Aiming to grow overseas sales? Make this event your first port of call

first_imgHave you booked your place for the Food Export Conference?Organised by British Baker in partnership with sister titles Food Manufacture and Meat Trades Journal, the event has been designed for businesses looking for their first export opportunities or wanting to grow existing overseas sales.Held at Ardencote Manor, Warwickshire, on Thursday, 5 October 2017, it has been developed to arm delegates with advice about best practice from trade experts and British businesses enjoying success overseas.Speakers include Adam Buckley, international sales director at Mr Kipling owner Premier Foods; Ed Wright, export director for Cranswick; Richard Clothier of Wyke Farms; and Jeremy Gilboy, managing director of Carrs Foods.Topics will include financing, the help available from government bodies, legal issues, and how to identify the best overseas markets for your products.The day comprises four sessions that will cover:• Identifying your potential for growth• How to organise your UK business to drive export• World Trade Organization rules• What can be learned from food and drink manufacturers trading profitably overseas“British bakery businesses of all sizes are already enjoying strong overseas trade but there are many more opportunities to be embraced,” said Vince Bamford, editor of British Baker.“This conference will give suppliers the chance to learn from those who have found export success, and help them identify potential markets for their own goods.”To register for the Food Export Conference, visit sponsorship opportunities, contact Sara Beswick on [email protected] or call her on 01293 846571.last_img read more

Farm Africa ramps up scheme to help Kenya’s young farmers

first_imgA project that helps young adults in western Kenya set up agricultural enterprises has secured UK Aid Match – which means the UK government will match any donations made to the project.The Growing Futures scheme has been created by charity Farm Africa to give young people the knowledge and skills to grow their businesses and income through farming. Kenya has the highest level of youth unemployment in eastern Africa.Growing Futures is focused on developing horticultural expertise and building farmers’ links to profitable markets.To date, Farm Africa has provided agriculture, business and marketing training to help 2,300 young men and women living in western Kenya grow and sell more. Currently, 400 young Kenyan farmers are learning foundation skills and techniques to build a sustainable horticultural business.The farmers have also had training in financial management and writing business plans, giving them the springboard they need to borrow the capital required to grow and run their businesses. The current group’s first vegetables have been sold, achieving profit margins of 62% for cabbages and 50% for French beans.Over the next two years, the farmers will receive further training and support in finding buyers, business development skills, post-harvest handling and good warehouse practices.The project is also helping the farmers gain Global GAP certification, which they need to be able to export their vegetables. Exports are typically more lucrative than domestic markets.“With our inclusive market engagement focus, we work with young people in rural Kitale by developing the horticultural and business skills they need to set up successful, profitable horticultural enterprises,” said Farm Africa project coordinator Mary Nyale.Farm Africa is aiming to ramp up Growing Futures through UK donations. Between 14 October 2017 and 14 January 2018 all donations to the appeal will be doubled by the UK government through the Aid Match scheme. The charity is supported by William Reed Business Media.Donations can be made online at study: Joseph KaundaOne of the farmers taking part in the project is Joseph Kaunda, who has already used the income generated to invest in growing his business.“The Growing Futures project trained me on how to improve productivity and now I am able to grow different grades of vegetables for different buyers,” he said. “This has been very beneficial. Through the sale of cabbages, I was able to buy a water pump and I am currently running my own vegetable production as a separate entrepreneur from the group.”When Kaunda joined Growing Futures he was already growing cabbages. Farm Africa help him and his wife Micah improve productivity through proper crop management.Before Kaunda started working with Farm Africa he struggled to find buyers for his produce, leaving his produce to go rotten. When he did find a buyer, they often offered him a very low price.“When things rot I get very discouraged,” he said. “You spend a lot of money buying seedlings and tilling the farm, and you do the calculations on how much money you will make. When you do not do well it takes a while to get the capital to start again.”Since Kaunda started working with Farm Africa he has seen a 65% increase in yields and profit.“If I improve my farming I will buy a truck so I can get my products to the market and I can also take other farmers produce for sale”, he said.last_img read more

