Steve Jobs actor Ashton Kutcher offered 10m to promote Lenovo PCs

first_imgThe Steve Jobs biopic starring Ashton Kutcher is due to arrive in theaters next month, and it looks like Kutcher is taking a page from the former Apple CEO’s playbook. He’s reportedly pondering an infusion of cash from a company with very strong ties to Windows.According to the New York Post, Lenovo is dangling a whopping $10 million to secure Kutcher’s endorsement. He’s been the poster boy for Nikon’s digital cameras for nearly four years now, so clearly Lenovo isn’t alone in thinking that the one-time underwear model and lovable sitcom oaf strikes a chord with consumers.The match makes good sense. Just this month, both IDC and Gartner declared Lenovo to be the world’s number one seller of PCs. Kutcher is television’s highest-paid star, raking in $24 million in a single year as Charlie Sheen’s replacement on Two and a Half Men.Even though it has taken over the pole position, Lenovo still hasn’t become a household name like HP or Dell. A few well-done promo spots featuring Kutcher would certainly help, and they’d give additional exposure to some of the company’s slick new products — like the IdeaPad Yoga and the massive IdeaCenter Horizon.It’s a shame Dell didn’t try to beat Lenovo to the punch. It would have been awesome to see vintage Kelso resurrect the old “Dude, you’re gettin’ a Dell” ads. Maybe Lenovo’s marketing folks will tap into that vibe for some of the spots… assuming, of course, that Kutcher signs on.It’s not like he’ll have to put himself in the hospital again to get in touch with his role.last_img read more