Useless or brilliant Software program buys you random stuff from Amazon

first_imgEvery now and then, a developer creates a little computer program that simply will never appeal to the mass market. Amazon Random Shopper is one such example. Admittedly, creator Darius Kazemi doesn’t have any designs on turning it into a commercial product, but it does bend the mind to wonder why anyone would want to spend money without knowing what they’re buying.Kazemi wrote in his Tumblr blog about the feeling that people get when they receive an Amazon package in the mail but completely forgot that they ordered something. (Apparently that’s a thing, even though I have never experienced it.) Anyway, Kazemi thought it would be a good idea if he wrote a program that just bought random items from Amazon on a regular basis, so he could have that feeling all the time.Using a piece of code that runs through the Amazon checkout process and sought out specific item categories (DVDs, CDs, and books), he set a monthly budget of $50. The amount that it spends on each order is also random, so it could buy a $50 item, or it could buy ten $5 items over the course of the month.It is admittedly an interesting way to be exposed to new movies and books, or new music. Still, something about purposefully spending $50 per month on stuff that you don’t even have any say in sounds a little hard for the average person to swallow.Nevertheless, Kazemi has posted his code online if you also have extra money to spend. If you’re curious, his first two random purchases were Noam Chomsky’s book Cartesian Linguistics: A Chapter in the History of Rationalist Thought: Third Edition, and a CD from Hungarian electro-acoustic composer Akos Rozmann. Not too bad of a start!via Random Shopper Tumblrlast_img read more