Review of the Year 2018: January to March

first_imgWith 2019 fast approaching, we cast our eye over some of the bakery stories that have hit the headlines over the past 12 months.JanuaryIceland pledged to swap plastic packaging across its own-label bakery lines for paper-based material. It announced it would eliminate all plastic packaging from its own-brand products by the end of 2023. In the case of bakery goods, the retailer said it would look to use a paper-compatible material, such as cellulose, in place of plastic for products where shoppers needed to see what they were buying.The Real Bread Campaign published a guide to help small bakeries reduce the number of surplus loaves they produced. Among other things, No Loaf Lost, addressed where, when and why surplus arose, ways to minimise mismatches between production and sales, reasons to slice surplus, what to do with surplus loaves and how to communicate with staff and customers.Bakery businesses ramped up activity encouraging customers to have their drinks in reusable cups. The previous month Patisserie Valerie owner Patisserie Holdings introduced a 50p discount for customers who ordered a takeaway drink and brought their own reusable cup. Pret A Manger doubled its cup discount to 50p, and Paul UK increased its discount from 10p to 25p.Stephens opened what it claimed is UK’s first drive-through independent bakery site – and first drive-through bakery in Scotland –  in Dunfermline. FebruaryPudding firm The Ultimate Food Company entered administration after trading for more than 30 years. All 20 employees of the Kendal-based business were made redundant.Greencore sold its cakes and desserts business in Hull to Bright Blue Foods. The sale marked Greencore’s exit from the UK cakes and desserts sector and coincided with the closure of its desserts facility in Evercreech, Somerset.Tesco reduced the sugar content of its jam-filled, custard-filled and sugared large ring doughnuts. Milk replaced egg in the recipe as part of the sugar-cutting process, which meant they were no longer dairy-free.Carbs were reported as being back in fashion, with Argos citing a 106% increase in online searches for bread-makers compared to the previous year, while sales of spiralisers for making courgette spaghetti had fallen 65%.Scottish biscuits suppler Border switched from a seven-day week to a five-day one under a new production schedule. The business, which at the time of writing has a £16.5m turnover, said the revamped production schedule gave its 150 members of staff weekends off and a better work-life balance. MarchMarks & Spencer, Asda and Waitrose enjoyed booming sales of sourdough loaves. Demand at M&S almost doubled year on year at 98%, Asda saw sales rise 50%, while sales of sourdough loaves at Waitrose jumped by a third, the retailers said. Tesco also revealed that demand for its hard-crusted, rustic-style bread soared by nearly 40% over the previous year.Violet Bakery owner Claire Ptak, was named as the baker who would produce Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding cake. To meet the “bright flavours of spring” brief, the cake would go on to be a lemon and elderflower creation, covered in buttercream, crowned with icing pearls and decorated with fresh flowers.Public Health England (PHE) called on businesses to slash 20% from the calorie content of certain foods – including many baked goods – by 2024. Sandwiches, pizza, savoury biscuits, bread ‘with additions’ (such as ciabatta with olives), pies and pastries were among products targeted by PHE in a bid to tackle obesity, which it said cost the NHS £6bn each year.Signature Flatbreads bought out its joint venture partner Aryzta. The Eid family, which had set up the business that became Signature more than 30 years earlier, bought out Aryzta’s shareholding to become the owners of Signature Flatbreads.last_img read more

