Centromere Shows More Gems in “Junk DNA”

first_imgA biochemist at University of Wisconsin-Madison and a colleague sequenced a hard-to-sequence part of the rice genome, the centromere, and found four genes in it.  Previously, it was thought to be a vast wasteland of repetitive, non-coding DNA.  The scientist, Jiming Jiang, thinks his work provides a “window to evolution” of the centromere, according to writer Terry Devitt: “The evolutionary progression of the centromeres, Jiang suggests, may be analogous to how temperate forests evolve from more diverse ecosystems to climax forests where a single species of tree dominates.  In the rice centromere, it may be that evolution has not yet purged active genes to be replaced by the long and repetitive blocks of DNA that mark the centromeres of most organisms.”Where’s the evolution?  If you start with genes and end up with more junk, you’re going downhill.  He should be celebrating that junk DNA is not junk after all.  Only a committed Darwin Party member could make an evolutionary spin out of this data.  Just the facts, ham.(Visited 7 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Taxi body’s low-cost airline takes flight

first_img19 September 2011Taxi body Santaco’s new low-cost airline will open up air travel to many South Africans previously unable to access it, President Jacob Zuma said at the airline’s launch at Lanseria Airport on Friday.Zuma said the South African National Taxi Council’s (Santaco’s) new venture showed growth of the country’s aviation industry.Due to the high cost of air travel and a perception that air travel was the exclusive preserve of a privileged few, many South Africans did not have access to air travel.Opening air travel ‘to the masses’ “Santaco is therefore opening air travel to the masses, building on the contribution of other low-cost airlines that entered the market recently,” Zuma said.Santaco Airlines ran a test flight from Johannesburg to Bisho in the Eastern Cape on Friday.The airline will initially operate one or two flights a day between Lanseria and Bhisho in the Eastern Cape, and then on to the Cape Town International Airport.Its main target is Johannesburg customers, who often have to make a 14-hour road trip for a funeral in the Eastern Cape only to return five hours later. Commuters will be taken from Joburg taxi ranks to the airport, then transported to a taxi rank at their destination.“Our potential is to make the bush into the city,” Santaco president Jabulani Mthembu said when the announcing plans for the airline earlier this year, explaining that the airline would focus on regional airports.“We specialise in awkward areas because that’s where our business is.”First fully black-owned airline Zuma congratulated the council for giving South Africa its first fully black-owned airline.“The venture is significant because it’s a practical example of economic and social emancipation in both ownership and consumption.”The airline is owned by over 10 000 taxi owners, making it one of the most broad-based black empowerment ventures in South Africa.Zuma said the government would continue to invest in infrastructure to support growth in the taxi industry and in public transport in general.Source: BuaNewslast_img read more

Deere Tracks – Christmas Edition

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest What do you get when you mix a Tractor, a Drone and 10″ of Snow? A TWO ACRE MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Hopefully Santa will see it when he flies over on Christmas Eve!last_img

You Don’t Want No Pain. You Want to Know Pain.

first_imgYou don’t want no pain; you want to know pain. Most of the reason people don’t produce the results they want is because they avoid pain. Really, they avoid even being uncomfortable.They avoid the pain of having the difficult conversations.They avoid the discomfort of having to call people who aren’t expecting their call.They avoid the pain of having to get up early and the pain of having to work harder than anyone else.Some avoid the minor discomfort of shutting down their email and closing their web browser.But, You Know ThisWhen you first start exercising, especially lifting weights, you really know pain. Each workout hurts, and the time it takes to recover is considerable. But over time the pain changes. It starts to feel good. The pain is an indication that you’re getting stronger, that you’re progressing. And then what used to be painful is hardly a workout.But without the pain, you never get stronger, you never get better. In fact, you likely get weaker, your muscles atrophy.You only improve by increasing the pain. By using it to your advantage.Know PainYou want to know pain. You want to do what makes you uncomfortable. You want to build your intestinal fortitude, your ability to withstand being in an uncomfortable, painful place.If you want to know how to do better than you’ve ever done, then embrace pain, instead of avoiding it like so many others.The more pain you can withstand without flinching, the better the results you produce. After some time, it isn’t pain anymore at all. Then, it’s time to know new pain.QuestionsWhat pain are you avoiding?What pain do you need to embrace?What pain you have adjusted to? How do you move to a something that makes you uncomfortable again?last_img read more