Comments Eleven double data stunning competitive electricity supplier industry weak.

According to Alibaba

group yesterday zero data released this year, double its eleven online shopping platform trading volume reached 57 billion 100 million yuan, a total of 217 countries and regions of the users involved, produced a total of 278 million logistics orders, refresh the global online retail record.

eleven tells us that China is not without the potential for consumption and spending power, the key is to take what methods and measures to activate it and dig out. If you make good use of this potential, not only will play a huge role in promoting the entire new economy of the Internet, and even to stimulate domestic demand to stimulate China’s economic growth can play a huge effect. read more

1 medicine nets and spring rain doctor together this pair of CP you stand

news August 15th, the domestic pharmaceutical business platform 1 days ago announced the official drug network and mobile medical platform spring doctor cooperation. The two sides said they will focus on the health management of chronic disease users, the initial cooperation is expected in August 15th or so on-line.

1 drug network responsible person, the 1 drugs network will rain doctors "air hospital" section to provide fast drug service (as of press time, billion state power network noted that the purchase entrance has been on the line); and the rain doctor will also join the 1 medicine network connection medical section, providing professional medical professionals inquiry purchase guide service. read more

.com and.Net domain registration fees to increase

Beijing on April 6th news, according to foreign media reports, the digital certification service provider VeriSign announced Thursday, in order to obtain more for Internet infrastructure funds to upgrade, plans to start to improve the.Com and.Net bulk domain name registration fee from October this year.

VeriSign for.Com,.Net and.Tv domain name of the official registration and management agencies. VeriSign said it had reached an agreement with the internet name and number allocation Agency (ICANN) in March 2006 to improve the registration fees. From October 15th this year, the wholesale price of.Com domain name will rise from $6.42 to $6, or $7%,.Net domain name wholesale price rose from $3.85 to $3.50, or 10%. read more

The impact of the electricity supplier, suffered the throes of transition over 10% merchant penetrat

is known as the "Chinese electronic first street Shenzhen Huaqiang North is entering the transition period. Some people say, Huaqiang North a 900 m Street annual sales to reach 400 billion yuan, but now the situation has become a little bit different, "the business is bleak, many people are dismantling the last two years, this sounds particularly." A common IC device sales Huang Lei North Huaqiang Electronics Market told the "First Financial Daily" (micro-blog).

days ago, the reporter found during field visits, Huaqiang North Square CyberMart 234 floor has a large number of "shop for lease" advertising, which accounts for about 1/3 of the existing pavement, traffic is relatively small. As Shenzhen International Electronic City, SEG communication market, Wang digital mall was to copycat mobile phone based electronic stores empty shop is not much, but the business is from the past to the copycat mobile phone mobile phone, mobile phone accessories and smuggled goods such as walkie talkie. In Shenzhen Huaqiang electronic world, such as IC components based stores, occasionally there are a few empty shop, vacancy rate is not high. read more

Taking the micro Shuabing stripping fake MLM is what

future micro business must belong to the big brands, it must be the whole channel. The number of people playing fast in the micro business today, if you do not return the product itself, not the brand idea of playing micro business, certainly not far away.

text / Shiga

just a few months time, micro business had been optimistic about the many people, but because the "pyramid", in order to become a street rat, people cry.

day before, an article entitled "Ma Huateng: WeChat key support micro business development, there will be three major initiatives to" the crazy pass in the industry, Gong Wenxiang V this article were forwarded, and comment on this statement: Ma Huateng said, let this year on the popular micro business for more than 10 times growth. "WeChat micro business", this is obviously not in conformity with the consistent style of Tencent in the industry rumors can spread so that micro business groups raise a Babel of criticism of, influential. read more

Amazon announced the selection of the total overseas purchase exceeded 10 million

NetEase Francisco March 2nd news, Amazon announced today that overseas purchase products exceeded the total of ten million, in addition, relying on the bonded / FTA model of sea · outsourcing; flash purchase, also achieved sales of nearly 10 times the growth in the first half of the operation room.

after a year of development, Amason overseas purchase the products from the 80 thousand to the development of on-line now covers 29 categories of more than 10 million, gathered 7 stores around the footwear, clothing, baby, toys, kitchenware, digital and outdoor sports and other various themes in the store. read more

Video chat website alliance rampant not because of the loss of profits and personality

Is a huge industry

video chat, video chat, so many companies began to join the League to win over the use of the owners, owners began to rely on to get a huge income, many owners also have a good income, but the video chat company in order to ensure their profits, there will be a lot of practices, you know?

always do not want to say what, but this time to do their own industry is too long, so there are too many feelings, the operation of a domain name too overbearing domain name from the beginning to the end, was closed, start again, do the site, has experienced many hardships, was also today I misunderstood, go through this station to talk about their own, some video chat website alliance view. read more

Eleven 50% of the respondents did not receive serious delays in delivery of goods


in November 11th hit a new record sales network, the express industry has also ushered in tremendous challenges hitherto unknown. According to reports, from November 10th to 17, the national mail (express) volume is expected to reach 586 million.

last weekend, the Chongqing morning news public opinion research center jointly Chongqing Lixin market research company research it site for 571 people involved in the November 11th online shopping, launched an online survey.

Although some people have a lot of dissatisfaction with the read more

E-commerce mode innovation can be powerful

Xie said in the previous article now is a lot of information, the traditional community and other sites to actively participate in the construction of the electronic commerce information itself, can be said that the current business is almost in the spread of various types of Web sites, e-commerce will each industry will get in by every opening, to e-commerce, but e-commerce is not just

Internet in China over the years, has now entered a period of rapid development, Internet innovation in every thought which is the strongest, the internet almost every innovation can bring great impact on the lives of ordinary people, these sometimes can continue for many years. From the Internet at the beginning of the war to the community disputes among sects, now. From the search to Baidu, from Baidu to soso, Sogou, Youdao now. From Google to China high-profile entry into the mainland, walk away. China’s Internet news events always happen one by one. But the constant innovation and competition. The Internet is a new industry, who can put innovation and recognized by the majority of users, who can make a simple copy, simple imitation is eight or nine of all will be the strong stronger waves drown. read more

11 two friends Tucao grab the goods return to grab the cramp cold cold heart

double eleven already in the past, leaving 57 billion 100 million yuan turnover legend. The sellers are busy contemplating profit when, some buyers are busy and the waiter who discuss how to return. There are buyers Tucao, grab the goods "grab the hand cramps, return to the heart of cold pull." With the model is not the same ah, buy to find no use, no good cheap goods ah, more than and 10 days have not shipped"…… Various Tucao endless.

statistics show that last year’s double eleven Tmall return rate of up to 25%, some businesses return rate is as high as more than 40%. Analysis of the industry, in the first half of this year than last year’s turnover of more than half of the premise, the rate of return is also expected to be higher than half. Reporters found that in the sale of second-hand goods platform to double eleven during the purchase of the number of items in the name of sales increased compared to last year. read more