Just Desserts gets visit from HRH Princess Anne

first_imgJust Desserts welcomed HRH Princess Anne to its bakery in Shipley, West Yorkshire yesterday (15 July).Managing director James O’Dwyer showed the Princess Royal around the Just Desserts facility, which has recently expanded into another unit. It plans to use this for offices and staff facilities, demolishing the existing ones and increasing capacity by around 50%.The Princess Royal met the team and saw how the bakers handcraft some of its products, including Yorkshire Scoundrels, Raspberry Franzipans and Lotus Biscoff Cheesecakes, as well as seeing a demonstration on how to ice a chocolate fudge cake.After a reception for family members, customers, suppliers and VIP guests, the Princess Royal unveiled a commemorative plaque to mark her visit.O’Dwyer’s young grandchildren presented the Princess Royal with a bouquet of flowers and a presentation box of fresh Scoundrels and Raspberry Franzipans.“It was an absolute honour to welcome the Princess Royal to visit our bakery today.  We are incredibly proud to build our growing business, with plans to further expand into another unit,” said O’Dwyer.“It really is the royal icing on the cake to show HRH Princess Anne just how we’ve developed from a start-up enterprise more than 30 years ago to employing more than 25 people, serving a growing customer base in and beyond the region.”last_img read more

Phish Will Live Stream Their Four-Night Halloween Run In Las Vegas

first_imgPhish is providing fans with the ultimate couch tour experience this Halloween, as they’ve announced a webcast for all four nights of their run at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. The run starts this Friday, and finishes up with Phish’s highly-anticipated three-set Halloween show on 10/31.Today, the band has announced live webcast streams for each of the four shows through their LivePhish service. As always, you can choose to webcast individual shows, or purchase the whole set of four as a bundle. You can find all of the information here.Phish’s tour resumes tonight, October 24th, with a performance in Grand Prairie, TX. Stay tuned for a full recap and more after the show!last_img read more

