Visions revisions toast and tea

first_imgTwenty floors above the city, as the day closed in, Tom Alter’s rich voice floated amongst the immaculate crystals and some very fine brew. And Eliot. Reflections, a session of tea and poetry held at Le Meridien was an evening for the connoisseurs. A part of the New Perspective event series at the hotel, Reflections seemed to be the most perfect way to kick off, just like the first flush of tea which is believed to be the best. Bits of Mirza Ghalib and Maulana Azad’s poetry mingled with Eliot’s and were accompanied by some perfect cups of tea and savouries.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The poetry was interspersed with talks by tea taster and sommelier Anamika Singh. All the brews tasted through the evening have been blended by her. Putting together green and black tea with flowers and herbs from the Himalayas, Singh has managed to concoct some fragrant brews that is subtle, refreshing and rejuvenates like a dream. Singh believes that the Indian customer has not really woken up to the health benefits of tea and the right way to brew it. There is a need to graduate from a glass of chai to a cup of tea.  And to graduate, one needs to learn and the session was quite a start, it is all about what you infuse, says Singh making it clear that teabags just don’t work.  Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixAlter took on the session with an idea a Chinese poem puts forth. After the seventh cup of tea in the day, one can attain salvation. He broke the poetry session in to seven segments starting with the first cup of tea in bed and ending it with the last cup of tea before sleep. While the first cup of tea softly nudges one awake, the second cup of tea is believed to drive away the five causes of sorrow. By the third cup of tea life is set in motion and by the fourth – all the wrong of life passes away through the pores. Fifth cup means purification, the 4’o clock bliss, the sixth calls out from the realms of the immortal and by the seventh cup as the day comes to a close, the stirring of the tea makes the world go round.  ‘When you have the finest tea, it’s sheer poetry and in sheer poetry there is an unforgettable soothing essence of tea. Reflections is the romance of tea and some great food which helps to unwind and start conversations,’ said Alter. Tea became a refuge of sorts and poetry the perfect companion as songs floated in and out creating the perfect evening. Just as being a poet is a lifetime of work, the right cup of tea imbibes the same passion. And bringing both together could not have been more perfect. All of us has at some time or the other tried writing poetry, perhaps it is also time to try and brew a perfect cup of tea as well.last_img read more