride pool party?I would have RuPaul, Elizabeth Gilbert—even though she doesn’t pretend to be a gay icon, she is to me!—and Karen Olivo!What’s your Pride 2015 hashtag?#whenyourereadycomeandgetitWhich Broadway character needs to get over it and come out of the closet already?Maybe Usnavi in In the Heights? Whenever we were rehearsing the opening number, Lin-Manuel Miranda would change the lyrics “And one day I’ll be on a beach with Sonny writing checks to me” to “With Sonny having sex with me.” I mean, it would have been weird ’cause we were cousins, but if you removed that, it might be OK! Robin De Jesus JAY ARMSTRONG JOHNSONChip in On the TownWhat’s your Pride 2015 hashtag?#gayjay2015. Everyone called me Gay Jay in the third grade, even though I didn’t know I was gay. Apparently everyone else did. So I’m now gonna own it.Which LGBT icon needs their own Broadway bio-musical?Caitlyn Jenner? I mean, that’d be a pretty rich.What childhood obsession should have been a clear indicator to your family?Reba McEntire. Picture me chasseing around my living room to Reba McEntire as an eight year old Southern boy.Who was the first musical theater character you found yourself strangely attracted to?Gavin Creel. I don’t even remember the name of the character. All I remember it was Thoroughly Modern Millie and it was Gavin Creel.Which three gay icons living or dead would you invite to your fabulous Pride pool party?Judy Garland, Lady Gaga and Harvey Fierstein, just for some masculinity.When did you feel the most loud and proud onstage?At the National Equality March in 2009 performing with the cast of Hair. We sang “Let the Sunshine In” to 30,000 people marching on Washington.Which Broadway character needs to get over it and come out of the closet already?Judge Pitkin from On the Town. He’s supposed to be marrying Claire de Loon but come on. Let’s be real about it. MAX VON ESSENHenri Baurel in An American in ParisWhen did you feel the most loud and proud onstage?When I was in Jerry Springer: The Opera playing a transsexual named Tremont. It was such a huge challenge and I had to take a big leap to play someone going through this experience But it was so freeing to just jump out there and live this person.What childhood obsession should have been a clear indicator to your family?I was obsessed super early on with Liza Minnelli. I remember buying the album to The Act when I was in the fourth grade. I had the entire thing memorized. Nobody told me she was a gay icon. I just discovered it on my own in the record store.Who was the first musical theater character you found yourself strangely attracted to?Omar Sharif as Nicky Arnstein in Funny Girl. He was just so cool and romantic and such a gentleman. I loved it.Which LGBT icon needs their own Broadway bio-musical?This is so expected but Judy Garland. She needs like a La Vie en Rose kind of stage musical.Which three gay icons living or dead would you invite to your fabulous Pride pool party?You’d think for a pool party I’d want people who are really beautiful but I’d pick Oscar Wilde, Judy Garland and Shirley Bassey. I don’t need them in bathing suits. I just need to talk to them.Who’s your favorite LGBT Broadway musical character?Henri Baurel in An American in Paris. Even though he’s not quite there yet, I know he is ultimately. And he’s my favorite. View Comments Jay Armstrong Johnson Beth Malone, Robin de Jesus, Michael Urie, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Max von Essen & Christopher Sieber Photographed by Caitlin McNaney for at The Empire Hotel. MICHAEL URIECar in Shows for DaysWhich Broadway character needs to get over it and come out of the closet already?Max from The Sound of Music. Totally gay.Who was the first musical theater character you found yourself strangely attracted to?Does Bernadette Peters count? There was a lot going on when I first discovered her. A lot of confusion, a lot of excitement. But also Billy Bigelow. He’s not my type in life but there’s something about him.Which LGBT icon needs their own Broadway bio-musical?A Barry Manilow musical would be pretty fabulous.When did you feel the most loud and proud onstage?When I was in The Temperamentals, a beautiful play about the Mattachine Society, the first political group for gay people in the ’50s. The older generation of gay people who came to see that play were so moved. It was just really special to get to tell their story.What childhood obsession should have been a clear indicator to your family?I was really into film production design when I was a kid—Dick Tracy, Beetlejuice, Batman… Really into style. And when I was 15 or so, I discovered cast albums. One Christmas, I got the album to Miss Saigon and later in the day, I was in my room listening to it and my parents were like, “What are you doing?” and I was like, “I’m FALLING IN LOVE with Miss Saigon!” Even then, I was like, “Wow, that sounded really gay.”Which three gay icons living or dead would you invite to your fabulous Pride pool party?Peter Allen at the jukebox, Charles Nelson Reilly at the grill and Greg Louganis on the diving board. Max von Essen Michael Urie Beth Malone Star Files BETH MALONEAlison in Fun HomeWhich Broadway character needs to get over it and come out of the closet already?The Genie from Aladdin. He’s super gay! Super. Gay.Who was the first musical theater character you found yourself strangely attracted to?Donald O’Connor in Singin’ in the Rain! I wanted to be him. If you think about it he’s kind of like a scrappy little lesbian in that movie. I wasn’t attracted to him, but I wanted to be him! And of course, Debbie Reynolds in movies like The Unsinkable Molly Brown. So scrappy.What childhood obsession should have been a clear indicator to your family?Kristy McNichol. I was obsessed with Little Darlings. I wore that VHS tape out. And Jodie Foster in the Disney movie Candleshoe. When I was very young I saw that and it literally was my “Ring of Keys” moment. It was like DING! I like her… I’m like her.. You know what I mean?Who’s your favorite LGBT Broadway musical character?When I was in high school I saw La Cage aux Folles and fell in love with Albin. He’s all love and just the mother you wish you had.Which three gay icons living or dead would you invite to your fabulous Pride pool party?Judy Garland, Divine and Mary Martin. Can I say that out loud? I really think Mary Martin was gay and I’d love to have her come to my pool party!Which LGBT icon needs their own Broadway bio-musical?It would be interesting to hear the genesis of Tom Cruise! That would be a good musical! It’s Pride Week in New York City, and the Big Apple is buzzing with tons of fun events to celebrate LGBT rights, from parades to festivals to sweaty dance parties. got in on the action and threw a Pride pool party on the roof of the Empire Hotel for a crew of awesome out Broadway stars. We snapped sexy shots of the stars and asked them about their gay icons, Pride hashtags, childhood obsessions and tons more. Jump in! Christopher Sieber View All (6)last_img read more