Interview With EDC Orlando Light Designer Steve Lieberman

first_imgL4LM: Thank you very much for taking time to talk with us. Can you please tell us briefly a summary of you, your work and your career thus far?SL: My first job in a nightclub was 1986… it was brief glimpse into my future which would eventually become a lifelong career of working in nightlife and production. Starting in 1995, I was done with college and moved to NYC where I worked in nightclubs and started doing production. I ran the lighting systems at night during club operation and had a full schedule. Back then the systems were far less complicated than what you see today. Intellabeams with LCD controller, dataflash, Lite-Lab relay systems were all common back then. This was the time that the lighting industry started to see big changes. Going from multiple small controllers, to large format lighting consoles began to make headway into the nightclub world. I worked in many clubs back then… Webster Hall, Mirage, Life, Expo, Twilo, Roxy, El Morroco… just about anywhere that would hire me… ranging from running the show, to fixing the equipment. whatever it took to make ends meet. Fast forward to 1998, I started a production company specializing in light shows for raves and clubs. We were busy… for nearly 3 years we had at least 1 show a week… and sometimes more. Fast forward again to 2000, I was hired by Ultra Music Festival (long before it was the worldwide show it is now). I’ve been doing work for them ever since (now 17+ years). Fast forward again to 2001, I started doing design work for Insomniac… shows like EDC, Nocturnal Wonderland and all their other brands… all the while designing nightclubs home and abroad… It’s been an amazing journey so far and we haven’t slowed down a bit.L4LM: Tell us what goes behind planning a light show; how you decide what kinds of lights and colors and what inspires you.SL: Every show is different; every installation is unique. In these environments; there is no script, no way of knowing what comes next. When I’m running a show, it is based on what feels appropriate… if there is a video element, it is critical that the content on screen and the lighting are coordinated… its art mixed with science… so the art is subjective… the science is objective… so there is a dichotomy that needs to be addressed… that’s where having an understanding of production elements mixes with and understanding of “creating a show” comes into play.L4LM: Can you tell us about the time or moment that made you realize the most that lighting for live shows was what you wanted to do?SL: It’s quite an amazing feeling having control of a system… knowing that you are participating in the energy of the moment… the ability to move a crowd… make them take a step back… inspire people… when you’re standing in front of the console, it’s powerful… like a drug… once you experience that… you’ll always want to get back to that place. It’s been nearly 23 years for me, and it never gets old.L4LM: Please tell our readers more about your company SJ Lighting- what kind of individuals work for you, how many people, anything interesting about your brand?SL: SJ Lighting is the current incarnation of my career… my life’s work… My wife is my business partner… she handles all things “non-lighting” related… and I stick to business development and design… Currently we have 3 full time employees… we are very much a family over here… The projects we have the opportunity to work on are far from boring… we are designing nightclubs, music festivals, tours… it’s the ultimate creative environment. After this many years working with dance music related brands… we have developed a niche in the market. So, that said, we are known for the market segment… nightclubs and “raves” … I wouldn’t trade it for anything.L4LM: What was something you enjoyed about your recent work we viewed at EDC Orlando 2016?SL: EDC Orlando was a fantastic show… it’s been great seeing the show grow over the years… and additionally raising the production level each time. The circuit grounds stage was a design that was based off the concept of EDC Las Vegas… Having the production “surround” the audience really increases the energy level. The music was fantastic and the team that put it together went the extra mile to ensure that everything was 100%.L4LM: In your work process what keeps your creativity flowing and your mind inspired?SL: This is something I’ve been asked many times over the years… SJ Lighting designs approximately 75 stages per year… in addition to approximately 10 or more nightclubs a year… coming up with new ideas can be challenging… Perspective would be the word I would use to keep things going… it’s not just about the stage… its knowing your environment… on multiple levels… physically, mentally, emotionally… all of things come into play when designing something. Many times, my inspiration for a stage starts from something completely innocuous…. It could be a picture in a magazine… a cloud in the sky… an image on Instagram… keep your eyes and your mind open and you’ll get some amazing ideas.What about creating lighting do you feel you are most trying to create or communicate?I want to evoke a response… I want the audience to feel it in their bones… something physical… tangible… when I push the handle up that turns the lights into your face… I want you step back… I want you to feel the heat… when I hit the drop at the exact moment with the music… I want the hair on the back of your neck to stand up. It’s a symbiotic relationship… the lights, video, music and AUDIENCE… I want it feel right… like it makes sense.L4LM: What is the next few shows we can look forward to seeing more of your work?Shows: Dreamstate Socal, Dreamstate Mexico, Countdown, Factory 93, EDC Mexico… We are designing several new clubs as well… some of the recent ones that just opened are TIME in Costa Mesa and Nightingales in Hollywood. Hope to see you out there… we will be at the FOH control station… come say hi.last_img read more

Victor Wooten Trio, Band Of Heathens, Members of Leftover Salmon, Drunken Hearts & More Announce Stacked Colorado Show

first_img– SHOW INFO –Artists:  Victor Wooten Trio, Emmitt/Thorn Duo, Band of Heathens, The Drunken Hearts, Coral Creek, Brad Parsons BandVenue:    Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom / The Other Side (2635 Welton St. – Denver, CO 80205)Date:       Friday – March 24th, 2017Time:      7pm Doors / 8pm ShowAges:       16+Tickets:  Tier 1 – $20 / Tier 2 – $25 / Tier 3 – $30 (purchase here) Denver, CO’s Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom is teaming up with Live For Live Music and YarmonyGrass to announce a killer lineup for what is being dubbed The Drunken Hearted Medicine Show. The event will take place on Friday, March 24th, hosted by local favorites The Drunken Hearts, and will feature sets from the Victor Wooten Trio (ft. Dennis Chambers and Bob Franceschini), Band of Heathens, and the Drew Emmitt & Andy Thorn Duo (of Leftover Salmon).Getting To Know Brad Parsons Through His Newly Released Album, “Hold True” [Listen]Rounding out this stellar lineup is Coral Creek and Brad Parsons Band for what is certain to be a full slate of incredible performances in one single night. Cervantes will open up The Other Side for this all-star extravaganza, with a ticket allowing attendees to check out performances in both venues throughout the evening.A limited allotment of $20 Tier 1 tickets are currently on-sale for The Drunken Hearted Medicine Show and can be purchased here, before the next tier kicks in. For additional show information and updates, join the Facebook Event page.last_img read more

