Chief Selectees Begin Path on USS Dwight D. Eisenhower

first_img Share this article View post tag: Navy View post tag: D. View post tag: begin Fifty-eight 1st class petty officers aboard USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69), Carrier Air Wing Seven and the staff of Carrier Strike Group Eight were selected for advancement to chief petty officer, July 31.While operating in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of responsibility, the selectees were announced by Capt. Marcus A. Hitchcock, IKE’s commanding officer and Capt. Samuel Paparo, commander Carrier Air Wing Seven, during a ship-wide announcement. “When I first found out I made Chief, there were a lot of emotions,” said Chief (Sel.) Machinist’s Mate (SW/AW) Chris Navitskis of reactor propulsion division. “To be selected to become part of that group is a pretty surreal feeling. I knew my time would come, I just wasn’t expecting it so quickly.”Selectees aboard IKE will wear a “Chief Selectee” badge and will soon change their title to “Chief,” forever changing their naval careers.“It really is an honor to be selected for chief,” said Chief (Sel.) Aviation Structural Mechanic (AW/SW) Francis Furstman, from the Jolly Rogers of VFA-103. “It’s been a career long goal of mine. I’m looking forward to taking more of a role as a mentor and leader.”The CPO selectees welcome the new challenge of taking charge of the deckplates and leading junior Sailors.“For the past few years, I have been trying to step up and be a leader for the younger guys,” said Navitskis. “Now, I’ll be able to have a stronger and deeper impact on junior Sailors. Everybody always looks up to the Chief, and to become a part of that tradition is humbling.”Command Master Chief (AW/SW) Gregg Snaza explained that prior to putting the gold anchors of a chief petty officer on their uniforms, selectees must go through an induction process.During the induction process, selectees receive physical training, mentoring, and training in the various new responsibilities they will take on with the gold anchors. IKE’s induction ends on Sept. 14, with a pinning ceremony.“The next six weeks will be challenging as they dive into the roles and responsibilities of a chief petty officer,” said Snaza. “IKE has more than 300 chiefs aboard and I think I speak for all of them when I say we’re looking forward to this year’s induction.”Snaza said another goal is to revitalize the chief’s mess by reinforcing the traditions and meaning behind the chief petty officers.“Our goal is to illuminate the challenges that chiefs face every day and to impart upon our new selectees that leadership and integrity are key,” said Snaza. “I look forward to induction every year. It recharges my batteries and brings back to the forefront all the great things chiefs stand for.”For those Sailors selected, being advanced is the result of years of hard work, dedication, and help from those before them.“Making chief has always been a goal of mine,” said Navitskis. “I wouldn’t be here without other chiefs who helped me along the way.”Eisenhower is deployed to the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operation conducting maritime security operations, theater security cooperation efforts and support missions as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.[mappress]Naval Today Staff, August 3, 2012 View post tag: Eisenhower View post tag: Selectees View post tag: Dwight View post tag: chief View post tag: USScenter_img View post tag: Naval Chief Selectees Begin Path on USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Back to overview,Home naval-today Chief Selectees Begin Path on USS Dwight D. Eisenhower August 3, 2012 View post tag: ON View post tag: path Authorities View post tag: News by topiclast_img read more

Rule review

first_imgLabelling, waste treatment, fortification and saturated fat are on the EU legislative agenda, as parliamentary officer Chris Dabner told the NA conference earlier this month.EU review of food labelling proposalsThe EU is proposing mandatory nutrition labelling on all pre-packed food; an extension of country-of-origin labelling; and improved label clarity.”This will present many challenges,” said parliamentary officer Chris Dabner. “The EU thinks that in order to make labels clearer, you need to make the print bigger. We’ll end up with A4 labels.”On loose food and food pre-packed for direct sale, the EU wants the declaration of allergens and a use-by date provided for certain foods – for example, pâté and cooked meats. “We initially hoped the EU review would result in the Food Labelling Directive being consolidated and simplified,” said Dabner. “In reality, it will become a Regulation not a Directive and additional requirements will result in a huge document.”There are also seven UK Food Labelling Regulations (National Provisions) which are not in the EU Food Labelling Directive, said Dabner. These include:? Regulation 4(3)(b)&(c): exemption from labelling for foods sold for the benefit of charities and food sold at fêtes, bazaars for the benefit of schools, etc? Regulation 18(1)(e): exemption from labelling for the mandatory fortificants in flour – calcium, iron, niacin, thiamine? Regulation 23(1)(b): Exemption from labelling for flour confectionery packed in crimp cases or wholly transparent packaging.The continued existence of these national provisions is also being challenged. The completion date is expected to be around 2009/10.Fortification of flour or bread with folic acidThe Food Standards Agency (FSA) Board held a meeting on 17 May, when its 12 members decided whether to recommend, to the Department of Health, whether folic acid should become a mandatory additive. Folic acid reduces the incidence of foetal neural tube defects, Dabner told delegates. He explained the various options which the FSA was weighing up and some of the issues raised.”Folic acid could be added to any of the following: all flour; all flour except wholemeal; bread-making flour; or to bread. The Republic of Ireland is probably going to fortify bread. Other issues include, whether the presence of folic acid should appear on labelling, in which case should the four other statutory fortifications – calcium, iron, niacin and thiamine – also be labelled?”Also, as flour is present in thousands of products, often in small amounts, does this mean that there should be a minimum flour content in products before labelling is required?”Landfill directive and pre-treatment of waste”In about nine years’ time it is predicted there will be no holes in the ground left for waste,” said Dabner. So, as of 30 October, 2007, waste must be pre-treated prior to landfill. Businesses will have to sort and recycle some of their waste, either by pre-treating their own waste or paying a contractor to do it for them. “Ultimately it is in our interest to recycle, because the less landfill space there is, the higher the landfill taxes will become.”consultation on energy intake and saturated fatThe intake of saturated fat and calories for large sections of the population are too high, resulting in obesity and concerns about cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes and some cancers.”The FSA’s main target appears to be major food manufacturers and food retailers but it also wants to engage the catering sector,” added Dabner. The FSA is suggesting:? More front-of-pack labelling? A healthy balanced diet, with more bread and fewer crisps, biscuits, cakes and soft drinks? A reduction in portion sizes? Reformulation to lower levels of saturated fats and/or sugars? The removal of added trans fatty acids and hydrogenated vegetable oils, which the FSA says often occur in foods such as biscuits, cakes, fast food and pastry? Focusing reformulation on biscuits, buns, cakes, pastry, fruit pies pizzas and meat. nlast_img read more