Wild Garden Predators

first_imgOn May 13 a mystery creature broke into Leslie Sprando’s duck pen. The animal hadapparently climbed up the door and forced its way in where the door was loose at the top.The creature killed seven pet ducks and a goose. It ate a few pounds of meat off thegoose. All the birds were killed by a bite to the throat. Apparently the animal had triedto take one of the ducks with it but had left its prey stuck in the door.What kind of animal could have done such a thing?I’ve had similar experiences in my own yard. Once a friend gave me eight bantamchickens. They were fun to have around, and the rooster served as an alarm clock. But weekby week their numbers dwindled.A Cooper’s hawk got one. When Phyllis went out with a broom to protect the chickens,she had to sweep the hawk off the chicken — he must have been hungry.One night as I sat outside, I heard something climbing a pine near the house. In a fewminutes there was a crack, followed by a thump and a squawking of fluttering bantams.They had been roosting on a pine limb. The ‘possum had crawled out to get them and thelimb had broken. The next morning we had one less chicken.If you have unprotected chickens, guineas or ducks, sooner or later they will turn updead. Here are some tips to help you determine the killer. If the crop is eaten, or if the animal has been killed while still in its cage and someparts pulled through the wire and eaten off, suspect a raccoon. If the chickens are simplygone, maybe it was a fox or coyote.If the head and neck are slimy, suspect a rat snake, which swallowed as far as hecould, then gave up. Snakes can’t bite pieces out of their prey.If a white splash mark is near the kill, and the carcass is picked clean with few or nobones broken, suspect a bird of prey. If you find chewed or broken feathers, the predatorwas a mammal. Hawks and owls don’t do such damage to feathers.If large bones were cleanly cut, suspect a bobcat. They have a pair of sharp shearingteeth for cutting bone. If large bones were crushed, gnawed or broken, maybe the culpritwas a member of the dog family.A useful technique is to skin the dead bird. Then the marks of teeth or claws will showclearly in the flesh and provide clues.If a lot of birds are killed and scattered and the inside of the coop is a mess,suspect dogs. If birds are killed and piled, think mink or weasel. If baby chicks arepiled or pulled into a rat hole, maybe it was a rat.In the Sprando case, since the animal forced its way in at the top of the door, it wasa good climber. I suspect a raccoon — or a few raccoons.What can you do to prevent a predator from taking your pet birds?A sturdy cage is your best answer. You can’t keep free-roaming poultry without risk oflosing them to predators.Even if you could shoot and trap every predator you saw, some would still come through.Besides, who would want to do such a thing?Raccoons and opossums are especially common these days, even in town. That’s due to adecline in fur trapping, and a decline in larger predators — wolves, cougars and bears –which occasionally eat medium-sized predators.Predators are interesting to watch should they visit your wild garden. It’s best,however, not to try and make friends.last_img read more