Warren Haynes Announces “Last Waltz 40” Spring Tour, With Dr. John On The Lineup

first_imgJust a few weeks ago, a collection of renowned musicians hit the road in honor of The Last Waltz and its 40th anniversary. The Band’s final performance has been well known as one of the best live shows of all time, and thus it required an all-star cast of characters to do it justice. Warren Haynes and Don Was led the charge on the first tour, and they’ve done it again with a great group of artists for another spring tour schedule!Touring from March 30th through April 15th, Haynes and Was will be joined by the likes of Dr. John, Jamey Johnson, Terence Higgins, Danny Louis, and Mark Mullins, along with very special guests Cyril Neville, Dave Malone, and Bob Margolin. Dr. John was an original performer on The Last Waltz, so it will be quite special to see him celebrate the anniversary of such a momentous occasion. The horn section will also be using the same arrangements as composed by the late great Allen Toussaint.You can see the new tour dates below, and head to Warren Haynes’ website for details.The Last Waltz 40 Spring TourMarch 30 at Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie in Dallas, TXMarch 31 at Revention Music Center in Houston, TXApril 1 at Stubb’s Austin in Austin, TXApril 2 at Tobin Center for the Performing Arts in San Antonio, TXApril 7 at The Fox Theatre in Detroit, MIApril 8 at Playhouse Square in Cleveland, OHApril 9 at The Chicago Theatre in Chicago, ILApril 13 at THE ORPHEUM THEATRE in Los Angeles, CAApril 14 at Harrah’s Resort Southern California in San Diego, CAApril 15 at Nob Hill Masonic Center in San Francisco, CAlast_img read more

Spafford Welcomes Todd Stoops At The Music Hall of Williamsburg [Photos/Audio/Video]

first_imgSpafford and Mungion are in the midst of their first-ever spring tour together, and it’s off to a smashing start. Last night at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY, fans were treated to an exciting double bill that kept the room rocking and rolling in the right direction.With high energy performances showcasing their top-level musicianship, Mungion never stray too far away from each other and display impressive interplay between members. With a style that is easily danceable and laden with heavy grooves, Spafford is creating improvisational highlights on a nightly basis that are simply extraordinary. Together, they deliver an exciting new direction that gives the jam scene hope for a bright future.Spafford’s two set extravaganza gave fans in Brooklyn a chance to get acquainted with their impressive mix of originals and sing along Grateful Dead and Tears for Fears. To the surprise of all, Todd Stoops (Electric Beethoven) joined in for the first set-closing “Ain’t That Wrong.”Watch Todd Stoops join Spafford for “Ain’t That Wrong” in the video below:You can also enjoy full show audio from Matt Moricle below:SpaffordMungionTonight, they head to Hamden, CT at The Outerspace / Ballroom.Setlist: Spafford | Music Hall of Williamsburg | Brooklyn, NY | 4/13/17I: Slip and Squander, All In, Electric Taco Stand, Diana, Feel Like a Stranger [1], Ain’t That Wrong [2]II: In the Eyes of Thieves, Mad World [3], Funkadelic > Galisteo Way, Beautiful Day > Leave the Light OnEncore: America (fake out pause) > The Reprise [4][1] The Grateful Dead[2] w/ Todd Stoops on keys[3] Tears for Fears[4] with Long PauseSetlist: Mungion | Music Hall of Williamsburg | Brooklyn, NY | 4/13/17Disco Rice>Nuthead, Casual Titus>Myrtle, Ferris Wheel’s Day Off, Chemical Plant Zone (Sonic The Hedgehog Theme), Life During Wartime (Talking Heads cover)E: One Night StanEnjoy the full gallery below, courtesy of Jeremy Gordon. Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Metallica Returns To Massachusetts After Eight Long Years [Photos]

