The 9 Drunkest Presidents on Drunk History

first_imgHi. I’m Carli Velocci. Today we’re going to talk about Drunk History‘s, uh, history in depicting United States Presidents.This President’s Day, considering who is currently President, many of us will probably be (responsibly) drinking (and Feb. 18 is National Drink Wine Day so we might make it a weekend thing). In celebration of Presidents, drinking, and past Presidents, we turn to Drunk History, which has been helping its audience to understand some of the most exciting moments in history through the eyes of super drunk comedians. It might not always be accurate, but it’s at least entertaining.So in celebration of whatever you feel about President’s Day, we’re counting down our favorite Drunk History Presidents, which include a few that make multiple appearances. Because some Presidents are just more relevant and fun to talk about than others, even if they weren’t necessarily good at their jobs.Will Ferrell as President Abraham LincolnThis clip comes from before Comedy Central picked up the show from Funny or Die, and it’s interesting to see how little has changed. In the retelling of the friendship between President Lincoln and Frederick Douglass (who is dead, by the way), Will Ferrell and Don Cheadle tease the bromance comedy we kind of want in a full-length feature film. Ferrell is playing Lincoln with a stoicism that he’s able to exploit for some great deadpan reactions, but the way he wears the fake Lincoln beard is memorable enough. It looks like a drunk person put it on.Bob Odenkirk as President Richard NixonBob Odenkirk is one of comedy’s best straight men and overall actors, so his depiction of President Nixon is a little eerie. It’s not an outright, comedic impersonation, but he does inhabit some of the man’s more physical quirks. It’s more nuanced than you would expect from a Nixon impression, but because it’s Bob Odenkirk, you’re okay with it. It’s just perfect casting, minus the fact it’s also a great Nixon story.Stephen Merchant as President LincolnPresident Lincoln is probably the most popular president on Drunk History, and Stephen Merchant played him the most often, rare considering parts change from episode to episode. The lanky, bug-eyed Merchant is physically one of the best people to play the President, even if he’s British and probably knows nothing about playing him. Merchant knows how to use his giant eyes and his body to elicit a reaction from his audience. Just the way he moves is hilarious, and he knows it.Andy Daly as President Teddy RooseveltThis is the story of how Teddy Roosevelt became a “bad ass” and a “rock star.” It’s a great story, told by a man lying on the floor too drunk to stand. But Teddy Roosevelt didn’t lie on the floor. He went up that hill! He marched. And if anybody turned around, he’d shoot them.Nick Kroll as President Ronald ReaganFirst Lady Nancy Reagan takes center stage in this tale about how Ronald Reagan left the entertainment industry to become a politician, but I enjoy watching Nick Kroll play the clueless puppet to his wife. He’s innocent and wide-eyed, so probably not like the actual President Reagan, but he has a chiseled jaw. We can trust him. I promise.Joe Lo Truglio as President John AdamsHistory has some differing opinions on President John Adams’ legacy. The current view, echoed in Hamilton and in Drunk History, is that Adams wasn’t fit to be a leader. Lin-Manuel Miranda, as Alexander Hamilton in his musical, calls Adams a “fat motherfucker.” Drunk History looks at him like a petulant child, especially when talking about the election of 1800 against future President Thomas Jefferson (although in Adams’ defense, Jefferson doesn’t fare better). Joe Lo Truglio is known for playing borderline creepy man-children, which is perfect when you’re talking about how the Founding Fathers were actually just middle schoolers spreading rumors about each other.Courtney Cox as President Edith WilsonTotally counts! First Lady Edith Wilson made decisions in her husband’s stead while he was recovering from a stroke, so she basically did all his duties, effectively becoming the first female President. She even pulled a Weekend at Bernie’s and propped President Wilson up in bed to ensure that Congress didn’t catch on to the “true condition.”Jack McBrayer as President Andrew JacksonIf President Lincoln has the most appearances in Drunk History, President Jackson is a close second. Or maybe he takes the honor. There are plenty of stories to tell about the guy, who was a war general, war criminal, and genocidal maniac. If you’re going to depict one of the most violent Presidents in our nation’s history, why not cast one of the most adorable, bright-eyed actors? Jack McBrayer makes a living off playing lovable and carefree simpletons, so the comedy is in just the casting. He doesn’t even need to do much, but he brings some bright-eyed innocence to the role anyway.Michael Cera as President Andrew JacksonSpeaking of bright-eyed, here’s Michael Cera doing the exact same thing with a little more relaxation. Cera has played his share of politicians on the show, appearing in the very first episode as Alexander Hamilton, but as President Jackson, he’s able to be “bad ass” without showing off typical markers of the trait. There’s probably a reason why Drunk History keeps having him back on, and it’s probably because of how good he looks in a mustache and old-timey uniform. Yeah, nothing to do with his acting ability.Stream Drunk History here for free with your Hulu account.last_img read more