8 Cats and Dogs To Bring Home This Spring

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Everyone knows that March comes in like a cat and out like a kitten, right? Why not head down to an animal shelter this weekend and adopt one of each? And while you’re at it, check out these cute pooches available for adoption too!Amber and BiancaAvailable for adoption at North Shore Animal League America in Port Washington:Looking for a pair of feline friends to brighten your day? Look no further than Bianca and Amber! These bonded buddies have been through so much together, waiting for their purrfect home is nothing! You can find them frolicking in the Cat Habitat with friends, taking the shyer cats under their wings.Bianca is the welcoming committee, greeting all new friends—human and feline—to her wonderful world. Amber is a quiet observer until treats and toys come into play. Then watch out: she’ll leap straight into your heart!As much as they enjoy making friends, these loyal besties always come back to each other. At just 1-year-old, they have never known a home as wonderful as the Habitat, and they have no idea that being home will exceed their wildest dreams. Their ideal setting is one with children 10+ in age who can help them settle in.For more information about adopting Bianca and Amber, email [email protected] for adoption at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter in Wantagh:Everybody wants more money, so head down to the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter and get yourself some! Money first came into the shelter as an owner surrender in December 2014. His owner decided they wanted him back, but then he came in again as a stray in February 2018.This time though, his owner didn’t come back for him. Staff and volunteers are so sad to see him back again, but now it’s his turn to find his true forever home! Money is extra cute (as you can see by his picture) and has a personality to match.He is friendly with people and playful with other dogs. He loves to play with toys and knows the command “sit” – there’s no doubt he can learn more.If you are interested in giving Money the home he deserves, call 516-785-5220, email [email protected] or visit 3320 Beltagh Ave. in Wantagh.SnowyAvailable for adoption at the Little Shelter in Huntington:If you make Snowy your new best friend, you can have a winter wonderland all year round! Snowy is an adorable Poodle mix of around 10-years-old who arrived at Little Shelter from a large, overcrowded city shelter. Snowy is looking for someone who likes to relax and just have funFor more information on adopting Snowy, call 631-368-8770 or visit 33 Warner Rd. in Huntington.ColeAvailable for adoption at The Town of Oyster Bay Animal Shelter:Cole (reference #170647) was surrendered to the shelter with his litter mate, Bear, when their owner who, found them as babies, was unable to find homes for them on her own. Cole is a black, 8-month-old domestic short haired male that is ready like spaghetti for adoption. Cole has been neutered, up to date on all his vaccines and is microchipped.Bear (reference #170646) is also an 8-month-old domestic short hair who is neutered, up to date on all his vaccines, microchipped, single and ready to mingle!What both of these boys need is a chance to finally be adopted into a family that will love and care for them forever. For more information about adopting Cole and Bear, call the Town of Oyster Bay Animal Shelter at 516-677-5784.MarshmallowAvailable for adoption at The Town of North Hempstead Animal Shelter:Marshmallow is a 10-year-old Bichon Frise/Lhasa Apso mix that came to the shelter after his owner passed away. He is a funny little guy that likes to dance for treats! Marshmallow gets along with other dogs but does have the tendency to guard toys and treats from them.For this reason, he is best recommended for a home without children. Marshmallow on most days feels cuddly and wants to be near you, but some days he wakes up on the “wrong side of the bed” and wants to just hang out by himself. Whoever adopts him must understand this about him, but there’s no doubt he would make a great companion to someone in a quiet household.Call 516-944-8220 for more information on adopting Marshmallow!Available for adoption at Last Hope Animal Rescue in Wantagh:How about adopting a kitty with his own fan club! Bobbo arrived at Last Hope two days before Christmas with several litters from a hoarding situation. Bobbo was 6-weeks-old and undernourished when he arrived. Bobbo is still a tiny guy at 4-months-old now, but what he lacks in size, he more than makes up what in purrrsonality.Bobbo is a sweet and loveable cat who has become a volunteer favorite. Check out his webpage,, to learn more about adopting him todayAs always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!last_img read more