first_imgPhoto: ATS Photography On Friday night, the legendary Metallica took to Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, marking the group’s first show in Massachusetts in eight years. Massachusetts was the fifth stop in Metallica’s WorldWired Tour in support of the Californian band’s tenth studio album, Hardwired To Self-Destruct—a double-album that was released last November and features twelve new songs that pick up right where 2008’s Death Magnetic left off. (The deluxe edition also features a third disc with over a dozen live recordings from various shows).12-Year-Old Son Of Metallica’s Robert Trujillo Debuts With Korn For South American Tour [Videos]Compared to the original all-thrash metal band they used to be, the band’s recent music displays an overall more balanced sound that lends itself to broader audiences, seemingly resulting in more album and concert ticket sales. Undoubtedly, Hardwired To Self-Destruct was a huge commercial success, debuting at #1 on Billboard 200 and taking the title of best-selling metal album of the year. Surprisingly, it was also the third largest album debut of all of 2016, proving that metal is certainly not dead. On the contrary, it is alive and well, reiterated by the boisterous Boston crowd that gathered at the New England Patriots’ home turf on Friday evening.Metallica Released Eleven New Music Videos Yesterday [Watch Them All]The show started with two songs off their new album, title track “Hardwired” and “Atlas, Arise!” before dropping into the classic “For Whom the Bell Tolls” off of the 1984 album Ride The Lightning. Metallica played three tunes from the band’s sophomore album, which went six times platinum and had a profound effect on the metal scene in America and across the globe. The remainder of the setlist weaved between hits of old and new and gave fans from all generations a solid representation of their discography. The band also played five songs from the self-titled album Metallica, often referred to as the “Black Album,” which features the infamous songs “Enter Sandman” and “Nothing Else Matters,” both of which have become staples in Metallica sets over the years.Watch Metallica, Jimmy Fallon, and The Roots Perform “Enter Sandman” With Classroom InstrumentsIn a time where our nation seems to be more divided than ever, we are fortunate to have the often-thrashing and always-emotive music of Metallica to provide a soundtrack that allows us to let our aggressions in a socially acceptable way. That seemed to be the uniting theme as lead singer James Hetfield addressed the crowd: “It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you come from, what religion you follow, who you voted for. If you are here, you are Metallica Family.”If you ever had any doubt at how uniting this message can be, just look at the list of stadiums across North America that Metallica have been jam-packed with fans in black T-shirts and ripped jeans. Despite the “angry asshole” stigma metal fans sometimes get, the community showed its true colors Friday night, coming together and head banging to music new and old in complete harmony. It inspires hope in humanity to see sweaty tatted-up dudes in the mosh pits, helping each other of the ground and holding up lost wallets, phones, watches, and missing shoes—lots and lots of missing shoes. An occasional flying cup of ice cooled the crowd whether they liked it or not. On the way out of the gates, it was nothing but high-fives and hugs. The ‘Metallica Family’ is alive and well.Check out the complete set list below, along with the full photo album from photojournalist Adam Straughn (ATS Photography).Setlist: Metallica | Gillette Stadium | Foxborough, MA | 5/19/17Hardwired, Atlas, Arise!, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Fuel, The Unforgiven, Now That We’re Dead > Full Band Drum Solo, Moth Into Flame, Wherever I May Roam, Halo On Fire > Kirk Hammet Solo > Rob Trujillo Solo (Chris Cornell Tribute), Motorbreath, Sad But True, One, Master of Puppets, Fade to Black (‘Eye of the Beholder’ intro), Seek & DestroyE: Fight Fire with Fire, Nothing Else Matters, Enter Sandman (‘Frayed Ends of Sanity’ outro)[cover photo image by Josh Skolnik / Adam Straughn] Photo: ATS Photographycenter_img Load remaining imageslast_img read more