UW’s defense keys successes

first_imgJEFF SCHORFHEIDE/Herald photoAll year Wisconsin did it on defense.In getting the job done on the defensive end, the Badgersfinished the regular season leading the nation in scoring average and holdingopponents to just 54.3 points per game en route to a 26-4 record, a No. 8national ranking and a regular season conference title.?We just took care of business,? Badger head coach Bo Ryansaid in his Monday press conference.?There?s a lot of reasons [for success of the defense], andit just doesn?t start with one person,? Ryan said. ?I don?t think enough creditis given to what say a Greg Stiemsma gives us off the bench. Sometimes peoplelook at minutes to judge a person?s play.?Stiemsma led the team in blocked shots with 33 during theseason.?I think some of the other guys, the way they cover for oneanother is the key to how this group has played defensively,? Ryan said. ?It?sjust been mainly guys picking up for one another.?Wisconsin forced 14.1 turnovers per game from its opponentsand held its foes to just 38 percent shooting from the field for the season.??Well, thisgroup didn?t create as many turnovers as some of the other teams that we?vehad, but shooting percentage-wise, I would have to think this would be thelowest,? Ryan said.?I think shooting percentage-wise our team has done a goodjob of maybe getting teams to not have as many good looks as they would like tohave. Yet I look at film and see guys wide open, ? but there haven?t been a lotof wide-open shots that the other teams have had.?As for what the basis of the defense is, Ryan citedprinciples he learned from Bob Knight more than 30 years ago.?Everything that I?ve done defensively has been off of thatclinic in ?72,? Ryan said. ?There?s a lot of zone principles in the man-to-manthat we play, and I?ve always liked that concept.??Badgers receive awardsThe Big Ten?s annual awards were released Monday afternoon,and several Badgers were among the recipients.Leading the way was Brian Butch, who was named to the conference?sfirst-team by both the media and the coaches. Butch lead the Badgers in bothscoring and rebounding this season.Michael Flowers was an all second-team selection by themedia and an all third-team selection by the coaches, while Marcus Landry was thecoaches? all second-teamer and a media all-third team pick.Both Flowers and junior Joe Krabbenhoft were named to theall-defensive team, and sophomore Jason Bohannon was named the conference?sSixth Man of the Year.Ryan, while believing the honors were well-deserved, doesn?tthink they were the ultimate goals of his players.?I think our players would tell you they got their award andtheir reward, and that was a Big Ten Championship,? Ryan said. ?I think thefirst thing that they wanted was what they accomplished.?As for naming the team?s most valuable player this season,Ryan felt it was just too difficult to decide.?There?s no way this year. There?s no way,? Ryan said. ?Youwould say defensively Michael Flowers, but you know what, Krabbenhoft, Landry ?what they?ve added defensively, Trevon?s gotten better defensively. Offensivelythen who is the MVP? Can?t do that either. I don?t know where to start on thatone.??Badgers start Big Ten preparationsWisconsin won?t play again until Friday, but when theyreturn to action the Badgers face the possibility of playing three games in asmany days. As such, UW will try to catch up on some rest early this season.?Well, one of the keys is that we have remained in prettygood physical condition and shape, but you want that to continue,? Ryansaid.??Our guys when theypractice, they practice hard. ? There?s a lot of contact out there, so on a daylike today it?s going to be more skill work, shooting free-throws, lifting andconditioning.?UW faces the winner of Thursday?s game between Iowa andMichigan, but the team will prepare for both to be on the safe side.?Tomorrow we?ll start preparing,? Ryan said. ?Tuesday willbe one team for the scout-team, Wednesday will be the other team, and thenThursday we?ll know.?last_img read more