Growing women’s movement wins support from legislators

first_imgA growing women’s movement in support of the sexual violence eradication bill (RUU PKS) has encouraged more politicians to publicly and vocally support the legislation, especially following a recent uproar over the House of Representatives’ move to drop the bill – yet again – from the National Legislation Program (Prolegnas) priority list.The NasDem Party faction was the first to respond to the sidelining of the bill. NasDem Party politician Taufik Basari announced shortly after the bill’s removal from the priority list that the party would lead the effort in the House to include it in the 2021 Prolegnas. “I’m gathering support from members of other factions to support the bill, although what we need at the House is the support of the factions [in our coalition],” Taufik said on Wednesday.The bill is being contested because two parties, the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) and the United Development Party (PPP), have objected to some of the provisions. The PKS argued that the bill supported the legalization of adultery and nontraditional sexual orientations, such lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) identities, an accusation denied by supporters of the bill.The PPP opposed criminal sentences for domestic sexual violence, saying the bill should not punish a husband who forced his wife to have sex.So far, no parties beyond NasDem have announced their support for the bill. However, some members of the government coalition who had for years pushed for the House to pass the bill have voiced their support for NasDem’s initiative. One of these people is Diah Pitaloka of the ruling Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P). “The PDI-P has consistently supported [the bill] from the beginning. No need to lobby us anymore. We give it our full support,” Diah told The Jakarta Post on Friday.In the previous legislative term, only two factions supported the bill: the PDI-P and the Gerindra Party. At the time, Gerindra had Rahayu Saraswati Djojohadikusumo, who, with Diah, pushed other factions in Commission VIII to support the bill.In the current term, amid changes to the political map and the membership of the House, support for the bill has increased. The NasDem Party and certain members of the Golkar Party and the Islam-based Nation Awakening Party (PKB) have voiced their support for the bill. The last two factions did not support the bill in the previous term.Golkar’s Nurul Arifin and new lawmaker Christina Ariyani, Taufik said, were two female members of the Golkar faction who had communicated with him. “I hope they will ask the factions to support the bill. NasDem can’t be the only one,” he said.Christina, however, told the Post that she was still unsure whether Golkar would officially support the bill, despite its female members’ support for the bill. “I don’t know about the faction itself, but many of the female members are supporting it,” she said.PKB’s Marwan Dasopang said his faction was not against the bill, saying the exclusion of the bill from the 2020 priority list was a result of difficulties in arranging the bill’s deliberation.The deputy chairman of House Commission VIII overseeing social affairs, who previously handled the bill’s deliberation, said the lawmakers were just as divided over the bill as they were in the previous term.“However, the PKB supports the deliberation of the bill on next year’s priority list. The PKB wants the bill to be added in the 2021 Prolegnas. It’s just that the commission doesn’t have much time to resolve it this year,” he said.Many supporters of the bill, which has been under consideration since 2016, have criticized its continued postponement.According to a public debate analysis by big data consulting firm Drone Emprit released on July 3, more women had expressed their disappointment about the postponement on Twitter than usual. Normally, men tended to be more vocal.”The SNA [Social Network Analysis] of the RUU PKS discussion shows that the social media sphere [in this instance] isn’t just filled with the people who usually influence trending topics. Many who are not usually vocal have appeared to voice their concerns,” the study found.Before responding to the bill’s removal, social media users were debating the fraught Pancasila Ideology Guidelines (HIP) bill, which was criticized for controversial articles and what some members of the public called insignificant objectives.”The debate over the RUU PKS defeats the trend of the HIP bill, which had a relatively large opposition. This indicated that the public’s attention on the RUU PKS is also very high,” the firm wrote.NasDem’s Taufik said his faction would be the facilitator of the women’s movement at the House, noting it aligned with the party’s relatively large representation of women in the 2019 general elections.“The party’s external and internal policies have sided with the women’s movement. We have the largest number of female representatives in the House. We also did the same thing to the party structure from the central to the subdistrict level. In the 2019 elections, our female legislative candidates reached 50 percent [of the party’s total candidates] in some areas, such as in Pringsewu regency, Lampung,” he said.Taufik added that the bill would not pose a significant political risk to the party provided lawmakers and activists could explain its policies effectively to those who opposed it.Feminist activist Olin Monteiro reminded lawmakers and other groups not to forget the initial draft proposed by activists in 2014, which was supported by female lawmakers during the House’s previous term, including Diah and Nurul.”Whoever the initiator of the bill is, I hope there will be no new draft and that the lawmakers will always communicate with us. We could, of course, change and fix the language of the draft bill, but we don’t want to have a new one,” she said.Achmad Baidowi of the PPP said the party had yet to decide its stance on the bill, noting it would focus on addressing the bills on this year’s list for the time being. “Later. We’re still focusing on the 2020 Prolegnas,” he said.Topics :last_img read more

NHV Group picks new chief executive officer

first_imgThe NHV Group, a helicopter services provider, has named a new chief executive officer of the company.NHV’s AS-365N-2 Dauphin 2 helicopter; Image by: Booris~enwiki; Source: WIkimedia – under the CC BY-SA 3.0 licenseNHV Group said on Thursday that Steffen Bay was named as the new company’s chief executive officer (CEO).Steffen Bay previously served as the company’s chief commercial officer. He will replace former CEO and co-founder Eric Van Hal.Yves-Louis Darricarrère, president of NHV’s board of directors, said: “Steffen brings a wealth of commercial and corporate experience to the role of CEO from his successful 20-year career across all aspects of the helicopter services value chain.“His expertise and decisiveness, combined with an unwavering commitment to safety, and relentless focus on competitiveness make him a great fit for NHV and uniquely qualified to move the company forward.”Steffen Bay recently joined NHV Group after having held several leadership positions at Waypoint Leasing, ERA Helicopters, and Airbus Helicopters.Regarding his appointment, Bay said: “I am excited and honored to be the new CEO of the NHV Group. I look forward to serving NHV’s loyal clients and business partners and to working with NHV’s skilled and committed teams to continue to deliver outstanding and safe operations.”last_img read more

Offshore Wind Conference 2019: Update NL

first_imgHow will offshore wind play its part in the energy transition? Find out during Offshore Wind Conference 2019. This animation delves into the session Update NL.This session offers an update on the developments in the Dutch offshore wind industry regarding innovations, technology and policy, and is intended for foreign delegates who would like to become updated on the latest in offshore wind in the Netherlands. With a contribution from Keld Bennetsen, Project Director at Vattenfall.Offshore Wind Conference will be taking place on 7 and 8 October 2019 during Offshore Energy 2019 in the Amsterdam RAI, the Netherlands.View the program HERE and secure your seat to find out how offshore wind plays its part in the energy transition.last_img read more